Nov 6, 2020

Unfortunately the unpredictability of the prototype watch causes him to become stuck as Grey Matter instead. When the bride's parents are aliens and the groom's parents are ex-Plumbers, what could possibly go wrong? Lorsqu’il l’enfile à son poignet, Ben peut se transformer en 10 aliens différents ! While shopping at an ice cream store in the desert, robbers attempt to steal an ATM. He has to find a way, though, since Zombozo kidnaps Gwen and leaves the entire town in a chuckling daze. Découvrez Ben 10 : Alien Force sur Molotov, l'app gratuite pour regarder la TV en direct et en replay During their final confrontation, it turns out to be the advice of Grandpa Max that helps Ben defeat her. On Ken's tenth birthday, Ben gives him his very own Omnitrix. Jeux; Bande-annonce; Personnages; Images; Bonus; Le top dessins animés Gulli When Ben isn't tall enough for a ride at a water park, he decides to change into one of his alien forms to get even with the ride attendant. Un jour, il pénètre dans une épicerie pour acheter de la nourriture pour le dîner mais lorsqu'il essaie de prendre un bento box, il perd connaissance. Les Espoirs de l'Animation 2020 - ESAAT (Gulli), Les Espoirs de l'Animation 2020 - La Poudrière (Gulli), Monster Buster Club : Chasseurs d'extraterrestres. Ben and his alien hero personas must battle Dr. Animo a crazed mad scientist bent on revenge and armed with the DNA altering Transmorpher device. After Ben saves a child and parent from a burning building, Gwen and Grandpa Max come along with more bad news. Ben's "dream world" soon becomes a nightmare world, with Ben forced to live out his ultimate terror. We're back in the future with Ben 10K, and this time he has a son, Ken. When Ben can’t resist messing with the Worlds largest rubber band at a cheesy roadside tourist trap town, he accidentally releases Megawhatts, mischievous and destructive creatures made of electrical energy with the power to warp reality to their own sinister prankish delight, that were living inside. After a grueling battle without the help of a hero, they chase down Animo to the Museum of Natural History. After Ben and Grandpa Max argue, Ben decides to wander out into the city on his own. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dorénavant, il peut tout en gardant sa personnalité d'enfant, se transformer en dix extraterrestres différents aux pouvoirs surhumains. Fortunately, Hoverboard is a double agent working on the side of good to make sure the Omnitrix doesn't wind up in the wrong hands. Saison 1. How will Ben save the day from robbers, strange aliens, and cheek-pinching aunts? go fishing and meet their fishing captain, Captain Shaw, who identifies the sea-monster as the Krakken. Along the way, Ken befriends a kid named Devlin. Average kid, ten year old Ben Tennyson, his Grandpa Max and his Cousin Gwen's summer of adventure takes an odd turn when Ben discovers a watch like object (the Omintrix Prototype) that has been jettisoned from alien spacecraft high above the earth. of dinner, Ben wanders out into the forest and meets up with a meteor bearing an alien device: the Omnitrix. As Fourarms, Ben is working to thwart an armored truck robbery by a tough and heavily-armed female gang leader named Joey, when he is attacked by a new set of Vilgax’s Mechadroids. When she attacks Ben at the hospital, she is thwarted once again, but Ben is left thinking that it's too dangerous for him to be around others and runs away. Out on a desert highway, a group of modern day highway pirates hijack the Rustbucket, trick it out and use it in a daring robbery. Season 1 | Season 2 » Ben va-t-il se servir de son extraordinaire pouvoir pour sauver le monde ou faire des bêtises ? When Gwen complains that Ben is getting all the glory and recognition, as well as all the cool stuff, he gives her the charm he got from Hex. Live TV is available in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. There, Ben's fear of clowns comes out as they explore. After a blow out argument with Max, Ben rebels by going out on his own in the Big Apple. hospital, Joey starts messing with the drones and is converted into a powerful alien cyborg named Rojo. 1x2 - Ben 10 le Retour, partie 2. 1x6 - Adieu Max. Saison 3. During the fight, some of Vilgax's new and improved drones attack and Grandpa Max is injured. Ben Tennyson de son vrai nom Benjamin Tennyson, est un jeune garçon de 10 ans, qui rêve de devenir un héros, pour aider son prochain. Watch Ben 10: Omniverse Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Ben is too short for a ride at a water park, so he uses the Omnitrix to sneak in. When he climbs inside to get a snack, he gets himself locked inside and ends up catching a cold. Unfortunately, the weapon fails, leading to a showdown between Vilgax and the combined Tennyson family. When Four Arms takes Grandpa Max to the. Is he the next 'big' villain? Healed and enhanced from his injuries, Vilgax decides to procure the prototype himself rather than relying upon subordinates, mercenaries, etc. Ben, Max Ben and Gwen investigate a couple of daring break-ins, only to discover they were both once secret Plumber installations. In a hotel, Ben spots an area where a group of people are demonstrating a new game. Will Dr. Animo defeat Ben's aliens with his powerful mutants, or will Ben learn the true power of his aliens? Tandis qu’il passe des vacances d’été interminables avec son Grand Père Max et son cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson trouve une montre extraterrestre : l’Omnitrix. 1x4 - Kevin règle ses comptes. VoirFilms présente la série Ben 10 Omniverse Saison 1 en Streaming VOSTFR et VFCette Série est créée par Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan RouleauActeurs : Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson, Saison 2. While camping and swimming at a lakeside campsite, Ben encounters a sea-monster in the lake right after his joke on Gwen. Grey Matter. misbehavior. Unfortunately, he is not too pleased that Ben treats the most powerful weapon in the galaxy as a play toy. Negative 10, Part 1 Ben, Max Ben and Gwen investigate a couple of daring break-ins, only to discover they were both once secret Plumber installations. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! As for Devlin, he comes to realize his dad is a jerk, and realizes the error of his ways. When the prototype attaches itself to Ben's wrist, he discovers that it allows him to become any one of Ten Aliens. After having a gross-out contest with the kid in the car next to him, Ben finds a propane truck tipped over and out to catch fire and make a huge blast. Unfortunately for him, the Omnitrix malfunctions and he ends up as. In the meantime, Max's mysterious past begins to come to light, including a personal history with Vilgax – culminating in the final showdown between Vilgax and the combined Tennyson family. He soon learns that. Ben, Max and Gwen put up an Alamo like stand inside the bunker at Mount Rushmore and against great odds take down the Forever King's band of baddies. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Season 6 2008 SpongeBob SquarePants, Season 13 2020 Ben 10: Alien Force (Classic), Season 4 2010 Dora the Explorer, Dora's Sports Day 2014 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (Classic), Vol. Ben will find himself facing his toughest challenge yet, when Vilgax sends out three alien bounty hunters: the crustacean-like Kraab, the mechanical assassin Sixsix, and the mysterious Tetrax (credited as Hoverboard) - to recover the Omnitrix. Eventually, Ben is able to defeat the new and improved Joey, but not before she delivers a disturbing message from Vilgax. Meanwhile, Ben finds the freaks robbing the town. The charm gives Gwen perfect luck in everything she does, and she becomes her very own superhero, Lucky Girl. He decides to use Ghostfreak's power to sneak inside. Ben manages to escape, but Grandpa Max and Gwen don't believe Ben about his sighting.

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