Nov 6, 2020

The New Breeds would also have other sections of the West Side, mostly around Madison or Pulaski in the K Town section, as well growing into having one of the largest neighborhoods in the South Side, Pocket Town. The city then must spend thousands of dollars on each of these vacant and blighted properties to tear it down, but the city does not put this as a top priority for the budget planning and the property sits to rot and attract vermin and crime. Many West Side Chicago gangs grew in power and expanded to other sides of Chicago, the suburbs and other cities of Illinois, while also expanding into communities like Memphis and Jackson, MS. Preserving history has always helped the Pullman and Morgan Park neighborhoods from falling on really hard times too. To truly understand the history of Chicago West Side gangs a breakdown of the community must be understood to learn how gangs grew on the city’s West Side. Each one of these blighted areas of Chicago once had a happier story as great neighborhoods where families called home and took pride in saying they came from that community. Currently, the West Side Chicago ghetto of North Lawndale and neighborhoods around Madison have become less populated, due to gentrification and the large amounts of vacant properties, as the Austin neighborhood holds a bulk of Chicago’s West Side black population. Short Story of… The Chicago South Side Ghetto & The South Side Chicago Gangs. Their efforts were results from the obstacles that black families were put through, during the 1940s and 1950s, as an attempt to keep them from moving into the West Side neighborhoods. Furthermore, Here’s a gigantic list of names that certain blocks are referred to in South Side, Chicago, IL. You might see some slums in Atlanta or Memphis, but anywhere else in the southern states is pretty much slum free. What began around 68th and Green in Englewood, during the 1960s, would eventually spread across the country as the Gangster Disciples have become the nation’s largest gang after Bloods and Crips. Ghetto Map Ghetto Map Map Level: 79 Map Tier: 12 Guild Character: œ Amongst the rabble, brutality is the law. So why is it that the most slums happen in the mid-west and the east coast? This area is controlled by the Black Disciples street gang, and can be heard in many songs by popular rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and Lil Reese. It became a vicious cycle that would ruin generation after generation. To say that the slums of Chicago came to be because of the people that live in that area is indeed way off base, just look at other cities across this country. One gang that has seen much growth is the Four Corner Hustlers, a gang that expanded from being solely around Madison to growing as far as the South Shore neighborhood on the East Side. From the Vice Lords to the smaller factions of the New Breeds and the Black Souls, the West Side might not has received the recognition from the media as the South Side, but with the streets and the gangs in them there is little difference between either side. When you go to the west coast, Denver, LA, Phoenix, Vegas, Albuquerque etc… will find no slums. Additionally, here’s a list of common slang words and gang terminology specifically used in Chicago. First created 2015, Currently under construction as of September 2018 5 Loaves Eatery. The 80s was indeed the peak of blighted Chicago. Many good people that made a decent income could not get help from the banks when they needed it because their address was redlined so eventually that family would sink into debt. In the Woodlawn community, the far east side of the neighborhood has been revamped and looks pretty nice once you approach Jackson Park, but once you go west of Stoney Island Ave, you will begin to see the severe blight of this community. Some changes were harmonious others were a cultural shock to many and not accepted. Every ran down area has it’s own story of how the blight happened over the years.

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