Nov 6, 2020, already purchase 2000HG a week ago….perfect match with my 603-6 at 80 to 100 meters and 250gr jig . The speed is 86cm per crank. A little softer than Slow Jerker, I think. Yet, prices are different. It’s a 2-piece rod, right? Sounds like your choice would be OJ2000NR-HG. Shibuya Tokyo has a lot of different shops around the train station. So, I wonder how would you rate their HSJ, SLJ and SLP series ? hi totos Hi Fred. It would be interesting to listen to your opinions, or even test review, on Skylla, Ocean Freaks. I don’t think anyone will question why. The target fishes are reef species. The water here in Bahrain is very shallow water. I see some people say it’s pretty good for such a low price. It’s all hearsay. So it’s like this. Some people prefer to use 1500 as much as possible because it’s light and small. Yea, 60cm is not exactly the ideal speed for slow pitch jigging. Hi Totos San Hi Vergil. I recently saw the Deepliner Logical series of rods. Very agile and distinguish. I’ve seen their video but that is not a slow pitch expert. I would like to hear your advice given regarding using Also you should consider upgrading your reel. So start your high pitch and see how it goes! But that’s when the conditions are friendly to stay vertical. Well. They have too many models. Hi Manos. I am learning alot from you. Please send me an email and tell me more about your field. Yes, they are the same gradings. Definitely a Japanese name, but I’ve never heard of it. Go for it. Graphiteleader makes me feel more safety if i fight with big one i think it wont break. – How is your boat operating while fishing? You know what I mean? I understand that SPJ has come to life through Japanese development but feel like its has now grown to new avenues and new SPJ niches. You should not think this is specifically the jig weight you are supposed to use. Can I use it to start on shallow deep to around 50 meters? I may be able to introduce someone in the future, though. A better tackle doesn’t promise better result, you know? Hi Trowachin. Hi Totos,am Kostas from Greece,thank you for all the things you are sharing with us! Without doubts, No.1 slow pitch jigging rod that Sato Sensei developed in every possible refinements. It’s a 2-meter long, 1-piece rod. Thanks for all , Totos and hope Jimbo enjoy his 603.3 Thank you, Totos! the New plain 2019 Infinity? First of all, thank you so much for sharing your culture and your experience on this art that is slow pitch jigging, a big thank you for that, you are very generous! Bad stuff about the quality control was getting worse. I will send you an email to discuss that. As have chance to fish in various area when drifting. You are stationary. What combination of jigs do you recommend to star? The best way I can recommend is to order the rods with me. You don’t want to run around town looking for the rod and the 2-meter long package while you are visiting Japan for other purposes. Looking at the schematics, I suspect the Ocea Jigger 1500HG/PG and OJ2000NG-HG/PG handle are interchangeable. That’s how he rates a series of his rod models. There is a new “light” high pitch jerker. But what the heck. Hi Lynn. It has Matagi arbor now, which has a solid reputation that it is one of the most sensitive arbor. Or if there was any other rod you would recommend? Hi totos I am fishing know with hots Gen 3 stilleto 64M and the rod max says 270gr max. i am a guide and an avid angler in Colombia south america fishing the eastern pacific. Thank you. Or controlled drift by the captain? Hi Toto-san Florida Sport Fishing Technique Specific Rods are meticulously handcrafted by a local team of highly skilled rod builders using only the finest components. Thanks:D, Hi Ray. Power 4 rod would do. I have seen a lot of people using Shimano Conquest and modifying their gear ratio to high gear. Palms is Grade C, made in China. A blanks manufacturer. Did you try them? Demersal fish? However, any suggestions regarding my usuage of madai and slowpitch fishing with : POSEIDON SLOW JERKER BY EVERGREEN 603-4 or 603-6 , kinda troubled not knowing which specs would be a better ideal for it. Thank you. Spunky works well with punchy setting (or soft high pitch setting). Thanks. Hi SAR. Tell me the depth of your field, and whether or not your boat is capable of keeping you vertical with the jig. But I know there are many readers who use black hole and they seem to be happy with it. Demersal fish? Or controlled drift by the captain? – How is your boat operating while fishing? So many slow pitch rods have come out now. Have you ever heard about “Uzaki Nissin rod Leopard SLOW JIGGING” or ”ZEN ZAGAN ZERO GRAVITY ZZSP661B2A-ZG HIGH POWER”. Also, I actually have a shimano trinidad 16na, which reel profile wise is almost identical to OJ2000NRHG, you think the reel is a good match with PSLJ 603-3? So let’s see how it goes. But everyone wants to know what difference they make. I think 603-3 is fine. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to reply to all the messages and putting up articles. Been a great pleasure to read through your blog from Singapore. Are they good? there is few options if you in the north island Thank you for your contribution.. Hi. Do you know if Tailwalk use Suzuki rod blanks? Hi totos I have 2 rods the one is shimano tescata lucanus 150 200gr and the other is shimano jigrex 100 200 and the reels are shimano spheros8000pg and shimano torium16 is there any chance to start slow pitch jigging with those set? To be more specific, I started going to the Dry Tortugas 5 year ago on the Yankee Capt. 603-3 at 100m should be hard when you are way out of vertical alignment, but it can work under good conditions. I wish I could try this reel myself. Titilea. – What are your main targets? Problem is, till now, i have been a spinning reel fan. Thanks THE ACTION TONES: Hi Tom. If it’s working, that is your answer. Or both? Sorry if I’m putting too much more on you than you are asking for. 100-150meters depth on average, So what i decided is buying small-medium power rod, with fast action in hope to be more flexible in changing the jigs i use, i bought shimano grappler type slow j pe 2.5 with max 260G jigs, but actually still has pretty good soft tone with 350g or more, pair it with OJ 1500 with PE 1,5, i need to cut as much weight on my tackle as the wind, temp, sunlight and surface current for me is too rough,and worn me fast., still need to understand more on my tackle, their limits and mine, and im still find what is best for my situation here, learning a lot from you mr. Toto and i hope i get the best result. It can be very deep, detailed, and technical. Also firm blanks because it is designed to target deep waters. I’m from Malaysia and slow pitch or slow style jigging have been a phenomena lately. Hello Totos, Pls dont give this a miss, am waiting for your invaluable input on these rods. what you think? As to being crazy to think otherwise - … amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; When you drop the metal anchor to sea floor, that’s “anchoring”. And now, the following is from my recent post on Fishy Forum for your references. In answering what rod to use certain weight of jigs, I was giving my references in my vertical game from a spankered boat, which keeps you more vertical with your jig than sea-anchor. Which rod and which model it would be better me? My plan is to catch big strong fish, what is the heaviest i can go with line? The rod is designed and supervised by one of the slow pitch experts. What do you think is xesta slow jerk and long fall rods? Totos. ), be a good detective, and keep your mind open and flexible. Have you tried it before. On the other hand, a XZOGA Black Buster XREVO BBX SFC 6612 has just been released, which looks fantastic, but being so new, there is not much information. fishing spots from 40-100m depth. Or both? What is your main depth range? A,B,C?Thank you! 180g, but in very soft action tone). But I need to choose something compromise. Hi Ash. Hi CY. Micro jigging with tiny tungsten jigs would be interesting, I think. Hi Hafiz. But the time and conditions for this rod is limited. I would just buy what is easier for you to get. But you shouldn’t count on it now. Which setup would be ideal in these conditions? Leader: Shimano Ocea FC 40 -50 lb (8m Long) The innovative Fuji FazLite K-Guides are virtually tangle free and leave a minimal footprint on the bend of the rod. The blank is powerful with impressive fish-stopping power despite the size. But Motive may be a little too long to handle on kayak. Thanks Sorry. I don’t know. Im from Indonesia, java island, and most of the situation here is shallower water but with strong current, wind, and sometimes it is fast changing situation underneath. If deeper, 603-4. The max should be 80cm, 85cm or more. Additionally, I would like to hear your opinion on Takamitechnos jigging rods. Hi Mel. It only works in limited conditions. I’ve finally gotten my hands on a slow jerker 6-04. So unless you have a condition when the water is really calm and shallow, no wind, it’s difficult to do high pitch jigging with 603-2. Boat(no spanker)/current: Free drifting under low wind, but boat control when drift is fast. Hello Sir what do you think? 中深海狙い : 水深~350m+α Inchiku works OK with super high-resilient blank of Slow Jerker, even though lower-resilient is preferable. If you narrow it to a 30 meter range, what would that be? If you just want me to use it and send you photos and my feedback, I can do that. I encourage you to explore more and more with this setup, keep learning from the field (and this website! Technically, there’s no advantage or disadvantage for which hand to reel. Ok, thanks for the info. I would suggest to explore from 50m to 80m of water with Power 4 rod. What I understand is, long fall require a longer rod, about 2 meter? Not yet, at least. If you are vertical and the ocean is calm, you can play 300g jig with 603-3 at 200m deep. I have made purchases of the SJ P4 and the 2000NRHG. I’ll try to explain my question other way. Also see. Infinity Motive? Whatever the rod is, you will learn the techniques on this first rod. I have noticed some of the rods you recommended in fact goes all the way up to 300g. And it attracts me. I think MH model is good for you. I would say 8 on bottom and 2 on peagic. Ciao nAlberto. Demersal fish? Lifting rods to make actions can be tiring, I understand, but when it comes to the reel, is it about retrieving back to the surface? 1.5 or 2 or??? That is why it’s class C. Hot’s is much better slow pitch rod. But we don’t know much about it. They’re quite expensive though. What’s your impression compared to slowjerker at the same PE rating ? Toto’s I think he’s asking is it possible to get a good setup for under 1000$. Will be more than happy to help you set up for slow pitch jigging! Even though both reels are compatible for slow pitch jigging, Trinidad can work in deeper water, in stronger currents, with a heavier jig, and as high-pitch jigging as well.

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