Nov 6, 2020

I have a small space in my box van that I am thinking about putting a bathroom in. You can put the whole cassette inside a backpack so nobody even sees what you are doing. i installed electric, a fold down bed, some cabinets & fully insulated it. Make & Do built the completed the job for under $9000 including the price of the trailer. The whole point of a camper trailer is to get some freedom. Some campers utilize reclaimed materials and found objects to drive down the overall cost of the project (while simultaneously recycling and adding character to their camper), but even if you buy things brand new, you can make a beautiful camper for less than $10,000. Do not long for elusive space when it is impossible to attain. It makes sense. You have to install tanks, a 12 volt pump, a water heater and the enclosure. And rather than depreciating your cargo trailer will go up in value. You can buy a porta potty for under $100. Adding living quarters to a cargo trailer requires extensive knowledge of construction principles and a great deal of planning. Bob Wells is a long-time vandweller who blogs about his travels at Cheap RV Living. If you are going to haul a bike in a trailer why not have an insulated camper trailer that you can camp and sleep in too. Can you turn a Construction trailer into a livestock trailer? It’s clear that this mini RV has its priorities right! Equipment only for Auto Plus Ball Hitch, Gooseneck, and 5th Wheel trailers from the Elkhart, IN AWESOME website and great ideas for my wife and myself on building our own conversion. Filled to the brim with tools and not skimping out on the television square footage (because after all, catching the game is non-negotiable), Ed’s cargo trailer camper conversion is simple and effective. I imagine that’s handy in case of any burst bags! Not only are they smaller, but they’re also generally more accepted by the populous as something you might need to park on a street for a while. With a cargo trailer conversion, you have the opportunity to have it looking exactly how you want it. That’s why we created a private space where RV owners can…, Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about holiday travel for this year! Very nice! You could easily add a bathroom and furnace to a cargo trailer for around 2500. Once you’ve seen what these guys have achieved you’ll be confident that you can build something similar. Got a few links in the thread and some pics to show how i set it up . My wife has been planning a camping shower and they make some pretty sweet set ups now in both 120 & gas. It has a side door and ramp door in the back. The bed is a futon that can be removed so the trailer can still be used to haul cargo if required. Kim Donaghy’s 7×20 Legend Explorer Series. Often professional travel trailer manufacturers build to lesser standards than you might have. You may want some cool features such as a dry rack for outdoor use and a deck. The outdoor kitchen was a great way to insulate the barn-door wall. Scissor jacks help to stabilize the trailer. To save space on the inside he installed a hidden shower head on the outside so he could shower outside. 2. Many people recommend coming up with a layout and then working on this step. Why let someone else choose the furniture and the decor of your own home? I will be perfect for those outdoor cook-ups! TinyHouseTalk spotlighted this lovely little 7×12 insulated cargo van, which its owner lovingly converted to be used for solo getaways (or potentially a two-person trip — but certainly no more than that). This means that the trailer can still be used to haul cargo. Then, we’ll close out with some FAQs to help you get further along in the process if you’re seriously considering doing your own conversion project. The community. Adding the finishing touches are the retractable clothesline, the towel bar, and the custom-made shower head. Buying an RV is one thing. Be warned. Inside things were kept simple but functional. He’s also built-in many clever hacks to make his RV life better. Search the living quarters, bathroom, restroom, shower, and sink options here for any cargo trailer option that you could not find on the standard cargo trailer page from our Indiana facility 877-458-7245 Along with different brands, you’ll also have to decide between different sizes, and keep model year in mind, too. Some of the weakest components of most installations are the screws and nuts, bolts and seals. Alternatively, you could install a composting toilet in your box trailer camper. A ramp door can make a perfect deck area. It comes as no surprise that people are taking it upon themselves and designing their very own campers from a cargo trailer. Hey guys I have been searching through alot of the TT conversion sections and cant find anything specific on bathroom construction. Overall it’s a successful restoration project and how nice it much be to wake up to different views every morning!

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