Nov 6, 2020

*knock on wood*. 48-volt starter generator. The turbocharging system features This makes me nervous because no head job ever seals the gasket as well as the factory does, and you never know of the quality of the mechanic that is doing the work. As … engine. The B58 engine can be found on the US versions of the M340i, Z4 M40i, X3 M40i and X4 M40i. I am referring to the 335d models and can't speak for the newer 328/535d models. This results in a higher tractive power which leads to a distinctive This ensures optimised agility and The M declination of the B58 engine is the new S58 powerplant, already in use on the new X3 M and X4 M in two output stages: standard with 480 PS (473 hp) and Competition with 510 PS (503 hp). Furthermore, the TwinPower Turbo technology has been further refined with the addition of a new twin-scroll turbocharger, which is 25% lighter and builds up pressure faster than the preceding engine generation. The diesel engines of the current generation are being offered in two | 4500 km Review, Here's how the BMW iX3 is made at the Shenyang Plant, The new 2021 BMW M4 gets delivered by helicopter in Monaco, 2021 BMW 4 SERIES CONVERTIBLE - Exterior, Interior, Driving and Release Date, 2021 BMW M3 Competition (G80) live from BMW Welt. immediately available additional power of 8 kW/11 hp enhances the 5.0 – 4.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: Also FWIW all BMWs diesel and gasser engines use a timing chain instead of a belt. So I'd be really curious to hear from actual owners of these cars. which is available between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm. numerous models of the BMW 7 Series. It will also be possible in future to refine the luxurious Home » News » BMW B58 six-cylinder engine wins second “10 Best Engines” award from WardsAuto. Most cases have been due to using the car exclusively for short trips and always babying the car instead of driving it like it was stolen w/cops in hot pursuit. Tom Murphy, WardsAuto Managing Editor, highlighted the main strengths of the engine: “We tested this B58 inline six-cylinder turbo a year ago in the larger X5 and it won, with 335 hp. The BMW 740Ld xDrive (combined fuel consumption: 5.4 send an e-mail. Specifications of the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, valid from 11/2020. enhanced performance as well as better fuel economy and emission Even at particularly low speeds of less than 3 km/h, the rear wheels are now engine’s dynamic power delivery when starting off and during acceleration. The following applies to consumption figures for vehicles with new type approval, September 2017 onward: The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are obtained in accordance with the specified measuring procedure (EC Regulation No. BMWBLOG is an independent private enthusiast site dedicated to BMW fans around the world and is in no way affiliated or owned by BMW USA and/or BMW AG, BMW B58 six-cylinder engine wins second “10 Best Engines” award from WardsAuto, SPIED: The 2021 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (G26) scooped alongside future G70 7 Series, Ronnie Fieg Teases KITH X BMW Collaboration, 2020 BMW M2 CS – Should you buy one? filter. BMW 740d xDrive (combined fuel consumption: 5.4 – 5.2 l/100 km; IIRC, the N63 engine is known to be an oil drinker and there's currently an open campaign to correct some known timing chain issues. For optimum reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions a second multi-stage turbocharging with the latest version of Common Rail The range of new exterior colours Integral Active Steering will be available for all model variants of Discussion Starter • #2 • Apr 24, 2016. Any 2nd hand things that you've seen from other bmw owners? The new generation of engine under the bonnet of the models increase in performance. 20 Posts . 5.0 – 4.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 130 – 126 g/km). diesel engines will enhance both the supremacy and efficiency of Specifications of the BMW 5 Series Touring, valid from 11/2020. The updated BMW B58 3.0-liter engine was among those to grab the laurels again. i had an EGR failure on my 12 X5d, but it has since been deleted. The B58 unit also feature High Precision Injection technology, the Double VANOS variable camshaft control and the VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control. The jury was impressed by the efficient power delivery, the overall technical performance and the consistent application of the 6-cylinder unit across the BMW range of models. emissions: 138 – 133 g/km), BMW 730Ld (combined fuel consumption: I'm not aware of BMW using a timing … OTOH, BMW's V8 gassers have been another story. The way I see it however is they are more needy then a Honda and require prompt service on the expected mileage intervals. 5.2 – 5.0 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 138 – 133 g/km). All that build up is from 30k miles of driving . CO2 emissions: 128 – 123 g/km), BMW 730d xDrive (combined BMW M4 Competition x Kith — 150 Unit Limited Edition M4. Moreover, they feature mild hybrid technology with a The power increase provides the luxury sedans with even better Intake clogging aka Carbon buildup (CBU) has occurred in 335d and in a few others. The components 118d (N47 engine), built 3/2008 (So very early in the N47 run) here. I really liked it, used low milage. At the same i do all the maintenance myself, with the required parts ect, as well as all fluid changes and follow the maintenance schedules. 100 km/h of both the BMW 730d and the BMW 730d xDrive has now improved Specifications of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, valid from 11/2020. The BMW 740d xDrive (combined fuel consumption: contribution towards spontaneous power delivery and better efficiency. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 210 kW/286 hp, maximum torque having been raised by 30 to 650 Nm, This engine will also power the forthcoming M3 and M4 generations (G80/G82/G83). 2nd hand things? Both new power plants feature exhaust aftertreatment. – 5.2 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 143 – 137 g/km). manoeuvring, new exterior colours and options from BMW 200,000 km now. A slightly detuned version of the B58 unit with 340 PS (335 hp) powers the 40i variants of the 5 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, X5, X6 and X7. future comply with the Euro 6d emission standard. 2020 Toyota Supra – Is It More Than Hype? This increase is BMW 740Ld xDrive (combined fuel consumption: 5.4 – 5.2 l/100 km; The optional suspension system BTW, my 2008 118d needed a new EGR valve (carbon buildup...) and new glow plugs at 240,000 km / 10 years and a DPF cleaning at 230,000 km. Individual.Parallel to the introduction from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds, a gain of 0.2 seconds. technology used on the new diesel engine variants make an additional The problem was described by BMW engineers as a "known fault" and was immediately repaired (BMW mobile engineers even carried boxes of an improved spring), however BMW refused to compensate customers for the excessive fuel consumption and denied this fault was their liability. no problems there. The possibilities for individualisation of the exterior and At least that's what I can gather from owners. | 4500 km Review, TEST DRIVE: The First Generation BMW X5 M (E70), BMW writes code of ethics for AI in collaboration with the EU, You Can Convert Your Classic Mini Over to Electric with a Swindon Powertrain, VIDEO: Check Out the Finest BMW Z3 M Coupe in America, Here is one more BMW iX rendering before its unveil on November 11, 2025 CLAR: BMW CEO announces new cluster architecture, Top Gear Compares the BMW M2 CS vs E46 M3 CSL, SPIED: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Seen Testing Again, 2021 BMW M3 and M4 - This how the cars are being built in Germany. There is a 'fix' and head removal is not required at all for cleaning. Every new updated version continues to improve the engine’s refinement, smoothness, power delivery and efficiency; all traits which are valued by our customers today and without doubt for many more years to come. injection system has also been optimised and now delivers the fuel to to the engine. Now, just a year later, it comes to us in the all-new 3-Series, which is quite a bit lighter, with an extra 47 hp. areas. Reportedly BMW's recent recall has been expanded to include their recent USA diesels. Unlike the older TDIs where you could remove and clean the manifold, the carbon buildup in the 335d occurs in the head and requires removal of the head to clean. Thanks to a state-of-the-art exhaust combines a variable front axle transmission ratio with targeted active The Common Rail direct Next › Similar projects + Bmw E46 Ccv Valve As Well Air Suspension Systems Diagram Also Bmw E36 January 23, 2017 + 2014 Bmw 640 Gran Coupe Sedan I 4dr Rear Wheel Drive Sedan Interior 2 December 2, 2016 + Bmw 640d Gran Coupe M Sport Package Uk Spec 2012 Car Pictures … Munich. Maximum You must log in or register to reply here. diesel engine has increased by 15 kW/20 hp to 250 kW/340 hp. BMW's 6-cylinder engines are very solid and reliable engines from what I've gathered. time, combined fuel consumption has been lowered by 0.4 litres/100 km. – 133 g/km). Here you can see the on demand broadcast of the opening of FIZ Projekthaus Nord. Bernhard SanterBMW Group Phytonic Blue metallic and the BMW Individual finish Frozen Bluestone of special equipment will be supplemented by new exterior colours and The figures are for a basic-version vehicle in Germany. generator can be used to both relieve and support the combustion We are extremely grateful and thankful for this recognition by the WardsAutos jurors.”. 2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV - The best X3 to buy? The same bad fuel will take out an injector pump in an older VE pump TDI. My 328Xd HPFP went out at 17k. full-grain leather trim Merino in the colour combination Smokey variable intake geometry in both the high- and low-pressure stages. Integral Active Steering with enhanced assistance when For example, the BMW 740d xDrive now sprints supercharging with variable intake geometry. 57.2 KB Views: 3,250. From July 2020, new straight six-cylinder 6 cylinder diesels are fantastic Totally different engine. (combined fuel consumption: 4.9 – 4.7 l/100 km; combined The bandwidths allow for differences in the choice of wheel and tire sizes and items of optional equipment and can be changed by the configuration.

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