Nov 6, 2020

His spawn trigger is to open the main doors, on the left of the boss room, reload the area and then return. Go back to the bottom and you'll see you've been locked in by a man called Unbreakable Patches (and Unbreakable Patches is a dick). Bloody hell! He will not show up on the other side of the walkway by Rosaria's bedchamber, but he will spawn at the Firelink Shrine Tower. None. This part is completely optional but if you choose to head over for the item, a short cutscene will trigger where an unknown assailant pushes you down into a poisonous pit from behind. He will then become a vendor in that spot until he moves to Firelink Shrine. Chose to not forgive him for a Rusted Gold Coin and to learn the gesture Prostration. That’s Patches’ role in Bloodborne. If the latter is true, then I shall be a very sad human. Even between friends.It comes with the territory, I know.But if you happen to recall any details, do be a saint.Do it for old Patch's botique of wonders, at least." If met while posing as Siegward, he will have the shield in his inventory on next meeting, otherwise speak to Siegward in well outside Cleansing Chapel. Stop this at once! The terrifying world of Dark Souls 3 can be vague at best, and unhelpfully misleading at worst, and it's easy to overlook certain aspects of the game, or I Think Patches is the Lovecraftian malign deity known as Nyarlathotep basically the devil. I mean patches is incompleted npc, I truly love seeing the pissed kids being all mad at Patches for tricking them...seems salty, the kind that would disconnect during an invasion, You can kill both giants in the cathedral and still have him spawn by the bridge. Killing Greirat will cause Patches to become hostile. If you tell him, Patches will kill Greirat, then return and be a merchant again. ", (You die) "Close call, blimey..."(You die) "Caugh 'em up, every last one of 'em." Patches can be encountered later at Firelink Shrine, or make his first appearance here if the player raised the bridge from Rosaria's side without encountering Patches. don't kill him if you want to become the legend. Yep. You MUST do this before lighting the bonfire at Rosaria's Bed Chamber. "(Female: "Shame on you, you insatiable wench." I really need my Rusted Coins, Shotel, and Human Pine Resin. I just did it 5 minutes ago. Tried coop but still nothing. If Patches is sent to save Greirat or loot Greirat's remains and the player has no bosses remaining to defeat, it is impossible for Patches to return to Firelink and sell his wares in that playthrough.

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