Nov 6, 2020

We want to get to know you and for you to get to know and trust us, which is why we intend to be upfront, open and honest with you from the off, no stories just straight talking, and the facts and truth! If you want prolific big carp head to Linear or somewhere similar. The Lakes . The island has three points the North point is around 50m from the North bank, the West point is around 40m from the South bank and the East point is around 65m from the South bank. The introduction of carp to the lake can be traced to the 1950s when it was decided to use the area as a coarse and trout fishery. During the spring of 2012 the Western Reservoir Syndicate was formed and successfully launched at Whittle Dene in Northumberland. Onsite, members all benefit from a portable toilet and a nearby supermarket and garage. Minepit 2020 Update. With a membership fee payable upon registration, being a member of a fishing syndicate can be the best way to ensure a peaceful day of pure fishing with more chances of a well-deserved catch at the end of it! The aim is to offer exclusive access to a lake used solely by other members of the syndicate only. So please don’t expect mains water, electric, shower block etc. A friendly syndicate with the aims of introducing those elements that are all about the fishing, while considering at all times fish welfare and the safety of themselves and others, becoming a member with the Raby Mere Carp Fishery is a different process than usual. There is also plenty of pike around with the biggest coming out at twenty three pounds, I am sure with some serious pike fishing over the coming winters bigger fish will grace the banks. This 21 acre gravel pit runs long ways west to east with a three cornered island in the middle which splits the lake in two, there are two long banks 500m with the ‘North bank’ and ‘South bank’ home to the twenty four swims. After so many years of being involved at the sharp end of fishery management Steve now considers himself to be a ‘knowledgeable amateur’ who is still very keen to learn more about carp and their environment. With a good proportion of carp here over the forty-year-old mark, there are several different lakes that anglers can take advantage of. With a rod limit of three per angler maximum, fishing sessions here can be up to a maximum of 72 continuous hours in duration. Fish can be caught from all over the water and they still follow the wind, in time with more angling pressure this may change. A syndicate only carp water venue, Raby Mere Carp Fishery allows all members access to the ground 24 hours a day posing no fishing time limits. The Carp Syndicate Membership enquiry . A carp fishing syndicate allows a specific number of vetted anglers to fish on waters, thereby limiting the number of people fishing on one lake. This 21 acre gravel pit runs long ways west to east with a three cornered island in the middle which splits the lake in two, there are two long banks 500m with the ‘North bank’ and … […], If you have a long day of fishing ahead […], Pole Elastic Lubricant: Why It Is Essential. Since being introduced into our waters the carp have been making very good progress and are achieving very impressive growth rates and weight gains for venues sited this far north. It wasn’t however until 2015 that a huge overhaul was undertaken. New members are most likely recommended by existing members and a short interview, where the syndicate get to know you, may be held afterwards. Potential members expressing an interest are invited for a chat over a brew so both parties can talk and discuss any questions beforehand. There are no ghosts or mythical fish here, to the very best of our knowledge these waters have never been stocked with coarse fish, especially carp so can be classified as “virgin” waters with all the potential benefits to the carp and their growth rates such Lakes are capable of achieving. Syndicates - North West [Log-In] DenzelLN: Posts: 163 #7 21 Aug 2020 at 6.19pm ... NW, Big fish, prolific and syndicate aren't really terms that go together in my opinion. Not sure if its still going? We have stocked a quantity of Dinton strain stockies into this water over the last twelve years, we do not plan to stock any more for the forseeable future. The ‘west side’ is generally weedier with depths down to thirteen feet while the ‘east side’ has depths down to nineteen feet, with the shallow margins the Lock bay and Pylon bay weeding up in the summer months. Since then the Kingfisher Lakes Team have been kept more than a little busy developing three more waters situated at Peth Quarry near Longtown in Cumbria, the first of which the North Lake opened for fishing in June 2013. Better still, it is perhaps one of the easier of ways to meet like-minded members with the same interests and forge some great fishing acquaintances. Syndicates north west [Log-In] H00kpul: Posts: 2380 #10 25 Sept 2019 at 7.39am : In reply to Post #1 Oulton park race track used to have a syndicate on. Previous fisheries management experience has taught us that it is paramount to stock with young fish of a known age from proven strains in order to create the very best specimen carp waters, which is why none of the fish introduced were more than 6 years old when they were stocked.

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