Nov 6, 2020

Although the age of consent is indeed 16 in Canada, that is only in cases where the older partner is less than 5 years older than the younger partner, which was NOT the case between Alice and Ethan.”. Hopefully she can wash away all the lessons from the mainstream media. Age. Either way, Alice and Ethan have both said themselves that they were just friends so? person that was in the room with me had this perfect voice for what I In April 2015, the band returned with new frontwoman Edith Frances. GettyKath and Glass performing together in 2013. Vyst was listed as doing the artwork on Crystal Castles’ comeback single, “Frail.” DIY Magazine speculated in July 2015 that Edith Frances and Au Vyst were the same person. She was like, ‘What?! He’d even tell me that he was actively looking for someone to replace me.”. Kath said, “We let it be known that we would kill him, and it was taken down.” Glass continued: I understand that people can be victims of circumstances. This tactic is called intermittent reinforcement or hot & cold behavior. Kath arrived to Joey's flat in February 2008 in an attempt to reconcile with her son but Joey refused to get on with his mother and shocked his flatmates when he sent Kath flying to the ground. Alice Glass posted the following statement on October 30th, … One allows a minor aged 12 or 13 to consent to sexual congress with an individual less then two years older. I was suicidal for years.“, ______________________________________________________________________, Ethan Kath also tried to paint Alice Glass as interchangeable and easily replaceable: Edith Frances, the new Crystal Castles singer, used to be a model in LA that went by Margo Frances. Video by Jo Marini using footage from Babel,,,  followed by kindness.““He kept me insecure and on edge, and You will always see intermittent  talentless dancing clown. after the show for whatever she did’ and I bet the same feelings alice On her official website, the former frontwoman of Crystal Castles said that she had been subjected to sexual, physical and mental abuse from Kath. SF Gate reports that in the wake of the Glass allegations, the band canceled a performance in the San Francisco-area. His manipulation truly never ceases to amaze and horrify at the same time. Which one is it? Good luck with that perjury charge, Ethan and Ari. ; what numbers is he referring to? Who cares if she joined the band at 16? Login PICTURE 2. At this show, she was harassed by a friend of Ethan Kath’s named Taylor Trash. Who is Ethan Kath? It is likely that Edith (i.e. in response to the exact behavior they want to see in their partner. It is interesting the compare the photos of Edith i.e. The fact that he also refers to her as MY vocalist shows just how replaceable he considered her to be. Margo Frances pre-Crystal Castles to her after she joined Crystal Castles. So because we were in the same spot and I was making Why would she be hiding or not fully showing her face? Intermittent reinforcement creates a starvation within the being, which That post can be found on @exposingethankath. her contributions to the band: “I wish my former vocalist the best of luck in her future endeavors. It was just a complete fluke that this In March 2016, NME reported that Crystal Castles had been dropped from a feminist showcase at the South-by-South-West festival due to protests from Glass.

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