Nov 6, 2020

The notch should be open in the direction you want the tree to fall. First we gathered the big chunks and then offered them up as firewood on the Internet. 5. He conciders himself lucky that he had good insurance and at least he has the use of his arms, although he is in constant pain and losing that ability now too. The idea here is to position the rope at the right spot around the right branch in the tree. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Thank GOD you made it thru. Start sawing a "bird beak" wedge into the branch 2. . Survey the area around the pine tree you wish to cut. b) Cut down the main branches And that's if you can even get a hold of them in the first place. And it is almost impossible to find a convenient branch to rest the saw on between breather breaks. Thanks for sharing this good advice. We have a large, dying oak in our backyard and we have been thinking about removing it. Measure the height of a tree using the "stick method." I sure hope that you never attempt to do this again. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. Place the following in the tool bag:  2x4's to be used, drill, drill bit, drill driver. Cut the tree into manageable pieces with your chain saw. Another possibility but not tested out: Use the bow saw when the reciprocating saw is just too heavy or awkward. I am in a similar situation and don't have much room to cut down a tree in my backyard. Take your time estimating the height of the tree--you don't want the top of the tree crashing through your or your neighbor's house or garage. Continue cutting, replacing the saw's battery (in your tool bag) as needed. 2. Attach the tool bag to one end of the pulley rope. Cinder block (uhm, never mind -- you don't even want to know what I did with that) - Does the tree have plenty of branches that you will be able to stand on? That will help keep the ladder from sliding a little. Poke a stiff wire into the tree trunk to determine the extent of the decay. Pull up the tool bag. cobinrox your a nut! 4. Find another tree or some other semi-permanent object to attach the guide rope to. Pulley (use to haul tool bag up into the tree) - Do you have the time and energy to deal with landscapers or tree cutters? 4. 16. Keep tool belt with nails, screws, and hammer on. 4-6 L-brackets (to support foot holds and arm rests) Put the following into tool belt:  hammer, chisel. Leave the bar in the cut with the saw running, but lock the chain brake and tap in the wedges. 10. I have done it for people in exchange for the wood, firewood, with the agreement that they take care of all the mess and small branches. Sounds dumb, but this is really the most important preparation piece for me. Remove lower branches using a chainsaw. The rope will tighten, but my rope stretched so eh, not sure how to accommodate that. Yah, the other thing about tree/landscaping companies is that you never know if or when they are going to show up. The distance between you and the tree is the height of the tree. Move quickly away from the tree as it begins to fall. Tool Belt/w hammer holder and pockets 5. As for the rest . This content is currently not available in your region. Put the following into the tool bag:  2x4's, drill, drill bit, drill driver. 10-20 4in screws (to secure 2x4's) I enjoyed the article as well but kind of scary too! With the pulley in one hand or in your back pocket, make your ascent up the ladder to the first place you need to work. (I don't recommend these items, but you may have better luck, who knows? Climb the tree with the help of a climbing harness and use the chain saw to cut off any branches that could cause damage when the tree falls. Pull up tool bag and secure to hook. 3. Allah was definitely looking after you & protecting you. 6. 1. 4. Ascend. That wouldbe a massive fine. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve pine sap and help keep your tools looking like new. 2-3 6-8in scrap 2x4's (to use for steps) Lower tool bag to the ground. 3. 4-8 8-10in spike nails (to help secure ladder) Use the steps to get to the next standing area and repeat the process of attaching nails for the pulley and tool bag at the higher spot, if needed. Make sure your shoes are tied and there is no string wrapped around your legs. 7. You also agree to our Terms of Service. So the chisel is a great time saver. Oak trees have a much harder denser wood than something like a poplar so it can be more difficult to cut through the wood. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. . Instead run away at a 45-degree angle from the fall. Period. Made a fountain/bird bath out of the left-over stump. - Do you have the time and energy to do this yourself? In my case I had another tree that could be used as the stationary point. I'm glad that you mentioned checking for obstacles that falling branches could land on. This one is no different. Any home destruction, er uhm construction, project requires retries and multiple trips. Bits of wood can shoot off in that direction. (For me, no way), In my case, I could not simply cut the tree down in one fell swoop because it would crash into the neighbors' yards. The notch should be open in the direction you want the tree to fall. Plug in the other end of the extension cord (if your saw is corded). The following contains some tips that could be used in the course of removing a tree with the constraints: So with those warnings, this is my method. 5. Make a straight cut into the tree at waist height with your chain saw. Extend the come-along to its longest length. Take a shot of courage. 8. (In my case they would have had to break open a hole in my fence to get equipment in) 6. Also confirm that you will be able get out of the way when the tree … You might want to take a break, jiggle the guide rope, then go back at it. Then finish the cut. . Use the drill to drill pilot holes through the remaining pre-drilled holes in the 2x4's and secure with the screws. Yep found that out AFTER I'd climbed up and down a few times. Did you make this project? )DualSaw (supposed to cut through anything, even a car) This step is pretty obvious to most folks, but well, uh, it took me a few trips to streamline the process so here it is: Hand bow saw (for cutting branches when reciprocating saw won't work) In my tree, there was a big gap between the first set of branches that I could stand on and the next set of branches that I could stand on. I have a tree that needs to be cut down and I have considered trying myself but to much risk! I also found out that the branches are pretty awkward and that running the saw with one hand is even more tiring. Lots of Band-Aid'sMATERIALS/TOOLS TRIED BUT DID NOT WORK OUT 7. The distance between you and the tree is the height of the tree. Instead run away at a 45-degree angle from the fall. The cut should go approximately halfway into the tree. 3. Light-weight 5-6 ft pole (to use to help guide rope in tree)Come-along winch (to tighten guide rope) 3. Yeah, of course a bunch of people warning of all the dangers and over dramatizing how many ways this guy could have hurt or killed himself. Climb the tree with the help of a climbing harness and use the chain saw to cut off any branches that could cause damage when the tree falls. Just came across this article. Repeat the steps that were used in setting up foot holds. Don the tool belt and insert nails and hammer. for people like this guy that are able to use their brains, it is totally do-able. - Do you own or can you wield a chain saw? We are not talking about the trees that require a crane to lift the branches to keep them from falling on roofs, but ones your size are easily in the DIY realm. Nail the 2x4 to the trunk through one of the holes. Share it with us! 9 years ago Here are some of the things made from the left overs . 8. 1 5-6 ft rope (to help hold ladder to tree) (optional) You know how bad it would be if a tree you tried to removetook down power lines? Extension cord (if you have a saw that requires mains electricity)Pruning blade for reciprocating saw This will probably be where you will be placing steps or foot holds, as discussed in the next prep steps. Reply I managed to cut down a few other over-grown cottonwoods in the yard. 5. This did not work for me. I found several ways to help secure the ladder: If you get ambitious you can keep the wood and use it for your own projects. of course the comment from a "professional" warns against it. There is no easy way to do this. Yep, found that out the hard way after trying to stand with my ankle turned inward on a distorted branch. 1. You should be able remove it yourself but it will take a lot of hard work because of the weight factor and the hardness.

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