Nov 6, 2020

Like the Rooks Creek Bridge, this also paralleled another railroad; in this case the Chicago & Northwestern between Rockford and Freeport. As tonnage grew, street operations became unbearable. It was formed on July 8, 1895 by Illinois Glass Company to serve its transportation needs in the Alton area. Polly Bridge over the Union Pacific tracks, with signals installed in the middle. **  The Class B electrics carried four, 200 horsepower motors from General Electric offering 800 horsepower. While completion of this structure largely signaled the consummation of IT's modern network, a bit more expansion did occur during the 1920's through 1930. Many were pulled up in the 1970's and 1980's although others were removed long before that. Through his work, it’s possible to see how old railroads once crossed through places where modern-day highways, shopping malls and housing developments now stand. As passenger traffic declined, freight tonnage grew in importance, eventually totaling several million dollars annually. It began with the small Class A "steeple cab" switchers, 800 horsepower machines which transitioned in the later years to beefier Class B's (1,000 horsepower). Although marked by violence and sabotage in the south, midwest, and western states, the strike was effectively over in a few months. Offer subject to change without notice. The latter segment had originally been abandoned by IT years earlier. This through truss bridge, located in rural Logan County, Illinois served a Chicago & Alton Railroad line between Peoria and Springfield. In 1982 it was acquired by Norfolk & Western and today little remains of the original network. Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. Some are mere dashes, others wriggle like worms, some dip or wind, a few meander almost all the way across a state. It was further brought down to just 250 volts by the cars themselves (carrying on-board transformers) for regular operation. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. A highly recommended database! The Illinois Central Railroad (reporting mark IC), sometimes called the Main Line of Mid-America, was a railroad in the central United States, with its primary routes connecting Chicago, Illinois, with New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama.A line also connected Chicago with Sioux City, Iowa (1870). While the Kinzie St Bridge is an icon, not every abandoned bridge can hold that status. I've enjoyed your site and your hard work. The CO&P slowly expanded east and west of Ottawa in the coming years reaching Joliet, Streator, and Princeton. [4] The Illinois Central was the first land-grant railroad in the United States.[5]. In 1867 the Illinois Central extended its track into Iowa, and during the 1870s and 1880s, the IC acquired and expanded railroads in the southern United States. The cement cars are delivered to a PVTX yard on the north side of the river by IAIS. This New Map Will Show You America’s Ghost Network Of Abandoned Railroads This new Google map shows America’s hidden network of abandoned railroads. Many were deserted and left to weather the elements, while others have been transformed into lush footpaths for unwitting pedestrians. The next move occurred within his hometown of Champaign where the Danville, Urbana & Champaign Railway (DU&C) was incorporated on July 31, 1902 (it went on to acquire the DP&N's assets on April 24, 1903). Ten years later, the lift was accidentally destroyed by fireworks, requiring it to be removed by the Army Corps of Engineers, as it was blocking traffic on the Mississippi River. Using Google Maps, he lays the ghostly silhouettes of the lines over modern aerial imagery. Illinois' neighbor to the west presented the largest challenge to the map a short time later. This motor was followed by Class C's and, finally, the hefty 1,800 horsepower Class D's. (Source: Google Maps). Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. [21] Company president, Absolom M. West succeeded in repairing the damage and returning it to operating condition soon after the end of the War. This one has a more interesting history, as it was originally built in 1890, but did not include a movable span, which meant that steamships could not traverse the river. Another noteworthy subsidiary was the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad. Winner will be selected at random on 12/01/2020. All photos and videos, copyright individual owners/organizations. The IT was spun off as independent in 1907 and largely remained so for the next two decades, aside from a slight name change in 1922 as the Illinois Terminal Company. Around this time a series of corporate changes took place; the Illinois Traction, Inc., a subsidiary of the Illinois Power & Light Company (IP&L), was formed in 1923 to maintain all rail services. 1737, Grafton T. 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