Nov 6, 2020

Initial rate of climb 1600ft/min. Sign up to receive the latest photos, news, contest announcements and more. and tell me the price.thanks, hello im am looking for either a plastic model kit or a diecast model of a air tractor at-802 cropdusting you know where i can find one at thanks, 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-1340 radial piston engine, 447kW. AT-301 - Max speed 266km/h (144kt), econ cruising speed 225km/h (122kt). The Air Tractor AT-802F is built for battling fires large and small—not only as an initial attack firefighter, but also for extended duties supporting ground crews. International Directory of Civil Aircraft by Gerard Frawley Series of piston & turboprop powered agricultural aircraft. AT-502 - Empty 1870kg (4123lb), max takeoff 4175kg (9200lb). reply. Air Tractor AT-802A: For High Production Profitability. Its excess power reserves allow high speed or high altitude operations. generally similar to the Model AT-302, but incorporating a 1514-litre chemical hopper to allow for economic dispersal of dry chemicals at high application rates; maximum takeoff weight 3266kg. 1002A-0001: Although every effort is made to ensure correctness and completeness of the construction number lists, errors are bound to be made. Air Tractor, Inc.|PO Box 485, Olney, TX 76374||940-564-5616, ©2020 Air Tractor, Inc. | Designed by Traction in OKC. A spreader for dry chemicals is optional. AT-502 - Wing span 15.24m (50ft in), length 9.91m (32ft 6in), height 2.99m (9ft 10in). With a payload of 9,249 lbs. Agricultural provisions comprise a 1211-litre chemical hopper and a 72-nozzle spraybar as standard. Contact me for more information.E-mail: chochkov@aero-x.euWebsite:, Could really use some "updating" from the 302. Low operating cost, fuel efficiency, and extended operating range also make the AT-802F an ideal air asset for patrol duty—and immediate response—on days when wild fire risk is high. Previous Next. Kiril, e-mail, 03.10.2009 22:51. turboprop-powered version of the AT-301, first flown in June 1977; powerplant consists of one 447kW Avco Lycoming LTP 101-600A1A; maximum level speed 274km/h; maximum cruising speed 266km/h, range with maximum fuel 644km; empty weight 1474kg spray gear equipped; maximum take-off The initial Air Tractor model was the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 radial powered AT-301 which established the Air Tractor series' basic configuration. class weapons Innermost wing station optimized for guns (.50 cal to 20mm) Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F Turboprop Engine Titanium Dome 5-Blade Propeller Tandem Seat Cockpit with […] All products are 100% inspected. Initial rate of climb 1080ft/min. Its 800-gallon capacity, speed and maneuverability help to make quick work of hydromulch application or reseeding for erosion control. The AT-502A (first flight Feb 1992) is based in the 402B but has a far more powerful 820kW (1100shp) PT6A-45R turbine driving a slow turning five blade prop. Air Tractor P/N 1002. 05/02/2013. The AT-502B has Hoerner wingtips and optional equipment including GPS. One pilot and for AT-503A and AT-802 passenger or observer. © Copyright 2020 AeroBase Group, Inc. | Cage: 74B05. AT-802 - One 1062kW (1424shp) PT6A-67R or 67AF driving a five blade constant speed Hartzell prop. Even and close air support tactical air fighter called the 802U. AT-802U is NOT light attack. AT-502 - Max speed at sea level 290kmh (155kt), typical operating speeds 195 to 235km/h (105 to 125kt). The AT-402 is similar other than its 505kW (680shp) PT6A turboprop engine, the AT-402B has increased span wings.

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