Nov 6, 2020

Im glad you're liking all the stuff we've done over the past several months of really, really hard work :D. OH LOOK ANOTHER DOOM MOD! What a day for mods! This is a basic HUD mod for GZDoom 3.0 or later. It is objectively the most comfortable hud for Doom. Vertical health and armor bars should make it easy to tell how much health you have in your peripheral vision without glancing at numbers. That's probably an engine bug. Thank you very much! I thought that this was just Doom 4 weapons in original Doom but it is much more than that. The readme says it needs gzdoom 2.2.0. I might make a beta release for testing and debugging here on this wip so keep your eyes peeled. Hi, thanks for the suggestions and examples. Click download now to get access to the following files: Hey, JP. Hopefully there's a fix for this, I really like this mod. I tried looking into fixing it myself but since this is made with zscript I have no idea what I'm doing lol, will be willing to donate something like 25$ if you could make a patch or tell me how to fix it :), Edit: loading your hud before SmoothDoom makes it not load at all and loading it after causes the issue mentioned above. AFAIK SmoothDoom makes some changes to the SBARINFO. I'm getting an error any time I try firing the SSG: gzdoom/src/zscript/vmexec.h:61: static int VMExec_Checked::Exec(VMFrameStack*, const VMOP*, VMReturn*, int): Assertion `(unsigned)(a) < f->NumRegD' failed. to create shortcuts to your favorite games! All new monsters that behave like Doom 4 monsters. I'll fix this next time I return to it. Sign up Achievements and Misc Dialogs in DooM UI Style. Armor indicator, somehow, shows green armor if it's below 100% even if megaarmor is equiped and, vice versa, shows blue armor if it's above 100% but regular armor is equiped. update: fixed ammo display with mods that use custom fonts, update: K key now cycles stats/time display. Features. And after work. If the emphasis is on readability and keeping the information in the periphery, why not swap armor and health? You can easily build it yourself. Changelog: - HUDs for 3 IWADs added (Chex Quest, Freedoom, Hacx) NightFright Spotlight Team … Fixed: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I'm just really impressed with the depth in this, far more than just a weapon mod for Doom! A great DooM HUD is always appreciated! level 2. dbthanatos. TIME FOR SOME BULLET CAKE! by NightFright » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:53 am . The oldschool Doom Hud will be available for team fortess 2! New difficulty settings Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare. Only one inconvenience - indicating armor type. Upgrade system based on credits dropped by monsters, Doom 4-esque HUD with weapon-specific reticles, Combat credit bonuses for killing % of demons on the map (like Doom 4). Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I'm also thinking difficulty has been retuned on lower difficulties due to the new weapons/monsters. Just wish someone would offer the nuDoom music in a ready pk3-file. You can check BTSX or Eviternity, for example. I don't know if you're aware but custom intermission fonts can mess up alignment in the ammo tally. Configuration options described in the included readme. Is there a source code for this mod so we can make our own changes? Will this not work for Zandronum on my Mac? thank you! And tomorrow morning. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Just tested the mod and I love the idea!,, Ever since Bethesda brought back DOOM and DOOM II on the App Store and Google Play, both releases have been getting big updates with new content and … Combat credit bonuses for killing % of demons on the map (like Doom 4) New difficulty settings Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare. Smooth Doom defines its own custom weapons so the player doesn't have the ones that my HUD was expecting. Become one today and start sharing your creations! BD64 and now this? - MajorCooke/Doom4Doom CSO2 Female Characters with THEIR Female Anims, DummyPrivateMessageAddFormRequesterModule. So have some patience. Or place the ammo counts at the bottom of the screen (similar to Quake) with the current pool centred and in large font (similar to how Doom 3 places the ammo counter on the weapons).Take a look at these cutom Quake Live huds. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I know what I'm doing for the next few weeks. It emphasizes readability while conserving screen space. Signup or login And so on. Voxelbro : Allmap, radsuit & berserk voxels ScubaSteve : First person Mancubus weapons Mike12 : First person Revenant cannons id Software : Quake 4 / Doom 2016 sounds and graphics Flying Wild Hog : Hard Reset Sounds Activision : Battlezone I & II Sounds Monolith : Sprite used for Baron of Hell hand Blizzard : Diablo II Sound (just one!) This was submitted as a request here ( Consider Increasing The Bounty To Encourage Me ) : - Additional bottom 1px row for Plutonia 2 HUD removed - Improvements for left panel of Interception HUD. Yeah same, I have also tried it on gzdoom and whenever i use the super shotgun it crashes the game. Thank you very much! This mod is made with ZScript which is only compiled at runtime, so the source is in the PK3 itself (zscript.txt in this case). Doom 4-esque HUD with weapon-specific reticles. Thanks for reminding me, I released a fix: Would it be possible for this to work with SmoothDoom? Reply. The cake is not a lie. Which version of gzdoom are you using? Have the current ammo pool float to the top? A new "Compact HUD" mode has been introduced for widescreen rendering mode which leaves the status bar widgets at the same position as in regular rendering mode instead of moving them to the edges of the … See attached image - I am running the latest version of GZDoom, SmoothDoom and JPHUD loaded last with a clean file in ultrawide 3440x1440 resolutionLast image with is what I have it setup to look like without SmoothDoom, with the weapons and larger ammo display for the selected weapon shown properly, Cheers :) looking forward to a potential fix, your hud is my favorite I've come across and along with SmoothDoom is the 2 is must-haves for my vanilla playthroughs, Okay, try loading this pk3 instead of the main release jphud.pk3:

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