Nov 6, 2020

LGKT = Landes Gendarmerie Kommando Tirol = Fegyver és Gépgyár symbol, on Hungarian made receivers, bayonets, 1891-1918 [no unit name, just #] = Landsturm-Infanterie Regiment P = Infantry (on Czech weapons) 'WP' = W. Perkun, Polish bayonet manufacturer RA = Reitende Artilleriedivision RTAD = Reitende ArtilleriedivisionRTKJ = VMGr = Verpflegsmagazine Graz Bear standing on 4 legs = Berndorfer Maschinen Fabrik, Austria, VMB = Verpflegsmagazine Budapest BR = Brückenbataillon or Brückenschutz (Bridge Protection) VMPz = Verpflegsmagazine Pozsony (Pressburg) LFA = LuftFahrArsenal 'Koluz 37' - On an Austrian Wn17 and Hv36 accepted C96 pistol Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. If there is another number in front of the Weapon Number, it is a Kompanie Number I was at a gun show in central Fla. today and picked up a 945 with a full ring. 'KK6' in a circle on the barrel below the S on a Budapest M95 'OMC' touching = OMC, Ferlach bayonet mfg. RTS = Reitende Tiroler Landshutzendivision X [crossed cannons, boxed unit #] = Reitends Artilleriedivision ammo 'W' = Weiss Manfred Mûvek, Csepel, Hungary, 'AOK' = Armee-Oberkommando TJ = Tirolerkaiserjaeger I know of 945, eagle 63, eagle a80, eagle 607, dot 42 &43, marked bayonets. Hello mate Heres a german marked czech bayo it has a double circled z and a eagle over A80 on ricasso.There are no markings on scabbard.Thought you might like a look . 'BFM' = 'BMF' = Berndorfer Maschinen Fabrik, Austria, on bayonets, cartridges The 'R' for Regiment can often be found omitted 'NPp' = Nitro-Proof mark, Prague 1919-31 ZGf = ZGfv = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Gyulafehérvár ZKr = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Krakau (Cracow) DSCH = Dragonerschwadron 'R' on bayonets = Resicka, Austrian bayonet maker, Vienna VMR = Verpflegsmagazine Raguza I've had a couple German-rework Vz-24 bayos, and they were always pretty neat pieces. 'W' = Weiss Manfred Mûvek, Csepel, Hungary Man with bow & arrow = Joachim Winternitz, Independent bayonet maker in Steyr, Austria 'MO' on M95 bayonet blade and scabbard - Moravske Ocelarny (Moravian Steelworks, Olomouc), Czech marking 'NB' = National Security, Czechoslovakia 'NI' under crown = Nikita I, King of … 'STEYR' in circle = Post-WW1 logo of Waffenfabrik Steyr, Austria SA = Sanitatsabteilung VMSr = Verpflegsmagazine Sarajevo 'M.8' = Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik, Austria, on Italian AOI M95 ammo 'K' = Kubenik, Reichenberg, Bohemia ammo mfg 'LZ' in circle = Lebende Zielscheibe Gesellschaft, Wien 'Vashüvely' = Steel casing (Hungarian) 'RZK' = Remontni Zavod Kragujevac = Repair Arsenal Kragujevac, M95 buttstocks 'L. [red cross] = Sanitatstruppe PB = Pionierbataillon FSR = Festungsartillerieregiment SCHR = Schützenregiment ZKs = ZKsch = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Kassa (Kosice) 'Ujítotthüvely' = Reloaded casing (Hungarian) Arb D = Arbeitsdetachement der Festungsartillerie im AZD Wollerdorf I'm against picketing protesters, but I don't know how to express myself! 'AM' = Gustloff-Werke, Otto Eberhardt-Patronenfabrik, Hirtenberg, Austria 'E.L.V.' Used 1919-1932 (updates needed) 'AT3' cyrillic for ATZ = Artiljerijskio Tehnicki Zavod (Artillery Technical Factory), in Kragujevac, Serbia The history of the British bayonet goes back to the 17th century, and because of this the British bayonet is one of the more interesting types of militaria to collect. 'PK' in circle = Pocisk Munitions Works, Warsaw, Poland A = Theresianische Militarakademie 'Stf.' 'ML' superimposed = Magyar Lõszermûvek Rt. KK = Kavallerie Kadettenschule 'CSP' = Czechoslovakian Government Postal Service 'TMK' = Technisches und Administratives MilitarKommittee, ---Please e-mail the author if you can identify these--- 'CSZ' = CzechoSlovenska Zbrojovka, Brno, on M.95 bayonets L.St. 'BT3' cyrillic for VTZ = Vojno Tehnicki Zavod (Military Technical Factory), in Kragujevac, Serbia A special scabbard was necessary due to the difficulties encountered with decontaminating the absorbent all-leather scabbard, once exposed to toxic agents. LWR = Landwehr Regiment Used 1913-14. FB = FestungsartillerieBataillon J = Feldjaeger Bataillon The VZ-58 is still a standard infantry weapon in the Army of the Czech Republic, used by troops serving in Afghanistan. The scabbard on this example is made of coarse-grained leather. 'KÁB' = Központi Átvételi Bizottság (Central Acceptance Committe, 1932-1944), on buttstock of 31.M '1FJ' = Elsõ Ferenc József (King), on Hungarian uniforms etc. ZKom = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Komárom P = Pionierbataillon MPK = Militarpolizeiwache Krakau 'Hv [eagle] 32' = Heeresverwaltung (Army Administration), Austrian Army acceptance proof mark 1929-38 Picture Bo one circle Z is for Zbrojovka Brno , plant Brno in Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren. The grip scales are secured by two rivets. = Landstrum (Ready Reserve) Bataillon, on M95 rifle HZNS = Main Engineers' Storehouse on Czech weapons Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. GJK = Grenzjägerkompagnie 'Y' = Jagdpatronen Zunhutchen und Metallwarenfabrik, Nagyteteny, Hungary 'Z' = Zbrojovka Brno, Waffenwerke Brunn or Bystrica The kit contains a vinyl suit, a vinyl magazine pouch, and a this vinyl scabbard. 1934-1938 VMN = Verpflegsmagazine Nagyszeben KLI = Kiralyi Lovassagi Iskola (Royal Cavalry School) MPL = Militarpolizeiwache Lemberg Used 1867-1885 (updates needed) The 7.62 mm. Last updated: 11/15/2003. 'A&K Габрово' [Gabrovo in cyrillic] = Avramov and Kovachev, Gabrovo - Bulgarian M1888 bayonet manufacturer Mausers: When I started this thread I had three of these bayonets, now I have eight. KSCH = Kriegsschule FHD = Feldhaubitzdivision The blade length on my edge down VZ24 bayonet is 299mm, the same as others. AZA = ArtillerieZeugsAbteilung This scabbard is dated 1967 and is made of smooth leather. 'Z' or crossed swords = Ludwig Zeitler, Vienna - on edged weapons ZW = ZollWache (Customs Guards), 'AFB' = A.F. Jung bayonet maker The full-length tang was the final major design change, coming after addition of the lower crosspiece extension. 'CS' = Csendõrség (Hungarian Gendarmerie), on buttstocks 'SK' = Seraphim Keller & Co, Hirtenberg Also on post-WW1 Czech guns Picture 'C' under a flat crown = Mark of Chatellerault, France, on French made weapons SR = Schuetzen Regiment = Fegyver és Gépgyár Budapest, Hungary, 1891-1918 RTTKSCH = Reitende Tiroler Kaiserschützen VMIb = Verpflegsmagazine Innsbruck I've always liked Czech firearms, as they are all built so solidly, this is my third one, (The first two were a CZ 52 pistol and a VZ 52 rifle in that order.) 'Z' = Zbrojownia (Armory) Polish repair facility marks Fritz013. 'ENZ' - Enzesfelder Munitions und Metallwarenfabrik, Ensesfeld HHR = Honvéd Huszárezred Regiment Jung bayonet maker 'URO' = Trade Unions Central Board, Czechoslovakia VMKs = Verpflegsmagazine Kassa A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. 'Komporday Hugo Stósz' = Komporday Hugó Késgyára Rt, Stósz, Hungary, edged weapons Man with bow & arrow = Joachim Winternitz, Independent bayonet maker in Steyr, Austria GSchR = Gebirgsschutzenregiment GA = Gebirgsartillerieregiment

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