Nov 6, 2020

Hero Cross Above MASONS Patent 1858 AMBER Quart, 41. UPSIDE DOWN Embossed Pint BALL (3L loop) MASON, 457. Whittled Glass CITRON Quart MASONS CFJCo 1858, 319. FLACCUS BROS STEERS HEAD FRUIT JAR Stopper Style, 512. Black Purple MASONS PATENT 1858 MIDGET PINT 1971, 467. Great Color OLIVE AMBER Masons CFJCo 1858 Quart, 383. UPSIDE DOWN Embossed Pint BALL (3L loop) MASON, 182. DARK GREEN Petal Jar IRON PONTIL HG Sharp, 84. This rustic antique half gallon sized Mason jar was rescued from a local auction. VERY DARK AMBER Quart TRADE MARK LIGHTNING, 137. Whittled DARK AMBER Quart LIGHTNING Putnam 54, 57. ALL RIGHT Patd 1868 Odd Closure AQUA QUART, 35. Rare APPLE GREEN Color MRS G.E. HALLER Blown STOPPLE Quart, 357. HEAVILY AMBER SWIRLED MASONS PATENT 1858 HG, 505. Bright STRAW YELLOW Quart BALL PERFECT MASON, 613. STRONG YELLOW Quart MASONS PATENT 1858 Sharp Embossing, 227. Rev: CFJCo Amber MASONS PATENT 1858 Quart, 296. MIDGET PINT Masons Keystone Patent 1858, 436. STRONG COLOR OLIVE Quart BALL (3L loop), 252. MASONS PATENT 1858 Deep Purple Quart, 300. OLIVE YELLOW Quart Trade Mark LIGHTNING, 336. C $14.65. Whittled PINT Masons CFJCo Patent 1858, 388. Mason's Pat 1858 -Tudor Rose Half Gallon Jar, Canning Pickle Vintage 5 Gallon Mason Jar Patent Nov.1858 Eagle Star Lid, Glass Mason Jar Eagle Stsar Patent 1858 - 18.5" / 4 To 5 Gallon Pickle J, Large 4 Gallon Glass Pickle Jar Mason's 1858 Eagle Cates Kosher Pickles, Large Five Gallon Mason Pickle Jar - 1858, Huge Vintage Mason Pickle Jar Patent 1858 Eagle And Stars, 5 Gallon Blue Mason's Patent Nov 30 1858 Eagle Star Pickle Jar, Mason 5 Gallon Pickle Jar Pat. HEAVILY WHITTLED Masons CFJCo 1858 Light CITRON Quart, 77. FLACCUS BROS STEERS HEAD FRUIT JAR Original GLASS CAP, 231. YELLOW AMBER Pint FLACCUS BROS STEERS HEAD FRUIT JAR, 180. BALL PERFECTION Blue PINT w/ CORRECT INSERT, 494. COLONIAL SUGAR REFINING Co GLANVILLE Quart, 498. STRONG DEEP OLIVE with AMBER SWIRLS BALL (3L) QT, 358. Rare Color MASONS LGCo PATENT 1858 Quart, 335. HWP on Reverse TRADE MARK LIGHTNING Aqua QUART, 515. CF SPENCERS PATD 1868 IMPROVED JAR Aqua QUART, 404. SUN Aqua PINT All Original w/ CAST IRON YOKE Clamp, 58. Large Swirl MASONS (Cross) PATENT 1858 Quart, 257. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. HAMILTON Clear QUART Original Closure, 527. AMBER Masons Patent 1858 HALF GAL Whittled Glass, 90. TRADE MARK BEEHIVE w/ Pictorial Hive & Bees HALF GALLON, 371. EXCELSIOR with BASKET of FRUIT Aqua HG, 561. GEM Butter Jar Rev: HOURGLASS Aqua HG, 544. The most popular color? BLACK AMBER Quart w/ Orig WHITE MILK GLASS Lid, 211. HEAVY WHITTLE TUDOR ROSE MIDGET Masons 1858 IMMERSER CAP, 79. WHITE MILK GLASS Eagle Figural Mustard Jar OLD ABE, 256. MIDGET Pint MASONS CFJCo PATENT 1858, 463. Pictorial BEEHIVE with BEES Aqua QUART. COBALT BLUE Quart THE CANTON ELECTRIC FRUIT JAR, 548. CROSS (above) MASONS PATENT 1858 Quart APPLE GREEN, 465. LIME GREEN Quart MASONS CFJCo PATENT 1858, 406. MIDGET PINT Clear MASONS CRYSTAL JAR, 530. SCHWARZSCHILD AND SULZBERGER JELLY GLASS, 588. AMBER Quart ROYAL (Crown) FULL MEASURE, 277. FULL GALLON Size THE GEM All Original, 526. AGNEW PITTSBURGH Pat 1887 WAX SEALER Half Gallon, 434. MIDGET PINT The AMERICAN PORCELAIN LINED NAGCo, 634. YELLOW OLIVE Quart MASONS PATENT 1858, 315. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. Nearly Black AMBER Quart WEYMANS COPENHAGEN SNUFF, 183. T.A. STARK (K in a star) ODD CLOSURE Fruit Jar QUART, 125. Wm L HALLER CARLISLE PA. Rev: THE LADIES FAVORITE Quart, 139. CLEAR (colorless) MIDGET PINT Masons 1858, 326. LE GRAND IDEAL VACUUM JAR Aqua QUART, 574. GRAND RIVER GRAVEL Co MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA, 474. SHARP WHITTLED AMBER Half Gallon SAFETY, 340. Rev: N.C.L. LIGHTNING JAR BY BALL . Trade Mark THE DANDY Amber HALF GALLON, 375. GREEN with HEAVY AMBER SWIRLS Masons 1858 HG, 458. 23. BALL BLUE Pint CHRISTMAS MASON PATENT 1858, 219. SHARP WHITTLED Amber Quart TRADE MARK THE DANDY, 251. GREAT CHARACTER Rare Hero Cross MASONS PAT 1858 AMBER HG, 87. WHITTLED Great Color DEEP CITRON MASONS PATENT 1858 HG, 62. Strong Color LIME GREEN Quart TRADE MARK LIGHTNING, 353. THE LEADER (2 Lines) DARK AMBER QUART All Original, 448. Lt OLIVE Quart MASONS PATENT 1858 HERO BASE, 355. MASONS CFJCo PATENT 1858 Quart AMBER, 640. HAMMERED WHITTLE BALL BLUE HG MASONS 1858 Base: V, 197. Aqua COHANSEY Rev: Oval Slug Plate HALF PINT, 94. or by any means, without the prior written permission of North American Glass. BALL (3L) MASON Strong OLIVE AMBER Quart. COHANSEY MOULD No3 Amber SLUG PLATE Pint+, 578. Sky Blue NEW MASON VACUUM Fruit Jar QUART All Original, 513. MASONS (Keystone) KEYSTONE Aqua QUART, 497. CORNFLOWER BLUE Quart KERR SS MASON Base: CHICAGO, 228. EXTREMELY RARE YELLOW GREEN Qt VAN VLIET IMPROVED, 40. 4. 198. Early 2 inch mouth UNMARKED LADIES FAVORITE Stopper Jar, 68. CORNFLOWER BLUE Pint TRADE MARK LIGHTNING, 343. Trade Mark LIGHTNING Quart HONEY AMBER, 625. OLIVE Quart MASONS CFJCo PATENT 1858, 255. 1936 Decplan For The Cunard Liner Franconia, 2 Texas Centennial Exposition 1836-1936 And Texas Flag, Home Interior Angel Heavenly Love 87011-99 Mint Denim. No part of this web page may be reproduced in any way, WHITTLED Quart THE LEADER (1 Line) Amber SHARP, 102. RARE ORIGINAL LID Quart NEWMANS PATENT 1859, 298. It is embossed "Mason's Patent 1858" on the front of the jar, and "Port" in script on the reverse of the jar. HONEY AMBER Pint TRADE MARK LIGHTNING, 167. CLIPPER Half Gallon w/ DOMED IMMERSER CAP, 555. Old Antique Mason Pickle Jar from 1858 Patent Nov. 30th with the American Eagle Logo engraved. Stars above and below American Eagle. "Inherited item" More pictures avaliable. MEDIUM OLIVE GREEN Pint BALL PERFECT MASON, 189. BLACK GLASS (Amethyst) Hartell Style Qt PAT OCT 19 1858, 644. EHE on Heel MASONS PATENT 1858 Nice Color HG, 454. DEEP AMBER Quart WAX SEALER w/ PERFECT RIM, 521. Amber MASONS PATENT 1858 Improved Closure HG, 82. Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858 Five Gallon Jar Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858 Five Gallon Jar. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Find out if your piece is a rare one.

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