Nov 6, 2020

Attack template updated to allow for custom keys and values to appear before atkeffect. Added a new field for Immunity, Gender and Size. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Was still missing the " for the Deception skill on PC sheet, Fixed issue with missing " in code for Climb and Deception skills on PC sheet. Removed roll suggestions from the sheet as they've been replaced with the Suggestion Engine. API Scripts can check to make sure that rules are followed, change properties on objects and tokens, and even provide custom chat commands. What could  be done is someone could come into your game as a co-GM and help setup rollable tables for dice mechanics etc... this community is full of helpful people however so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Use the Force skill notes weren't hiding if the Force sections were toggled to hidden. The Ship sheet should make ships easier to track, and potentially possible to use for rolling stats. Refined the skill suggestions output more. Size Modifier is linked to the size drop down in the header (PC and Vehicle tabs). A button for the related skill has been included for quick use. In an effort of making the dice and destiny pool more accessible as well as to make progress on the ongoing project of cleaning up and optimizing the code base I have moved them above the sheet type selectors. @{damageTotal|max}, Removed @{damage} +. Please note: while I have a change listed on here, until the pull request has been merged it will not be live when using the drop down option. 3. Collapsing sections now respect last state. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. The decision was made to have Force related fields hidden by default since they're related to a Feat which must be taken to gain access. They take into account the possible penalties from @{WoundMod} and @{Force_Up},if the character is wounded or concentrates on a continuous Force power. Many sheet authors recommend using your own CSS for styling and to layout the sheet using CSS Flexbox and/or CSS Grid instead of the built-in column/rows option or HTML tables. color: white; sets the default text color of the sheet as white, which is much more readable against the black background. Harmful results like failure (if applicable), threat and despair suggestions will only be whispered to the GM to help cut down on player meta gaming. On Social Media: Roll20® is a Registered Trademark of The Orr Group, LLC. !eed suggestionDisplay none|whisper|always. This is a great way to add the rolls that will be needed by the player when using the standard rolls in the game system. Expanded the companion skills to a full skill section. Include any unique modifiers which affect individual weapons to the Roll Template (for example the Tech Specialist updrades). The armor section have three roll buttons, for rolling damage soak with either your armor's Physical resistance(and your Strength),Energy resistance(and your Strength), or only your inherit Strength attribute. It's a great way to make the rolls in the chat better fit with the looks of the character sheet itself, as well as making the roll results be shown in more varied ways than just using /roll commands or the default roll template.

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