Nov 6, 2020

Thank you for your post. You’ll be using Light Armor so you want to look out for Leather Armor +1 or Studded Leather Armor if you can. Image by Tyler Jacobson “Oh gentle Faustus, leave this damnéd art, ... Pact of the Hexblade There is finally a patron designed to beef up a melee Warlock, and it's super goth. And it's going to be even better when I level-up to 5. ; Mystic Arcanum: Foresight; Shadow of Moil => ??? Plus getting that opportunity attack when they enter your reach is really nice as well. Guide to Building a Monk Way of the Four Elements: D&D 5e, Character Guide: Building a Wizard in DnD 5e, Guide to Building a Half Orc Barbarian: DnD 5e. The Hexblades benefits do not solely benefit melee Warlocks. Specters are CR 1 spirits that can move through walls, have a hodgepodge of resistances, a few immunities, and probably knows how to talk with you or others. Comment: Amazing Save-or-Suck AoE spell (Hypnotic Pattern) and the Extra Attack invocation at the same level. Otherwise Demiplane for utility or Dominate Monster for control. Only Blade Pact Warlocks actually need weapons, which means that only Hexblades should be using them. Lvl 8: BanishmentFeat/ASI: Elven Accuracy. The only reason that you should not land Master of Hexes is either because the mages are blasting you from 120 ft, or because the fight is over. It's better to loses 1 turn than lose your life. Weapons are only used when you are in melee range and you can’t move away without taking damage. However, in 99% of situations, transfering the damage, crit chance, and 50% miss chance will be better than restoring the hit points. I've been using Darkness + Devil's Sight combo more often than Hex, so advantage + GWM is a much better option to deal more damage, as I stated in my original post. It starts out only useful for one handed melee weapons but when you get the pact blade feature it extends to it, adding two handed melee weapons to the mix. I’ll begin with 2 cantrips and 2 first-level spells, with one spell slot, to begin. But… They get more. Still, without a crit, it makes it feel like all eggs in one basket on the other side of the room to me. For our full class guides, we use the following color rating scheme: For our Subclass Guides, we focus mainly on the Blue and Sky Blue options, because the other options are discussed in the 5e Warlock Guide or other Subclass Guides. Otherwise, try to invest in the +2 Dexterity to boost your armor while in Medium plate. If you find yourself thinking “oh man I could have made a polearm master reaction here” often, then that may be worth it all on its own.TLDR: shield instead of agathys for 1st level slots, consider trimming bonus action options.

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