Nov 6, 2020

Most of the Irish tunes in these books were not known in Australia and it is astonishing to find that the very good danceable set tunes of Irish origin that were known by most of our pioneer musicians will not be found in either publications. Another tune that is perhaps the best known amongst bush musicians is the old Spanish Waltz, known by several names such as My Father Was Dutchman, Mayflower Waltz, Mary Is A Weeping. Australian Bush Dancing Line Dance; Tweet. There are many standard dances that dancers are either taught or expected to know, such as The Ninepins Quadrille (nicknamed The Drongo by The Bushwackers)in which one person is excluded from the group when they have no partner and are 'mocked' by the others. Promoting a healthy and vibrant living tradition. From the time of first settlement most of the dances came to Australia via the ballroom, and only rarely as a direct folk import. Initially it was influenced by the styles and customs of the early settlers but evolved to be an amalgam of the early colonial style and dances from Europe and America, as the miners and settlers came to Australia. Where: All Saints Church Hall Cowper Street Ainslie, All Saints Church Hall Cowper Street Ainslie, see the calendar on the What’s On page to check. Join us at the Prospect Town Hall, 128 Prospect Rd (cnr Vine St), Prospect, 7.30 to 9.30pm. With the Anglo-Celtic revival in the folk clubs of Australia in recent decades, the tunes and dance music have been based on a similar revival in Britain and, in particular, in Ireland. The Irish tunes, the style and tempo are generally unsuitable to the Australian dances. Our history can be brought to life in a unique way by experiencing music and dance – a living link to our heritage. In the decade leading up to the gold rushes a ballet which featured the Cachuca Spanish Castanet Dance travelled America with much acclaim. On the other hand, Max Klubal did include several tunes that were suitable for dances including Varsoviana, Barn Dance, Berlin Polka and Pride of Erin. This page was last edited on 7 June 2019, at 06:47. Contemporary dances, composed in the traditional style, are also featured at bush dances. In some cases they would remember the whole tune when they returned, but quite often they had forgotten part of it. It is also on one of the Chieftain's LP's "James Galway and the Chieftains in Ireland", final track "Up And About" (Kerry Slides) as part of a medley. It is also overlooked that Scottish music was extremely popular for a time both in Britain and Europe in Queen Victoria's era and that Australia would have followed the trend. All too often these are played at concert rather than dance tempo to the detriment of dancing standards? Tea & coffee provided, but please byo mug. There is nothing out of place in this context anymore than our immigrant Greeks, Thais, Vietnamese, Germans, Chileans, Hungarians, etc. In fact the tunes often have a down-drop created by deleting the ballroom polka anacrusis and three quaver beat and replacing it with a lengthened note on the down-beat and regular oom-pah 2-4 time. However, it wasn’t just in Australia that step dancing failed to be collected: in England, the founding father of the folk revival, Cecil Sharp early in the twentieth century,  didn’t feel the need to record the social stepping he encountered because it was so commonplace – a hundred years later it had all but vanished. Full-time students are offered half price entry to all bush dancing events, just show your student card. Here any band, event or dance, in fact anything associated with this music genre can be promoted Australia wide. The tempo is at 48-54 bars a minute with the essential 3 quaver beat dominating the rhythm. Flat shoes are recommended. It’s best danced on a wooden floor with footwear which will generate a robust sound – leather shoes, hobnail boots or clogs are ideal. Instep Research Team  Dress codes are relaxed. However folk heritage by its very nature is liquid, does not comply with political boundaries and flows with the times. Part B of each tune had been forgotten or lost. He'd have to keep it in his head; when he comes back perhaps he'd remember only parts of it. The Music of Sally Sloane These had been adopted as part of the Bush Music Club dance performance more as light occasional variety to the Australian song, which occupied the main program. They had their own centuries older country dances and jigs and reels to be fervently held on to. Of the 108 tunes listed only 15 are Irish. I had believed that this form of step dance only existed in Scottish and Irish (as Sean-nós) communities, so to discover it is also unmistakably English is an important revelation with significant  implications for Australian dance history. Rob Willis of  the Oral History and Folklore Collections, National Library of Australia, writes: This is the only example of step dancing from a traditional performer I have ever filmed. The Open Road. The Australian bush tradition is rich in collected step dance tunes. PLEASE … • Shirly Andrews, Take Your Partners, Hyland House Publishing PTY Limited., 1979 ISBN 0-908090-13-7 • Bushdancing in schools creates a great connection between people of all ages. It may come as a surprise to find the Waltz had arrived in Australia by 1815 and the Quadrille (First Set) was well established in Sydney by 1825 with a special Australian composition for it. The original sources are varied, some may have been popular tunes and folk tunes brought out by the various immigrants from their homeland. She regretted this decision later in her life and was very supportive of my efforts to research the subject. 1887 Step dancing in Norfolk, England. Certainly our early attempts within the folk scene to revive an interest in Australian social dancing suffered considerably from this general prejudice against dancing as well as from a reluctance to accept that the style of this dancing was different from that of the folk dancing of Great Britain? . Dances are walked through with a caller then danced to live music. It was held in the great hall of Beechworth 'and comments that it would dissipate the popular fallacy that a row is a necessary adjunct to the feast of St. Patrick'. Eg the German settled areas near Adelaide and Brisbane. Australian Bush Dance has its roots in the very early settlement of the colony. I can't help wondering how many good tunes of the like that Roche said had been discarded in Ireland that might have been out here at that time. A quotation from Vol. These would have been popular within the family household relating to their struggles past and present. Step Dancing: why we should learn from past mistakes. If one looks closely at the favoured Irish pieces, either within Irish descendant communities or on the general Australian scene the ubiquitous "Irish Washerwoman" is the universal fiddle piece and if further tunes are sought it might be the "Rollicking Irishman" or "St. Patrick's Day". Sometimes an old fashioned fiddle would come to light, and it was wonderful how some of those old chaps would enjoy those old-time quadrilles, lancers,mazurkas, polkas, and schottisches and waltzes, but enjoy them they did. The Country and Western Singer. The chairs and tables were arranged around the edges of the room, leaving the centre free for dancing, however the space was usually limited – perfect for step dancing rather than for large group dances. at the annual ball there was always plenty of money to back these champions against all-comers, and very often the matches or contests would spread over a series of dance nights until the final champion-ship mopped up all the money. It was the time of instant mania and "do your own thing". By mid-19th century there were numerous repeats of the Quadrille, Waltz and Lancers, and the waves of new fashionable dances based on European folk forms adapted for the ballroom that became the rage in Australia.

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