Nov 6, 2020

Behemoth starts out at Area 8 of Elder’s Recess, which provides a couple of opportunities for free damage via the destructible crystal boulder formations. This will unlock the Special Assignment, “A visitor from Another World” at the handler and quest boards. Ecliptic Meteor is unique in Monster Hunter World as it negates pretty much all of the safety moves and crutches that you’ve relied on before. Also, I don't fire the SOS but rather join other SOSes so that I can look at the HR + builds of the groups before committing. One simply does not walk into it. I'd rather rage by myself for two days and get the armor than fail may times. Watch for a red flash near your character which indicates that you’re the player being targeted. Weapons made from Xeno’jiiva or Deviljho parts have the Dragon element, so pick one of these if you have the option. Just hold R2 so you can't get thrown off. While your mounted, Behemoth barely moves. Similarly, you can use Nulberries to remove a burn, but Meteors can be avoided and it may not be worth the item slot. Even if you’re still OK with supplies, it’s not a bad idea to pop a Farcaster and fly back to camp if you find yourself in a tough spot and risk getting carted. Heaven knows how many times I’ve seen hunters die — including myself —  because the nearest boulder was too far to get to. Your next challenge is to actually defeat a Behemoth, and the quest “He Taketh It With His Eyes” is much tougher than anything most Hunters have experienced so far. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Unlike most emotes, this one is potentially very useful and should be bound to your quick-access menu before you take on the next quest. An easy way to do that is by chucking a Flash Pod in his face, or at least the general vicinity in front of him. As far as skills, this can change from hunter to hunter based on your preferences but some useful quality-of-life options to consider include: Hitting weak points for increased damage is Monster Hunter 101 and there are three spots I typically like to hit when fighting Behemoth. Unsurprisingly, Thunderbolt does Thunder damage. Having a Palico will switch the monster's aggression and make it difficult for you to hit its head or face. Seriously. If you want to clear this quest while playing solo, it's important to not get hit by the Behemoth, by any of its moves. The Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth quests are completely separate from the main story of Monster Hunter World. If you are hit, the damage is big and you're vulnerable to any of Behemoth's attacks. Bring as many flash bugs and flash pods as you can carry, and familiarize yourself with crafting more when there’s a break in the action. I have full Drachen from my repeated attempt, and even beat the optional mission but never got the bug from the Special assignment. I've found that my success rate in SOS groups increased tremendously1 when I focused on gaining emnity, and IMO the shotgun HBG is the easiest way to do that. It’s possible to earn some loot drops during this quest by breaking Behemoth’s horns, front legs, or tail, and you can get even more if you equip your Palico with the Plunderblade gadget. It grants rank 2 Critical Eye and rank 1 Power Prolonger, and has a single level 3 decoration slot. If Ecliptic Meteor is cast and you don’t have anything to hide behind, trigger your Jump emote and pray you got the timing right. Armor with Fire and/or Thunder resist will help you take less damage, but it’s far more important to select gear with helpful abilities. It's extremely important to know where the comet has dropped in this fight as the Behemoth can summon Ecliptic Meteor any time. Let MMO guys experienced what Annoying s*** that things was.... Handler's event costume is great because you can't see her face. If you deal enough damage to the Behemoth in the 3rd phase, it'll drop Dragon Pods again. It has a single level 3 decoration slot. The comet can be destroyed by Behemoth or even player attacks (you can notice the comet start having cracks before destroyed) so you need to place it into a bit far but not to far so you can get there quickly. I was frustrated at first, but then I got onto the Discord to find a competent party there, after that we beat him 3 times in a row. Lifepowder heals the entire group, so bring as much as you can. Do note that whoever draws enmity has to be careful. just use the plunderblade and break his parts and then leave the quests(Be sure not to click the abandon quest button, you wont get rewards). This allows your buddies to just wail on him. There are a couple of ways to avoid this, and we’ll go over those a little further down. The only people still randoming behemoth are probably people who still need its parts. This will deal a big amount of damage that can help you chip off the Behemoth's health early in the fight. Behemoth doesn’t scale when faced by less than four Hunters, so there’s little advantage to fighting it without a group. Once the tail is cut, I switch to his front arms, which receives larger damage than his hind legs. If you happen to pull out your bug net during this stage, you can catch one and keep it as a pet in your room in Astera. For Gunners and Hammer users, Behemoth's face is the main weak point. They should sent Bezelguise as representative instead. It provides rank 1 Critical Boost and one rank of the Airborne skill. Meteor does a big chunk of damage, but isn’t nearly as deadly as the powered up Ecliptic version. Your other tool should be something that helps the group; both the Health and Affinity boosters are good choices. Review: In Watch Dogs: Legion, the revolution is you. You need to deal as much damage as you can, about Charybdis is a wind spell, and places a lingering tornado on the battlefield. The Windproof armor ability is no help, but Charybdis can be interrupted by launching a Flash Pod at Behemoth or hitting him in the head with a Crystalburst. ;) Also I suggest running Guard 5 instead of the usual 3 in these cases, as Guard 5 almost completely nullifies any and all chip damage. But boy, does it make the hunt easier for the team. The monster still has a two-star weakness from both weapons with its tail but suffers from a three-star weakness to its face. Behemoth doesn’t telegraph his attacks like most other monsters, but the text feed on the right side of the screen lets you know what to expect next. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Your weapon should probably have the Dragon, Ice or Water element. It can be upgraded to the True Gae Bolg with 2 Behemoth Bones, 2 Behemoth Great Horns, 1 Behemoth tail, 5 Elder Dragon Blood, and 56,000 Zenny. Behemoth is a multi-stage, prolonged battle, and you’ll need to work together with your fellow Hunters to have a chance at bringing him down. You can douse the flames by eating a Nulberry or by dodge rolling three times to put them out. Screw Rathalos. A cutscene will let you know that creatures from his world were brought here by the crystal, and there’s one more you haven’t seen yet. You’ll see where it’s about to hit because a red ring will appear on the ground, and you can avoid it by rolling out of the way. Keep an eye on their health bars and chug like you’re barely legal. The Moogle Alpha set requires 1 Behemoth Mane, 1 Behemoth Tail, 1 Aetheryte Shard, and 1500 research points. Please see the. Don't move too far away so you can quickly hide when the Ecliptic Meteor comes. It’s always better to avoid carting by flying back to camp than to die, lose your buffs, and have to run back to the fight anyway. Drawing aggro also allows the tank to lead Behemoth away from the comet rocks so they don’t get destroyed while still maintaining a close enough distance to get to them should the monster cast Ecliptic Meteor. The only people still randoming behemoth are probably people who still need its parts. The new quest “The Legendary Beast” will show up under Special Assignments, and this time you’re off to the Elder’s Recess. Behemoth is weakest to Dragon attacks, and resists the Fire and Thunder elements. You might wnt to save it to your Radial Wheel as well for easier access. Does not negate damage from Behemoth punches. Show me your true … 1 by tremendously I mean from like 5% to 30-40%. The second time is when it moves from the third area to its final area. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. For Blademasters who use cutting damage, attacking Behemoth’s tail is pretty much killing not just two but three birds with one stone because: When using a weapon like the Great Sword, I’ve found it easiest to hit the tail by standing just behind its tip while facing Behemoth’s well-endowed glutes of steel. So your team is out of Flash Pods and you see the dreaded “Behemoth is casting Charybdis” message. Let's Rock!". Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Breaking line of sight with the impact zone is sufficient to protect you from the killing blow, and as long as you’re roughly on the dark side of the boulder you should be safe. Returning to your base camp often to replenish items will take time that you don't have in this short quest. 【Genshin Impact】Klee Banner (Sparkling Steps), 【Genshin Impact】Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide. I hate Behemoth. Finishing event farming, missing some materials.

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