Nov 6, 2020

The lawsuit hinges on testimony from Elliott’s appeal hearing that revealed the NFL director of investigations, Kia Roberts, concluded that the accuser “was not credible in her allegations of abuse” and recommended no suspension for Elliott. He said that she was “rude” to him and his friend, so he suggested she go back to Ohio a day early. “The NFL’s findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it ‘cherry picks’ so called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical evidence,” Salzano and Rosenblum said in a statement, via ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Elliott’s accuser said they spent all day Sunday together at his apartment, even though she had told Elliott she wanted to leave. #Cowboys Zeke Elliott will attend his appeals hearing in NY tomorrow: “Just trust my legal team... make sure I am on the field next week.”. Harold Henderson came to his decision Tuesday, as promised: Ezekiel Elliott 6 game suspension has been upheld by Harold Henderson, per source, In a statement, Henderson said that it was his duty to determine if Goodell was “arbitrary and capricious” in his decision to suspend Elliott, but it was not his duty to “second guess his decision.”. The photographs showed bruising on her hips, legs, neck, and arms, as well as several red marks on her right arm, hand, and neck. The turn up went down Friday night at the Dallas Cowboys QB's crib in Prosper, TX, and his star running back was there as a guest. It also revealed we should expect to hear a decision on Elliott’s suspension by the end of the day: The NFLPA filing says Harold Henderson has informed the parties he'll rule on Zeke appeal by close of business today. “Loving someone as much as I did, putting my all in no matter what happened. Waiting for your permission to load the comments. She called the police because of what had happened before, right? The NFL announced that it suspended Elliott for the first six games of the 2017 season. As promised, Judge Failla issued her ruling late Monday night. “This really has to do with what our league’s responsibility is, given the privilege that we have as a league,” Jerry Jones said, according to Yahoo Sports. The letter told Elliott that Goodell found “there has been no persuasive evidence presented on your behalf with respect to how [the accuser]’s obvious injuries were incurred other than conjecture.” (pages 4-5). Further, Roberts was barred by Lisa Friel, Special Counsel for Investigations for the NFL, from the meeting with Roger Goodell where they arrived at the decision to suspend Elliott. What witnesses told police: Four witnesses said they saw the interaction in the parking lot and Elliott did not touch the woman. In the report, Elliott claimed she called him more than 50 times on Sept. 3 and that he told her she wasn’t supposed to contact him. Still ongoing. In her statement, the friend said she was out to The Social Room that night with Elliott’s accuser. Elliott’s alleged victim’s friend — the same one who saw bruising on her Thursday afternoon — was listed as a witness and also said Elliott did not assault the woman that night. Ezekiel Elliott's house (Google Maps). She referred to Elliott as her ex-boyfriend “right now” and told the intake counselor she and Elliott had dated for about a year. (pages 20-21) During his appeal hearing in August 2017, Elliott told NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson that he misinterpreted the question and thought Roberts was only asking about the events of the week of July 16-22. The NFLPA will ask the 5th Circuit Court for an en banc hearing. She said he then acted like nothing had happened and she tried to leave, but he didn’t want her to. What she told the prosecutor’s office: She told the intake counselor that when she returned, Elliott threatened to smash her car windows and headlights, and then he grabbed his keys that she had in her hand and he twisted her left arm, only letting go when his friend told him to stop. Saints-Bucs? He told ESPN that he and Friel had a “good discussion.”. “The appellate court decision focuses on the jurisdictional issues,” the NFLPA said. The friend said Elliott’s accuser did not have the bruises last time they had seen each other, which was about 10 days before that day. The union can ask for an en banc hearing with all of the 5th Circuit judges or file an emergency appeal with the Southern District Court of New York. What Elliott said: Elliott said that his accuser was upset after he asked her to leave and told her that he couldn’t go out with him that night. Elliott, who finished his storied Ohio State career second all-time on the Buckeyes rushing list with 3,961 yards, behind only two-time Heisman Trophy-winner Archie Griffin, was drafted No. He said “we generally believed her for all of the incidents." Elliott’s alleged victim told police that he had abused her five times from early July 17 to July 22 in Columbus. Thrown into walls. She said that Elliott, listed as a “friend (with benefits)” in the police report, pushed her against a wall, hurting her shoulder. (Page 56 of public records from the Columbus City Attorney's office). After the Cowboys’ win over Washington Sunday, Elliott said he’ll be at his appeal hearing in New York Monday. (pages 21-26), She said after she checked into a hotel, a lawyer and agent for Elliott texted her because they were worried about the press finding out. Harvey agreed. He will serve his full six-game suspension and will be eligible to return on Dec. 24 against the Seattle Seahawks. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The strategy for Elliott’s appeal became clear: His lawyers would try to establish that his accuser was not a credible source. . Elliott will serve his full 6-game suspension. She claimed Elliott threw her against a wall, grabbed her throat, yanked her by the left wrist, and then dragged her across the floor, giving her a rug burn on her right knee. (page 57), A coworker of the woman’s signed an affidavit that said he hung out with her at a pool early the next day and did not see any marks on the accuser, who had been wearing “the equivalent of a bikini.” (page 66), What she told police: In the police report, the alleged victim said Elliott threw her against a wall at his apartment after she returned from a night out and told her she was “lucky that he has not killed her yet.” (page 11), In her written statement, Elliott’s accuser said he choked her, smacked her face, and called her his “puppy dog.” She said he also apologized and called it “tough love,” but said it wouldn’t happen again.

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