Nov 6, 2020

Can copy buffs from allies or enemies, then share them with the party. Buffer with significant general mitigation buffs. Terrible provoke tank with a few very weak chaining skills. Has a 65% AoE ATK/MAG break and a 70% DEF break. Can buff mitigation by 40% and provide AoE LB fill. Can provide some healing and has some support capabilities, but these eat into her damage significantly, and she's generally not great at these alternate roles and you would rarely want to use her in that way. Water physical chainer or finisher. Very difficult to chain due to her walking frames. Has AoE barriers, elemental resistance buffs, and AoE HP/MP regen. However, Subsumed Eclipse's damage bonus is reduced to. I'm assuming it will update in a month or two. reading the 'ban wave' thread in reddit is pretty amusing. In a nutshell, it's the ability to complete dodge a Physical Attack. Chains with the Absolute Zero and Freeze families. Hybrid chainer with elemental flexiblity and support capabilities. Someone asked in the last stream and GUMI mentioned no plans to update the store. Casting Sleight of Hand stops Mirage's movement and other actions. Can provide significant DEF/SPR buffs, all three types of mitigation, and some minor barriers. And the best part is, you don't have to whale without safety nets on her! Can also provide AoE mitigation or barriers via cooldown. When cast, Mirage visually emits a pulse of energy that forms a grid of light representing the ability range. Chains with the Tornado, Freeze, Absolute Zero, and Chaos Wave Awakened families. MMXon has the 5 stack mirage buff too on smoke bomb, but its only unlocked under 30% health or something, You can add CG Vaan to the list - 1 mirage stack that auto-recasts for the next three turns from his cooldown, Wiki page - Also has a wide variety of other utility that is gated behind single-use abilities, single use unlocks, or cooldowns. Holograms will mimic Mirage's aim which can shift away from the HUD's targeting reticle depending on their position. Can imperil several elements and chain with the Stardust Ray family. Can provide AoE reraise on a long cooldown. His damage relies heavily on unlocking his latent abilities. Has ludicrous survivability vs. magic damage, even beating out many actual magic tanks. Provides massive passive AoE LB fill via counters. Can provide break immunity, AoE reraise, 30% general mitigation, and help to fill LBs. Can technically be used as a damage dealer, but is terrible at that role. Sleight of Hand must expire and be recast in order to recharge energy from previously exhausted barriers. The direction of the prism's trajectory depends on where the HUD's targeting reticle is positioned when the prism is released. Chains with the Chaos Wave and Quake families. Can you use a unit prisim to unlock a Super Trust Master reward? Affected objects include (but not limited to): If the user survives, it is deterred from accessing the console again until Sleight of Hand expires. His chaining moves have a provoke attached to them. At only 65%, her breaks are subpar compared to dedicated breakers, but she can provide stat buffs, typed mitigation, barriers, imbues, and more. His damage output is heavily affected by randomness, and may break some chains. Can also serve as a finisher (which requires several turns of setup). Mirage's primary and clone jewels have the same model as. Can buff the party's stats and restore MP. Chains with the Onion Slice family, but not very well, due to requiring unlocks. Water/wind physical chainer with high innate evasion. He can also be used as a magic chainer, but his damage is drastically lower if used in this way.

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