Nov 6, 2020

all of these materials can be bought online at Share it with us! Then cut away any zipties holding the cables together. Well your obviously here if your having problems getting your PSU to work, Automatic Scoring for the Executive Par 3 Golf Game, How to Make an Old-school Neon Street Sign,, green = load wire ( the one that we need to turn it on), Start closest to the switch with the three terminals working from left to right, go to the first negative terminal and connect up two of the black wires, then move to the next row of three terminals, check the switch on the rear off the PSU unit, ensure that it is on, Check the switch on the switch pannel ensure that it is on, unscrew the top pannel and using a wire bridge short between the two switch terminals (green and black wire)( if this makes it work replace the switch), check all of your connections and that they are correct. Once again sorry for the picture quality. Burn - In OK this is a BestTec PSU and my other one just in case is HiPro PSU. ok i plug atx power suply in got led on green and black wires leds on but i ckeck out puts with voltmeter little to no volts out why how get answers here. Also one final not you are working with potentially high voltages (paticularly inside the PSU its self) don't make the same mistake as me and work inside the PSU case while it is switch on or you may get a nasty shock.TOOLS: +12V output, again is a bit high yet it is good. Any suggestions as to how I can calibrate the voltage? We are interested on only 1 set of connector. If there is problem at least it is still under warranty. Can you connect the HAT directly to Raspberry Pi 400? 3. Good, if you like the –12V, go a head and measure it, I am getting around –11.50V. Reply Well almost the last thing you need to do is place the lid on and then screw it in place and then your done, that's all there is to it. Normal wire and use the DC jack is great idea and simple. Do the same for your switch hole however if it is a square hole, you can use a smaller drill bit and then file out the hole using a square or triangular file or use a dremel. You can use any old tupaware container, I just found it easier to by one from jaycar because they have a pre marked drill grid that makes drilling the holes quick and easy. Your email address will not be published. Let me leave the current rating at the back. I am going to use blue terminal block and bear in mind you don’t have to solder all the pad . With this done open the PSU case by undoing the four screws in the top (Make sure you unplug the PSU before you do this! Raspberry Pi 400 – The New Personal Keyboard Computer, Measure Surrounding Air Pressure Using Grove Beginner Kit, Digital Maker Marketplace @ Malaysia, Singapore​, 1 Day Robot Building (MC40A + Aluminum Base) for Edubot 2.0, Getting Started? could I max out a 250W to do 375W - 400W Max (15W + support to help prevent Kickoff) ?? Head to Toe magazine. wire cutters Because most motherboard will have standard connector, all ATX power supply must be compliant with this standard. It has 3.3V, 5V, 12V and –12V (you might not use it). 1- Gather all the remaining wires, cut them and hot glue the tips like in the picture 1, Power LED: Red Wire for anode and black Wire for catode, Stand-by LED: Purple Wire for anode and black wire for catode, Switch: Green Wire and black Wire for Switch ends, For the LED´s you need to put a resistor to drop tension from 5v to 1.5v (soder it to positive of the led, as in the 3rd image). Now, activate the toggle switch on BB-ATXRA, the PWR_ON LED should illuminate indicating the power is fine. wire strippers on Introduction, 6 years ago I am not sure whether Cytron have it, but by the time I write this, we do not carry any . Is it possible to upload files directly to Google Cloud? Reply various bit's of wire                                 This hack is paticularly useful when experimenting with motors, arduino or other mico controller circuits, to power a battery charger and any other electronic project that requires external power. Once you have crimped all of the wires pull out the unnecissary wires and then arrange them in their respective colour groups, leaving the green wire in the case. beat the time drilling hole on the ATX board. Plese forgive my spelling it is rather bad :( ATX power supply, come with high current output and stable voltage. on Introduction. I am not sure are all ATX power supply have the same and correct specification, I am very satisfy with the one I have: But do take note that the BB-ATXRA cannot support those current as the PCB track width is limited. Now just put your PSU aside for a moment while we work on the case that will house the banana plugs and the power switch. 1 switch                                                  $2 3 months ago You can buy it from computer shop, I am pretty sure they have it on rack. We will need to some soldering. 5 years ago BB-ATXRA come with ready connector and other supporting components such as resistor, indicator LEDs, switch, PCB stand. Welcome to the club: Just a note to let you know I have added this instructable to the collection: Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion. on Introduction, i want to connect up a 50v battery pack to this and use the psu to give 12v can this work? If you hack it by cutting the wire and connectors, sorry, you cannot use it anymore for your desktop computer. 4 years ago, thanks a ton!glad to help other people :), Automatic Scoring for the Executive Par 3 Golf Game, How to Make an Old-school Neon Street Sign. soldering iron Screw the wire to BB-AXTRA, choose the voltage you want to use. Now, test your ATX power supply first before you hack it. I have made several of these before and decided to make an instructable about it. Now, you can measure the output using multimeter: Here is 3.3V output, Here is the 5V output, slightly higher, but still good for microcontroller because most of the maximum voltage is 5.5V. As you might have notice, 12V and 5V is commonly use by embedded electronics to power microcontroller, stepper motor, DC motor, sensor, magnetic lock, you name it. PCB stand, or sometime called spacer. The one we are sharing is not actually hacking into the system of ATX power supply, but merely using it . Stats on Supply is: +12v 14A -12v 0.8A +5V 25A +5VSB 2A - 2.5A peak. The PCB pad support header pin, turn pin (machine pin), blue color terminal block and green terminal block, or if you like you can solder wire directly to the PCB pad. philips head screw driver All I want to do is run a Dual PC amp off one power supply without cutting off from too much wattage used. thanks very much for reading my instructable and enjoy your new hacked PSU :P. Did you make this project? You can power your battery charger for LiPo if you like  Send us some photo of your ATX power supply with the breakout board on it and show us what you use for. But I am going further as I need to make it proper. but I do not want it to kick off or smoke/fry in the process.. Could I lower the Amps if the System needs less Amps then given or would it only feed whats needed & not fry it? Hello there! Now just pull the power supply out and your done. (I did it to black, red and yellow). You might want to get the terminal block too, or header pin? If the servo operating voltage is within the ATX output voltage, sure! The Battery Internal Resistance Meter. Now see how your container is going to be positioned along with the PSU and drill a hole large enough for the cables to fit through. Usually it is easiest to short it to the third wire from the right. I am using 10mm PCB Stand S/S. any other relevant information (stuff that occured whilst building, anything that may be a possible cause, dropping the PSU or extreme levels of dust. Dremel (Optional)MATERIALS:COST Yup, it is actually a switching power supply dedicated for computer motherboard. This is my very first instructable :) so let´s begin!- Do you have a ATX Power Supply from an old PC laying arround? Once these screws have been removed  slide the panel towards the rear of the case and then lift it up and out (Your case may be different). BB-ATXRA, the breakout board for ATX power supply from Cytron. OK, now solder the preferable terminal to BB-ATXRA. BB-ATXRA come with ready connector and other supporting components such as … on Step 9, this is a20pin has old floppy hook ups andreg hookup for hd drive 4pin 2yelow 2 blach 1 small 3pin 2black 1 green then reg. files So let´s see... You will need:2x 220ohm or 270ohm resitor2x LED lights (you choose the color) (1.5v)5x Male Connectors (Bullet, Banana or other of your choice)5x Respective Female Connectors1x Metal Drill1x Switch button (i used a old pc rocker button)Hot Glue gunSoldering Iron and solderSomething to sand off excess metal bits. Connect it to BB-ATXRA, plug in the AC power cord to ATX power supply and ON the AC switch. Standby LED should illuminated  indicating the ATX power supply is in standby mode. You can hack it like this example: But you will need to figure out the wirings and get yourself proper connector, not to forget the drilling of holes to mount the connectors. >> Take a look at about 70 different approaches to this project. Look for connector that have either 20-pin or 24-pin. Remember, leave the other connector untouched, you can still use back the ATX power supply if you need it 1 day. 5 years ago ), now seperate the two halves of the case and then remove the cables from the black fitting that is holding them in the case. 3 months ago If your adding the negative voltage wires in add in extra holes for them, you will also need extra banana plugs. May have been mistaken, I read from Altec lancing Sub Woofer 360W. superglue or epoxy                                    We are going to utilize it as the power source for our project and development. Generally there are two type of ATX power supply, the older come only with 20-pin connector. BB-ATXRA come without terminals, you will need to decide what you want to use. 1yel 2blk 1red connectors, Question Thanks and have fun. then give then a quick once over with a smooth file just to remove and burs. After building this, my voltmeter reads 12.58v, 3.48v, and 5.12v, not 12V, 3.3v, and 5v. 3 months ago, Question Share it with us! Begin this by taking the wire cutters and cutting off all of the computer connectors as close to the top of the terminal as possible. Let’s proceed to next step. Now if you DON'T want to use negative voltages or the +5vsb (as in my example) cut them off inside the case and the place a piece of heatshrink tube over the top to prevent short circuits. Place all of the wires back in the black wire guard and then put the PSU case back together. For armature hobbyist, they will hack the computer desktop power supply. 1 project box/ tupaware container          $ 5 (at jaycar)             Good for you that we have come out with a Breakout Board for ATX power supply, it will enable you to utilize ATX power supply in just 10 minutes of setup. Firstly  you will need to remove the side pannel of your computer which is usually held in place by several screws on the rear of the case. Now you can really have a power supply with different voltage, 3.3V, 5V and 12V. crimping connectors                              

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