Nov 6, 2020

Loads of power, excellent performance and handling, great brakes… Not only is it competent, it’s versatile and huge fun, too. Glad it has ABS. Supremely capable, do it all maxi-scooter. Lots of pillion space, too. That, fellow scooterphiles, translates into crisp, reliable performance on the street. That should work out to nearly 200 miles between fill-ups - that's a whole lot of sightseeing on one tank. A close-run thing. This section is for all of us to share information on performing maintenance for the Silver Wing. All registered in England and Wales. Yes I know it's £7k (0% over 3 years). Yes I know it's a 13 year old design (doesn't feel it). I change my oil more frequently primarily because it can be done in 10 minutes and it only require 2 litres. I consider that a steal. The speedo indicates that 100+ mph is possible and none of us who rode it found any reason to believe that's false advertising. Excellent power despite being a "tub of lard". Very comfortable to ride but drinks a bit, all in all, overall a good buy. You can also post pictures here too to help others out too. Office papers, laptop, iPad, camera, tripod, crash helmet, rain suit - it all goes in. No matter the road conditions, the Wing's remarkably adept chassis does its job with uncommon proficiency. There are very well supported forums and Youtube videos that cover all the essentials. A sort of Gold Wing 'lite' if you will. A pair of Hagons have sorted that. Review your HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on). Had the Regulator burn out twice, but this was caused by a loose wire shorting out both times. Honda Silver Wing Scooter Forum. Pulley sliders - which ones do I have? and the high screen is not quite high enough for me, so wind noise can be quite high. No corrosion yet (this is a ten year old bike.) You get so much more with a silverwing and I'm sure if more people tried it they'd be converted too. 9 owners have reviewed their HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. I am 6'3" and I travel a lot- I thought I would try a Silver Wing for long trips and around London. I've done 4500 miles on mine in all weathers. The motorcycle’s main sticking point is its price but the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is really is a very good quality motorcycle with truly surprising performance. The members are friendly and helpful so just have fun. two hours later I had arranged a part x on a used one and picked it up 2 days later. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing also has two glove compartments and a cavernous section under the seat mean loads of storage space. However, reports on the forums of reliability and smoothness coupled with Honda reputation sold it for me. I buy oil in bulk. Whether racing the rats to the office or the sun to the horizon, the Wing's 600cc motor/tranny combo gets the job done in a smooth, efficient and thoroughly pleasant manner. An all round brilliant bike.

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