Nov 6, 2020

46163 Gail MY GENTLE BABIES MAKE THE BEST PETS. Jill Warnick Jeanne, Troy & Nick Binghamton, NY, We are Montana’s longest licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and strive to provide every one of our customers with the opportunity to find the very best, well-socialized , healthy pet that is a custom fit for you and your lifestyle. Numerous colors, both male and female available for sale/adoption. South Florida’s TOP NOTCH HEDGEHOGS of Miami – The LARGEST USDA Licensed Breeders in all of South Florida! 816-296-3530 A hedgehog's closest relative is actually the shrew. 21085 Ada, MI ~So Many Quills~, Nichole Grigsby (509) 768-7981, Heartfelt Hedgehogs (Mazuri Insectivore Diet) Check our website soon as updating it: Coming soon cages, wheels, Hide Igloos, bedding and the rest of the supplies needed to make your hedgehog happy.Call or text to check color or sex availability desired 262-620-1386 Cynthia. Litchfield, CT I am a small hobby Breeder with only 3 breeding Females. Joppa, MA 643 Pineneedle Court Grand Junction, (860) 693-2127, Halpine Hedgehogs Hedgehogs are handled daily. All Prickly Pig hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. Fortunately, we’ve made the process of finding a reputable breeder easier for you. (2020 Cost Breakdown), 16 Types of Hedgehogs: Species & Descriptions + Pictures, What Eats Hedgehogs? About Us: I am a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. While they look very similar, they are not even related. We will have more hedgies available in the spring. Becky & Chad Corvallis, OR We also guarantee against genetic health conditions! We breed for temperament and health, first and foremost, like other reputable breeders. 06371 Ames, IO I offer a life time guarantee against WHS. Hampton, NJ When you come back they will willingly go to you as if you never left. Will only have a few litters a year. Marissa Our priority is theirs welfare and health. USDA License # 58-A-0271 Hi I have bred one litter with my breeding female. We have 2-3 litters a year. Brian Foote [email protected], Florida Hedgehogs, USDA Licensed. (320) 227-6539, Colorful Quills Hedgehogs Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 USDA License # 34-A-0194 77089 8603775450 (856) 236-1021, Dreadhogs I started out by wanting a hedgehog for a pet. Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. My hedgehogs are my babies first, breeding herd second. I breed all colors. Another way to tell a good breeder from a bad breeder is through the physical appearance of a hedgehog and their living conditions. An alternative is to have a separate play pen area for your hedgehog. [email protected] Kristy USDA Lic#16-A-0006 We have a waiting list right now but you can call or text me at 616-558-3764 to be added to our list. Hedgehogs are solitary and once they reach maturity they must be housed separately. We are very small scale and only have liters twice a year so that our female has plenty of break time between liters. Ashley Ganey Whole Harted Hedgies is located near Lacrosse WI. Ann Malburg 64062 I also have cages and supplies available. [email protected] Abilene, KS Our breeding goals are health, temperament and color variety. Reno, NV Hilary Edgin We are a small breeder with 3 Moms and have time to spend with the babies so that they are used to contact. Temple, TX through Sun. Cynthia [email protected] All babies are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. Shipping is available to legal states with a verifiable address, Adam Goll We strive to keep this directory current and accurate. Check out our site and like us on Facebook! “Pet Quality” hedgehogs will not be cheaper and will not be any less healthy than other hedgehogs we have. Jerry Michael Cody, WY, We are a USDA licensed breeder in Louisiana! We provide a lifetime guarantee against WHS, and we also provide lifetime support/help. 843-424-1462 We have a variety of colors. Alabaster, AL Tampa, FL If you are a breeder and would like to be added to the list please let me know. Babies are handled daily to ensure they are well socialized to make wonderful pets. My herd comes from a respected USDA Licensed breeder. Jon Jansen Our hedgie herd is kept small so that each hedgehog can receive the attention it needs. We are a hobby breeder in West Michigan. Killduff, IA 636-297-0775 USDA Lic# 58-A-0318 Small hedgehog breeder in Lafayette, Colorado. Gresham, OR 84066 Please check for available babies on our website. Shipping available to legal states within the Continental US only Kimberly Chancy 2626201386 Shipping is available. USDA# 31-A-0430 Our goal in breeding is to produce healthy and friendly hedgehogs. All our hedgehogs are good behaving pets handled regularly by adult and evaluated by kids. We deliver to LI, MA, CT and NJ. I am a very small hobby breeder that only keeps a few hedgies at a time so that I have plenty of time to spend with each individual hedgehog, to socialize, play, and care for them. My goal is to breed healthy, happy hedgehogs. We believe in quality, not quanity and want to provide the friendliest babies that we can! We think it’s too funny to make them stop. Click Here for More information, Silver Spring, Maryland Some states don’t even have a dedicated hedgehog shelter. Our hedgies are our pets first and foremost and our babies are handled daily after two weeks of age. All babies come with a 1 year genetic health warranty, as well as a lifetime WHS warranty. All hedgehogs receive vet care, and are handled daily. Selah, WA They will be sold at 8-9 weeks of age and you can see the whole litter with both parents. Twin Lake, MI All babies come with a health guarantee, lifetime warranty against WHS, IHR registration #, pedigree, and 24/7 post-sale support. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 402-817-9768 Marstons Mills, MA Midland, Michigan Taylors, SC Georgia, VT Inspect your hedgehogs for toe nail trimmings, you can clip long nails with baby finger nail clippers. 828 407 6568 We are located in Salisbury, Md but also are sometimes in the southern New Jersey and Rockville, Md areas. Zippity Zoo’s primary focus is wildlife education, but we also enjoy the breeding of many of our favorite animals, such as Hedgehogs., We have a small herd, with a diverse colors, both lite and dark. If you are in the area you are more than welcome to set up a time to come and visit., Quill Valley Hedgehogs & Tenrecs Barre, VT (410) 322-3650, Boston Hedgehogs USDA License # 42-A-1372 USDA# 34-A-0189 We have been hedgehog breeders since 1994 and we strive to select our hedgehog breeding stock for impeccable temperament and personality! (860) 598-0844, Curious Creatures Rescue Kyle, TX We give a heath guarantee on our babies. We are small scale but growing. USDA Lic # 61-A-0142 3175084757 Babies Available often & year round. (774) 678-0680, Muddy Creek Farms I have taken the liberty of adding a list of breeders from various sources around the internet. , Theresa Filipek Heather her name is Scampers she is a chocolate pinto and she had 5 babies all very friendly and cute. I am a new breeder located in the scenic Berkshires of Western Mass. At Free State Hedgehogs I strive for healthy, socialized babies. At Quality Quills, our hedgies are bred and cared for with health and temperament in mind., I am a USDA licensed breeder of African Hedgehogs, located in central Florida. 317-999-7191 Wyoming, MI They are well socialized and raised in a loving home. 618-839-1016 Hedgehogs tend to poop vigorously on the wheel which will cause them to have contact with their feces and urine for extended periods of time, this can lead to nail/ feet infections or urine burns. Currently working on a website! 643 Pineneedle Court USDA Lic# 58-B-0503 USDA License # 47-A-0600 910-584-0660 Hedgehog Sleep Schedule (Explained), How Much Does A Hedgehog Cost? If you do want a second it is recommended to get 2 females, or have them in separate cages. (224) 800-1322, CC’s Exotic Pets We usually have about a liter a month lineage available. You don't need a permit for an African Pygmy hedgehog in Gauteng as they are classified as an exotic pet. Goldendale, WA

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