Nov 6, 2020

There are three dog breeds that can be considered members of the Persian Sighthound dog family: Persian Sighthound Asara: named after the city in the Alborz mountains. Those are some pretty, noble and cute Persian names for boy or girl dogs. This is an ancient breed that has long been used as a guardian and protector. In fact, images of dogs have been found on pottery dating back about 6,000 years ago. Those who choose to ignore the ban can be hit with hefty fines and even confiscation. Arya: means “Noble” (might be a good choice for you fans of Games of Thrones!). Today’s recognized Persian dog breeds include: Persian mastiff (Sarabi): used to guard livestock; these are known as some of the most powerful dogs in the world. Height: The average height of the Sarabi Mastiff is between 28-35 inches. We’ve tried to find some the best and prettiest possible names for your dog. The breed was separated in France according to their appearance and duties performed by them. Darius I (the Great): Achaemenid dynasty, ruled from 521-486, 3). How about naming your pup with one of these Egyptian dog names? They were originally bred by the Assyrians and Babylonians for protection against wild animals like lions and tigers but went on to become common cattle guardians. It has a population of about 77,176,930 and a total area of 1,648,195 square kilometres making it the 18th largest country in the world. Bathing is only required if they get dirty. However, in modern times, there are Iranians who have dogs and keep them as part of the family. Also known as the Alano Español, has its name derived from the nomadic pastoralists of  Alani tribe of Iran who arrived in Spain during the migration period of the 5th Century. Saluki (also called the Persian Greyhound and Persian Gazelle): known as a graceful, fast dog that have been used for hunting. These dogs are more agile than the English Greyhounds, but unlike the latter breed, the Tazi dogs can make sharp curves with relative ease. This breed of the Alaunt was known as the butcher’s mastiff in England. The types include the Alaunt Gentil, considered the lightest, looking like a greyhound and eventually were bred with the Alaunt Veantre, a local hunting breed. Ancient Persia, today known as Iran, was famous for the Achaemenid Empire, which covered the areas of modern-day Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. The entirety of this site is protected by copyright © 2019–2025 And Persian poetry is considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Their ability to hunt means that they are both courageous and fearless, but also highly territorial and protective. Despite the belief by the Iranian government that these dogs spread “fear and anxiety” to the public, they are still beloved by many in the country. If we can shed light on the many benefits that come along with owning a dog – protection, love, loyalty, companionship, service, etc. Kavad II: Sasanid dynasty, ruled in 628, 10). Here are some good Persian names for your lady dog, sure to be just the right fit: 17). This might be a good name for those who are GoT fans. It has somewhat smaller dewlaps than some other giant mastiff breeds, but the upper lips do hang down. The Persian culture, one of the oldest in the world, has influenced many other cultures around the world including Italy, Greece, Russia, Macedonia, the Arabian Peninsula and even parts of Asia. Always supervise their interaction and never leave them alone with children. For the short parts of their fur, regular wipe-downs with a damp cloth will be sufficient to keep them clean. But a quick question: can I give my dog two names? Mia: named after the city of Mianeh, located northwest of Tehran. Family / Group – Sight Hound, Greyhound, Southern. Although this dog breed’s precise date of origin is unknown, it is widely believed that the Saluki has been in existence since the 6th-century B.C.E. [1][2] The breed is considered one of the oldest and most powerful indigenous dog breeds in Iran, the larger and heavier an individual dog is, the greater its value. Sarabi Mastiff gets along with children if raised together from a small age. Iran formerly known as Persia is a country located in Western Asia. So without further ado, let’s introduce you to some of these amazing breeds. The Saluki also referred to as the Persian Greyhound, is, like other greyhounds, very... 2) Sarabi Dog (Persian Mastiff) سگ سرابی. This dog breed is so prized in its native region because it has actually helped their owners from dying of starvation. Tribesmen of this region bred Saluki dogs as hunters of the various games including hares and gazelles. 42). Behavior: Sarabi Mastiff is a very active dog breed that needs regular physical activities to keep them healthy and content. Though the breed tends to be shy or aloof with strangers, they are very gentle and wouldn’t hurt a soul. It has a population of about 77,176,930 and a total area of 1,648,195 square kilometres making it the 18th largest country in the world. It is also believed that this dog was used as a fighting dog in ancient times with lions and other big animals. That’s a lovely city I will love to visit again and again. The contents of the website, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on this site (“Content”) are for informational purposes only. Here are some Persian boy names that might be just right for your boy dog! Mahnaz: named for Mahnaz Afkami, Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership, 43). The contents of the website, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on this site (“Content”) are for informational purposes only. They were believed to have developed as a result of cross-breeding with Canis Alani specie after Rome had fallen. This drives to the conclusion that many modern dog breeds are said to be direct descendants of this species. They treat their family as a flock and will guard them with fierce devotion. Let’s take a look at some beautiful Iranian boy and girl names that may be the perfect fit for your own fur baby. But I won’t recommend you give more than two names anyway! With that being said, though the breed will happily sit by your side and relish your attention, you won’t find them curled up on your lap. And while these bans are being created, it doesn’t seem that everyone in Iran is taking to them well. It is a friendly and gentle dog with its people and gets along with them well. The breed is one of the most powerful dogs in the world and has a broad, mid-length muzzle. The Pshdar is an intelligent breed of dog that is extremely devoted to its family, as well as to it’s duty and role as protector. The breed has long been used as a livestock guardian and takes its job of guarding very seriously. Our goal is to send as many worthy dogs overseas. We hope that one of these Persian or Iranian names has jumped out to you! Our next names lists are Iranian names that may be a good fit for your canine companion! Today, Persia is known as Iran, a country that is considered a world player in international energy security, due to the large reserves of natural and petroleum gas. Dastana: the name of a city in west central Iran. Iran - Dog breeds list . Common ailments: Elbow and Hip dysplasia, Ear mites, Yeast Problems, Hypothyroidism, High sensitivity to chemical preparations such as anesthesia, cortisone. In terms of the longer fur on their ears, tails, and other parts of their body, this will require regular brushing with a feathering comb to keep tangles and knots to a minimum. As they are a powerful and protective dog, small animals in the house are not suitable for them. These dog breeds are also called Persian Greyhounds. What is known, however, is that they are indigenous to the city of Sarab in the North Western area of Iran. The Saluki is a very clean breed of dog that doesn’t give off any door. They are free-spirited dogs that will not be focused on training. The Pshdar is a very calm, laid back, easy going breed of dog that is both faithful and affectionate to its owners. 2)  Sarabi Dog (Persian Mastiff) سگ سرابی. So in an attempt to fight back against laws like such, I want to shed some light on some of the amazing dogs that come from the country of Iran. This dog breed is known to be somewhat difficult to train. Sarabi Mastiff can face the following canine health problems: Cost: The average cost of the Sarabi Mastiff is between $500-$1000 USD. The two most common conditions seen in the Saluki Breed include anesthesia sensitivity and hemangiosarcoma: Though the exact origins of the Saluki are unknown, this is considered to be a very ancient breed of persian hunting dogs. If they do not get the required amount of activities, they tend to become destructive and depressed. The Sarabi Dogs are some of the most powerful dogs in the world. Have you considered food dog names? Naming my dog same will surely increase that hunger. The Tazi is a dog breed that has been used across the desert regions along the Caspian Sea, specifically in the areas of Kirbiz. Those that are traditionally used for hunting bears are considered to be the larger of the two, while those used for hunting large cats are typically learner and lighter. Sarabi Mastiff (Persian Mastiff) Dog Breed Information, Celtic Hounds (Extinct) – Dog Breed Information, Lapponian Shepherd – Dog Breed Information, Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog Dog Breed Information (Extinct), Sakhalin Husky Dog/Karafuto-Ken Breed Information (Extinct), Griffon Fauve de Bretagne (Large) Dog Breed Information (Extinct), Terceira Mastiff (Extinct) Dog Breed Information, American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed Information. They respond best to short, interesting training sessions full of positive reinforcement. Antiochus I Soter: Seleucid dynasty, ruled from 305-281 BC (this name could be shortened to Tony or Soter), 4). There is not much history known on the Sarabi Mastiff. 41). The Afghan Hound is a demanding dog breed when it comes to grooming. Get ready for daily long walks or jogging sessions when you adopt an afghan hound. Therefore, this gave rise to the crossing of the Alaunt breed giving rise to British pugnances as the fighting dogs which are then believed to be the ancestors of the Bulldogs and the English mastiffs. Sareyn: named for the city in Iran famous for its hot springs. Which GPS dog collar to invest in – Whistle 3 or Link AKC Smart Collar. Julie currently works in an animal research institute (NGO) in California and loves spending quality time with her little cat. It was believed that in the 1920s, the Dogo was developed by breeders who crossed the Cordoba Fighting Dog with other breeds like the Great Pyrenees, the Great Dane, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bull Terrier, and the English Bulldog.

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