Nov 6, 2020

Where would you find the River Thames? Are you hunting for some general knowledge questions that are suitable for children? Which is the largest desert in the world? What is the only planet not named after a God? 66. Our best wishes for a productive day. 14. Our. What is the average life expectancy of a cat? 96. Not to mention a whole round dedicated to dinosaurs (that's our favourite one!). 8. 50. Children will be tested with their knowledge skills via general knowledge quizzes like never before as it includes fascinating graphics and animations. 32. What is the geographical term used to describe the wearing away of rock by water? 47. Live A14 updates as 'police incident' closes road near Cambridgeshire. What is the first name of the famous scientist who gave us Newton’s three laws of motion? Which female actress won I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here in 2019? What is the highest mountain in Great Britain? In which year did the Second World War end? General knowledge questions which are designed for kids to enjoy and learn new things. 6. 17. Dmitri Mendeleev presented the first version of what to the Russian chemical society? b) In the foot Which dinosaur had three horns on its head? Name the Disney movie that feature a little girl with five distinct emotions – Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Fear and Anger? 6. With that … Iconic sleigh ride at Coventry Transport Museum cancelled, It has been delighting children and their families in the city centre museum for years but now cannot take place, Death and funeral notices in Coventry - week commencing October 26, We're bidding a fond farewell to a number of Coventry residents, Coronavirus rate rises in Coventry as city sees more than 100 cases in a day, Huge military aircraft returns to skies as it circles Birmingham Airport, The RAF C-17 Globemaster performed four circuits of Birmingham Airport yesterday, Pupils sent home two hours after school re-opened due to Covid-19 case, The school had only just re-opened after the October break, Argos store axe confirmed as part of mass closures, It has been on the high street for decades, The 5 Nuneaton and Bedworth areas with the most Covid-19 cases, All are above the 20 mark in the latest data. What are they called? Quizzes can be a fun and fast way to increase your knowledge of the world about you. Which pianist won Britain’s Got Talent in 2017? 86. How many years are there in a millennium? This article is composed of 120 kids quiz questions and answers divided into 12 different rounds of 10 questions each. With that in mind, has put together some questions aimed at younger audiences, so it’s time for your kids to prove that they can be a quizzing champion too. We've included all the answers divided up by round at the end of the quiz. We will be adding more questions to this page soon - keep an eye out on our 'updates page'. Free printable General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids under the age of 10 years. And for the record, we think you're doing a grand job. In what year did the Battle of Hastings take place? Sitemap |  56. 15. 25. In what year was slavery abolished in the USA? 2. You'll find them here - 80 general knowledge, film, literature and music quiz questions. 42. What are the names of Harry Potter’s parents? 44. What is the name of the plumber who features in several video games? General Knowledge Kids Quiz Questions and Answers - Online GK Quiz Children can learn very quickly when a subject is presented in a fun and interesting way. What word is used to describe a group of ants? 33. What is the largest country in the world? 100 general knowledge quiz questions for children - answers! Our. How many of Henry VIII's wives were called Anne? 7. What type of animal is Bullseye in the “Toy Story” films? You can unsubscribe at any time. What is the proper term for your funny bone? We've put together 100 questions and answers that are aimed at kids. Quizzing has quickly become one of the most popular lockdown activities – but it might not just be adults who want to test their knowledge. We have a mixture of easy and hard GK questions which are free to 1.Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the Twins? Try this North Staffordshire place names quiz, Who Am I? © 2016,, All rights reserved. 38. We include general knowledge questions on different subjects from entertainment, to politics, to history - we use our imagination! Do you know what a periscope is? How many athletic events does a decathlon contain? 19. 16. 8. You can unsubscribe at any time. Kids General Knowledge Questions. When light bends as it enters a different medium the process is known as what? 37. Which dinosaur is thought to have the largest bite of them all? We provide the 72 questions (and the answers) to make the quiz-master's job a doddle! 5. 84. 25. What planet is known as the red planet? 10. What is the official residence of the President of the United States? In the Toy Story films, what is the name of the boy who the toys belong to? 50 fun and educational general knowledge quiz questions for kids and the whole family. Where would you find the Eiffel Tower? In the film “Stuart Little”, what kind of animal is Stuart? 76. Who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2019? What piece of equipment measures Earthquakes? 71. You can unsubscribe at any time. In the movie “The Lion King”, what kind of animal is Timon? We've also thrown in some pop culture too - from Disney and Harry Potter to Fortnite. How many players are there on a rugby team. How much do you know about the Gunpowder plot? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. 35. Privacy and Cookies 29. In Great Britain in which month does the longest day occur? What is the name of the big dinosaur which used to stand in the entrance hall of the Natural History Museum in London? What is the largest big cat in the world? Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Which chess piece can only move diagonally? What magical item does Alladin use to fly on? Some questions you need to keep your kids busy during your next pub quiz... Quizzing has quickly become one of the most popular lockdown activities – but it might not just be adults who want to test their knowledge. 90. 21. Paris is the capital of France and is known as the city of what? 10 questions to test your celebrity knowledge, 50 quiz questions on food, music, film, TV and sport, 40 Harry Potter quiz questions to test your general knowledge of the wizarding world, 30 Disney quiz questions to test your general knowledge, 100 quiz questions in movies, geography, movies and sport, This is Chipper Club's latest fun project to keep your kids busy during lockdown, 10 ways to ease an anxious mind during lockdown, Five apps that'll take you on a virtual trip around the world, Feeling peckish? 15. 1. What kind of creature is a Komodo dragon? There are four layers to our planet, the inner core, outer core and the two outer most layers. Police continue to patrol the area as their investigation continues. 9. 11. Name the current UK Chancellor of the Exchequer. General Knowledge Quiz for Children: 6th Round What instrument does a doctor use to learn if a person has a fever? What is the name of the main fairy in “Peter Pan”? 5. 14. Who is the main character in the film 'The Raiders Of The Lost Ark'? How many sheets of paper are there in a ream? 87. Do particles in a solid vibrate? 10. In which country are the Pyramids of Giza? What was Tarzan's main item of clothing? use for teachers, parents and children. What is the person who carriers a golfer’s bag of clubs called? How many of Henry VIII's wives survived? Where in the USA would you find, La Guardia, JFK and Newark airports? 97. Keeping the kids entertained when it feels like the world outside is falling apart isn't easy. 54. 85. … 4. In the nursery rhyme, who ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’? True or false. These 50 general knowledge questions should be good for kids of all ages (and grown-ups too). 51. 61. Who is credited with forming the theory of relativity? 2. In what year did World War One start? p.s. c) In the nose. 20. Which is the only letter in scrabble to have the value of five points? 9. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. What is the birthstone of the month September? How many teeth does the average adult have? 70. 46. We've said it before (smile) but navigation is easy - all our GK quizzes are just one click away, with return navigation bars back to the general knowledge main page and the main Quiz Index. 57. GK Questions for Kids of class 4 & 5; 10-12 years. 12. What is the name of the lion in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”? 16. It's certainly a help whether you want to keep them entertained for a while - or if you're putting together a family quiz night and are looking for questions that the younger team members will find appropriate. 33. 4. Sign up to our newsletter. What is the male main character’s name in the film trilogy Home Alone? 47. 31. 36. 30. Which of Snow White's seven dwarves didn't have a beard? 43. What is the name of the tree that produces acorns? By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. The name dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’. 12. In “The Jungle Book”, what kind of animal is Baloo? General Knowledge Quiz 2 48. What is the highest mountain in the world? Which came first, the Jurassic or Triassic Period? Check out our General Knowledge for Kids under 10 years old. A sloth. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which country? Plus there’s many, many more pub quizzes available as part of our bumper general knowledge pub quiz. Either way, let us know how you get on at the CoventryLive Facebook page. Find out what you know via the above question headings! What is the largest country in Scandinavia? Our General Knowledge Quiz Questions are ideal for kids under age 10 and family quizzes. How many sides does an octagon have? 1. 1. Which famous building did Guy Fawkes try to blow up? What name do we give to the study of fossils? Put down the wine glass. How many planets are there in the Solar System? 2. 73. By area, which is the largest state in the USA? 40. 72. 100 nerd quiz questions to test your geek friends & family, 100 general knowledge pub quiz questions to test even your brainiest friends, Can you answer the hardest pub quiz questions ever? Find out if you're smart enough, Bored on lockdown? How many degrees are there in a circle? 60. In what country might you find a platypus and a wombat? Which planet has a ring of rocks and ice? 5. 8. In the hit teen film trilogy, Pitch Perfect, what is the name of the all-girls a cappella group who are from Barden University? What was Ron Weasley’s rat called in Harry Potter? 13. What dinosaur themed book was turned into a blockbuster movie in 1993? 20. Athens, Greece. ... but we hope this general knowledge quiz will help break up the day and be a little bit of fun as well. The most landlocked country in the world neighbours many countries, two of which are China and Russia and it begins with a K. Which country is it? Here's 20 quiz questions & answers on literature, 100 general knowledge quiz questions and answers - ready-made for virtual get-togethers, 100 film and TV quiz questions to test your family and friends during lockdown, 100 general knowledge quiz questions to test you and your family during lockdown, The question that stopped a Millionaire contestant from winning the top prize, The North Staffordshire teacher who is an elite group of five to win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 100. Once you’re done, why not try our TV pub quiz, film pub quiz, or music quiz for size? What is the name of Martin Freeman’s character in The Office? In the Toy Story films, what is the name of the boy who the toys belong to?

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