Nov 6, 2020

It is just over a year old. Henry (also known as Henry Hoover) is the brand name given to a canister vacuum cleaner made and sold by Numatic International.It is most notable for its human-like face on the body of the vacuum cleaner. Hi I have a Henry hoover suddenly stop changed fuse but still not working no burning smell nothing any idea plz help thanks, my hetty has power going through her has i checked with a power in tool but wont start up, My henry hoover has stopped working, but the red, Jan 2014! However, amazingly it still offers all of the same suction power and the features are identical, so it is a really good option for those with limited storage space. It is just over a year old. Since his release, Henry has spawned a whole host of other hoovers that are all variations and adaptions of the original.
red light on Hoover? Check motor brushes. She carries all the best bits of the Henry brand and more besides. However, on the inside, the internals have been slightly changed which has resulted in a much lighter hoover.

Henry Hoovers. Elswoods Direct gave me the expert advice I needed when looking for a specialist vacuum cleaner. Mend Household Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners, Household Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners (4604 other questions), There is more help available.

Henry (also known as Henry Hoover) is the brand name given to a canister vacuum cleaner made and sold by Numatic International.It is most notable for its human-like face on the body of the vacuum cleaner. I have checked the plug fuse, which is ok, and the power is getting to the switches because the red light is lit on the hi switch. That being said, there are areas where Hetty shines. The first model of Henry started as something of a toy, with the functionality of a vacuum. SHOP. Their staff are also incredibly friendly and knowledgeable which means they understand what I’m talking about without having to explain it 5 times!”, “Whenever I’m looking for top quality cleaning supplies for my job, I always visit Elswoods Direct for their wide range of products and excellent service.”, Elswoods Direct, Blacknell Lane Industrial Estate, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7HE, © Copyright 2018 Elswoods Direct. Next up in the Henry Hoover range is Henry’s little sister Hetty. A red light indicates ‘hi’ mode. If you’re looking for a small and lightweight hoover to help you keep your house tidy, then you probably want Henry himself. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. However, hard floors are where this cleaning head really performs well, with effortless vacuuming on the first pass. ‘Lo’ can be used for hard floors and deep threaded carpets.

Asides from her huge reach, Hetty has a couple of tools that are ideal for cars.

Now you’ve met all the members of the Henry Hoover range, which hoover is the best? His work has been featured in major publications such as, and Contacts in the reel housing are OK. What would be wrong, i think my henry has a fault on off switch is it worth repairing. Print page before using information supplied via this website.

Black & decker hedge trimmer not cutting? Advanced HEPA Filtration. However, if you live in a small flat or if space is simply very limited, there is actually another small Hetty model called the HET160, which offers remarkable power and cleaning ability. Not only did they do a fantastic job of finding the right vacuum for me, but they also provided incredible after support when I needed it. It is uncommon to come across a generic Charles, George, James, Harry or Jack (the last of which was exclusive to Tesco stores before it was discontinued). He might be slightly bigger than Henry and weigh more, but its all for a good reason! When Henry Source first received this hoover, things weren’t looking too great. That will make it dead. Rule out brushes there fine. Try to include as much detail as possible. Ensure you have read our Small ... mend, fix, or repair just about anything. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified SHOP NOW . The Hetty HET200 vacuum cleaner is a solid model with loads of great perks. no joy, I pulled the hoover apart, removed the lead, cut about 6 inches of it and rewired it, still no go. In addition to this, he also has a useful attachment tray which allows you to store all your attachments in one place.

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There was no power at all and no smell of burning was detected. But whether you like that big pink head or not, one thing is for certain… If you buy a Hetty, you might never need to buy another vacuum cleaner, ever again. Print page before using information supplied via this website. I was just using my Henry HRV200-11 switch off to open the door.

This is perfect for cleaning stair cases and for reaching the corners of tall ceilings. The Henry Professional HVR240 is the commercial version of the Henry Hoover. Online spares retailer eSpares has come up with the short video below explaining the simple checks you can make to determine the source of the issue. Ensure you have read our Small The only real downside of this machine is the reduced 6 litre capacity, which is to be expected.
Noe even though the Hetty is nice and compact, it is still quite a heavy machine to lift up and move around the home. Yes...exactly the same problem with mine!

This nozzle has a metal sole plate underneath, which allows it to easily glide across your carpet, as well as two litter pickers. The Numatic Hetty HET200 is much more compact than a regular upright vacuum cleaner, which means that it really easy to store away into a cupboard or a small space under the stairs.

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