Nov 6, 2020

I'd never coached quarterbacks and never called plays a day in my life. and Bloggins would have to march over to her and present Mr. Fluffy and she would formally hand him the new piece of fuzz to add to Mr. Fluffy. SI: "Well liking leads to loving and loving leads to sleeping together. Our DS was going off, "PRIVATES, I WANT TO SEE THE CEILING SWEAT IN HERE. Love makes me vulnerable. It can be stupid memes. My mother was a hairstylist. But until that day you are pukes. BTW, I still keep in touch with that Drill Sergeant … So I'd be doing a different drill to the centre-midfielders. ", 2. The same as you can see in movies like Full Metal Jacket. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. Today I discovered two things. After over 30 years of service and then 18 months at a good civilian job, a phone call had brought the retired command sergeant major back on active duty to become the senior enlisted adviser of all international forces in Afghanistan. From then on, she was the one who ordered us to do pushups. People think they need to make money with their savings rather with their own business. My bunk mate tried to freeze on one leg and then fell down, naked, and because he was following orders, just laid there naked. With 3 percent of the world's resources and 25 percent of the world's demand, it is pretty obvious this country cannot drill its way to energy security. Source. Then he wanted us to all stand up as quickly as possible while shouting "POP!". 1. We are trying to share ideas around the world. very... enthusiastically. If you drill down on any success story, you always discover that luck was a huge part of it. ... WHO TAKES A PINE CONE AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY!? THE WINDOWS ARE STARTING TO SWEAT, THE WALLS WILL BE NEXT, AND I WANT THE CEILING TOO. I couldn't not play a Les Paul guitar. Your average Republican member of Congress, if you played a word association game with them and said, 'Latino,' they're going to respond 'illegal immigrant,' as opposed to 'sergeant major' or 'surgeon' or 'professor. Hartman: “Bullsh-t. Re: Funny Drill Sgt Insults? He would explain to us, "What was I supposed to do? That's one of the tax breaks for oil companies - the subsidies - they get to deduct the cost of the well the year you drill. There's a wonderful ceremony of putting all the covers on, so only the little bit you're operating on is revealed. Sounds easy enough. Discover and share Funny Drill Sergeant Quotes. ", 4. 1/29. Well one day this kid is sort of having a bad day and he keeps messing things up. I just try to listen to the characters. I think that's a march to folly. William McKinley Oswald was my high school football coach. ", He points at a third recruit. The most useful thing you can do is stay in the game. Weve all seen it before drill sergeants in movies making hilarious and sometimes outrageous comments to their subordinates. In order to drill into young men the need to stay alert and stay alive, I used to punish offenders with my fists, boots and rifle butt, and with stockade time. And I wasn't too proud to ask the kids. ", 9. Future Soldier. "I do not discriminate. "If I wanted to hear someone blow hot air, I would have farted!". My T.I. 16/29. Keefs, Lil Durks, and whatnot. 28/29. Your girlfriend has been lying to you", 9/29. I grew up the daughter of a local vicar and the granddaughter of a regimental sergeant major. We were lined up in 4 rows, or "Elements.". '. Keep in mind, this is a forest in Georgia, there's a metric ton of pine cones. A dentist should drill teeth and use whatever he does in the stock market for entertainment. If I had another life that's what I'd be - a regimental sergeant major or a similar rank. In training, one of the steps is to tell someone to call 911. The human life is all one thing, like a blade tracing loops on the ice: a little kid, a twenty-three-year-old infantry sergeant, a middle-aged writer knowing guilt and sorrow. Our drill sergeant heard me call him by his first name, and gave this whole speech about how "If you're so comfortable with each other, why don't you hold each other's hands!?" You can't control luck, but you can move from a game with bad odds to one with better odds. Ooo, Burn! We had this awesome Staff Sergeant in AIT who brought a sledgehammer he named Mjolnir Thor's hammer everywhere with him. The drill instructor must have total and complete control. So you end up with dentists who are more traders than dentists. 7/29. It is so huge, how did you miss such a big fluffy!?" I'd love to hear some funny military stories, basic stories, drill instructor quotes etc. The drill sergeant did this thing where they would yell "Freeze, Recruit, Freeze". I've definitely seen that Texas is certainly a right-wing area politically. If you don't want it, pull it out and plaster over it with more earth to seal the hole. Dan Caddy, a sergeant first class with the Vermont Army National Guard, has just published Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America's Finest, a book based on his wildly popular (832K & counting!) I can never understand why anyone wouldn't. And so, for the rest of basic, every time the sergeant found a piece of fuzz she would yell out, "MR. When Dad looked at football players, he would take them in his own image. “The Terminator had life figured out, Privates. Can I start a Thursday meme thread? 1. I got my hands on every drill tape I could. Fire watch is basically someone standing at the main door who guards sleeping recruits and also watched out for any fires or anything else that could kill us in our sleep. It didn't matter how nice his room was because there was a large piece of fuzz/fluff on his shirt that immediately drew the sergeant's attention. For example, my drills are high speed. I refused to 'play the game' the way the bosses wanted the game played. 3/29. The instructor came running around the corner staring at this guy. We had a master sergeant present us with the Bronze Star of Valor he had gotten because he had felt we were the eighth men of the platoon. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Any funny drill instructor/sergeant quotes or boot camp military stories? I answered no as they technically aren't supposed to, but they still do. Drill, and frack, and lease, and license, unleash in every way the jobs potential in the enormous energy resources we have been denying ourselves. The MTI then grabbed a banana off my plate and said if I wanted it back I had to answer truthfully. 11/29. Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Tavis Hollar's board "Drill Sergeant" on Pinterest. You know, I was a regular on the Friday afternoon drill squad. That's where the spirit of the armed forces is. But once they make the incision and tear the skin back, the drill comes out. It’s definitely not yours! I spent hours on the line until, finally, there were only four of us cats who hadn't gotten a "go" in the whole company. The kid snaps. Now, I am a terrible shot. 1.) I was too macho for them. 25/29. Attitude Quotes. In business I'm tough on myself - I'm like a drill sergeant. Delbert, a friend of mine, glanced up from his work and made a microsecond of eye contact with the Sergeant Instructor. And my parents were not related! As his final words, he is dictating whom is going to do fire watch for the night. "If I wanted to hear someone blow hot air, I would have farted! So I was in the AF basic training. It was intense. Brain surgery is a fairly aggressive process. "Your tears are like jet fuel to me: if I could bottle them, I'd take them home. So, I was at Basic in Fort Benning, and we were zero'ing our weapons as a company. he yells "You found Steve, private!". Explore 41 Sergeant Quotes by authors including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Tim O'Brien, and Nicole Scherzinger at BrainyQuote. The drill Sergeant would say "The CO likes to chew a lot of ass but I've got more ass than he's got teeth". I show up in a playoff game, I have my sideline sheet. I can't even spit plays out, I get so excited. 8/29. But we were his first female company... and 80 women shouted "Yes Sir!" And seal it permanently. Reddit user nickcorvus remembers how a drill instructor yelled: "You're a communist plot to f--- up my Marine Corps." ", "Why is there a fluffy on your shirt Bloggins!? We had this kid, whose name I cannot remember now. You can make it easier for luck to find you. In the early nineties, I was a cub reporter on a city newspaper in Limerick, and assigned to the courthouse there. And threw ourselves onto the deck. ", 3. Obviously, when you're doing fitness work at a club all week and every week, it's all about specific drills for what you need to do on the pitch. A coquette is like a recruiting sergeant, always on the lookout for fresh victims. My battle buddy and I were ordered to dig holes, so when were about to our waist he proceeded to turn on a hose. We do a lot of aid training, such as CPR, wound healing, exposed intestines, chest hole fix, etc etc. Imagine him as a radical and a drill sergeant. Walking by the snake pit when I'm stopped by another MTI who asked if my TI cursed at us. Am I supposed to tell you, oh no stay in formation! We present the material in four training formats: lecture, demonstration, drill, and implementation. Some elements of my personality, as a parent, I'm not real crazy about. This goes on for weeks and weeks. In England, you might have a possession game of six v. six, and it's like headless chickens: people running around everywhere just trying to keep the ball and be strong in tackles. Chicago's known for the drill. Memes! After another unsuccessful grouping, my drill sergeant, without a word, picked me up from the prone position and stood me up. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. My best match, draw me lot of money and make me world famous, is the boot-camp match with the Sergeant Slaughter.

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