Nov 6, 2020

Pigeon There may be black spots at other parts of the body or markings, especially those of the feet are lacking or are over-pronounced. We were able to show that the colours of White Galloways and White Park cattle follow a mode of inheritance consisting of a duplication of the KIT gene originally located on bovine chromosome 6 and an insertion of this duplication on bovine chromosome 29. This crossbred was known as the Blue-Grey, and it remains popular today in Scotland and England. It is most likely that this is a single or a closely related groups of genes that cause a range of patterns. Summarizing the results, it is striking how molecular findings and the results from Table 1 are in agreement. Today their original characteristics are now back in demand, because of the demand of their high quality meat that required economical production. Further data is flowing in continuously. The manuscript (Brenig et al., 2013) was published in the journal Animal Genetics (44, 450–453) and is retrievable online under:, 5 Molecular examinations and the database: comparing results. The inheritance of coat colour in mammals is influenced by a number of genes. According to American Galloway Breeders Association registration rules, Galloway come in three patterns: solid, white park and belted. Photo and info from Wikipedia. This created a fear associated with cattle, so breed numbers declined. This thick coat of hair insulates their bodies so well that they have a minimal outer layer of fat on their bodies. Furthermore, the environment, especially the prenatal environment can influence coat colour. The results of the research project on the inheritance of colour in White Galloways should be taken as a further tool to achieve this goal. Black is still the prevalent color, while dun, red, and white cattle are rarer. Popularity of this breed is increasing gradually and their numbers also increasing. Within each breed there are also modifiers that shift the expression toward the dark end or the light end. This is a question that has long occupied the minds of White Galloway breeders. Her extensive documentation as well as that of those breeders participating in the Project have provided a vast amount of material for the research work being carried out by Professor Swalve and Professor Brenig of the Georg-August-University's Veterinary Institute in Göttingen, Germany which it is hoped will finally shed light in the darkness surrounding the inheritance of coat colour among Galloways.

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