Nov 6, 2020

Wether it be North Central Assciation of Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), DETC. is not affiliated with Grantham University in any way. They are also a business the needs to make a profit. The teachers are all more than willing to work with us, as they understand we have extremely unusual schedules and time can be very limited with training and deployments. Send in your multiple choice assignment into the virtual inbox and that is it. I can't transfer out either. The instructors have been very good to work with each term. I found out that they were, but by the DETC and not one of the regional agencies, which means that the credits that I have earned are worthless if I wanted to transfer to another school, and the degree itself is also worthless if I decided to stay with the school. Upper Iowa University -- Extended University (Fayette, IA) People, see the faces of the criminals who opened this grave forum and keep... Disgraced attorney Mark Andrew Campbell (GA Bar 384028) has moved to practice... Ladyboy Ara Khachatryan is castrate and his criminal records are clearly shown... And if Marina Noble (the CVS thief of Watertown, MA) still struggles to demean... You're in big trouble with Legacy. Heck, I would take a B, I guess. The 2nd problem is that there is absolutely no instructor interaction. Arkansas Tech University (Russellville, AR) Colby-Sawyer College (New London, NH) Whenever this is done, you can expect that there is some type of rip off, and that their accreditation isn't what it used to be. College of Southern Maryland (La Plata, MD) I grant you that you could have gone to any regionlly accredited school and had much less problem transferring though. I took 3 classes with this school and it was crap. It seems as if once you are a student, no one cares to help you with your problems. I have been following several of these distance learning universities on the ripoffreport and have done a ton of research. The learning process is take multiple choice, open book exams, then hope a professor actually contacts you. It's going to be okay, anytime you can educate yourself you should take advantage. I have a hard time understanding why so many people complain. North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) Arizona State University PO Box 871008 Tempe, AZ 85287-1008 Site by vh.Agency. It was not always the best experience but that did not prevent me from finishing. As an employer I will tell you that experience is what the employer really wants, but I have to be able to check the box for "Degreed" to move on. The professors and advisors were more than willing to allow late assignments(with some minor point reductions). One is not necessarily better then the other but the common theme I keep heaing is that somebody did you wrong. Comparing distance learning colleges to Traditional is like Apples to Oranges. I attended Grantham for my entire bachelors degree and am now working on my Masters. This may be true for some, but i had the same student rep for four years. I asked permission from my Student Progress Pepresentative for an "exception to policy" with additional 15 days to finish my final course. Bay Mills Community College (Brimley, MI) Midstate College (Peoria, IL) It's like ... At age 64 I am thinking about taking up another degree program with Grantham University. However, Grantham instructor assistance is very poor and I've been attending the school since 03 but have been on hiatus since 06. The target military personnel for their government money to use towards their degrees. Lake Tahoe Community College (South Lake Tahoe , CA) I will say that you have to be a bit of a self starter. The courses were top notch. Morningside College (Sioux City, IA) I am a current instructor for Grantham University. The military does now accept a NA degree for OTS but it hasn't always. Please see our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy for further details regarding your actual licensed rights. Haywood Community College (Clyde, NC) There are many regional schools who will not accept other regional school credentials.I am sorry that you have had a poor experience but that may also of been caused by yourself. And unfortunately the only ones who have hell to pay are the students. Class of 2011. Reasonable exceptions were always made for me, even when I wasnt able to tell the instructor the day of or even the day after something was due. Actually "Ray", I had a 3.8 GPA at Grantham. Since Katrina, their customer service has been lacking. The Grantham experience was so bad my educational officer has stopped all tuition assistance and GI bill approvals for GU in the state of Oregon. Support - Non-existent except for cashing my check. Get a real degree. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Slippery Rock , PA) If they didn't erroneously send me an associates degree I would be in my last class as planned. I would like a class action lawsuit email me at, 14 of 19 people found the following review helpful, I just completed my bachelors of science with Grantham University and got excepted to Walden University and Charleston Southern University from my graduate program. It can be unfair and difficult. Military needs to stay away from them. I would think that any adult wanting to further their career would want to attend a school thats credits would be acceptable to other high level schools. Now, I find out most credits do not transfer and most employees will not except this degree. The information provided is from their perspective. National Park Community College (Hot Springs National Park, AR) If any of these institutions will not accept Grantham's credits, then it would be strictly because they do not believe Grantham's Academics are up to par in spite of their DETC accreditation. you can get that same price from other regionally acc colleges...UOP, Excelsior, GWU, Penn State online, Central Texas..etc...etc..and these schools are well known. I just wanted to make something clear. Because online students don’t have an instructor to constantly pester them about assignments not being done on time. The difference is regionally accreditation is more expensive, don't like to accept other school's credits if they are nationally accredited. I can appreciate that a DETC school is good for working adults that can not go "traditional" schools. Bogus Celebrity Advertisements FACE & Skin CREAM Ripoff! 12 of 21 people found the following review helpful, As far as I am concerned, Grantham University is a great school and a wonderful value. This is the top clue if a university is a good fit for military personnel: If a university can't tell you how many credits up front they will take into one of their programs they might not be likely to take any of your military credits if so very few. Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY) Founded in 1951, Grantham University developed as part of the traditional college and university... – More. University of the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, VI) American Indian College of the Assemblies of God (Phoenix, AZ) 12 of 12 people found the following review helpful. You must not use this Website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions. Technical College of the Lowcountry (Beaufort, SC) The fact that the school does not have any uniform policies concerning late assignment penalites, course duration/scheduling, or login requirements IS very frustrating and (IMO) unprofessional. Grantham may not have the best accreditation, but if you are determined to get a degree for use as an Officer or Soldier in the Military, they work fine. I had spent three years in the Army by time I decided to go back to school originally, and the caliber of people going turned me off to the point that I didnt decide to go to school again until 6 years later. Regionally means colleges and university are part of that region's accreditation, there are six regions of accrediting bodies. We were all lied to. I think most of the complaints about Grantham any other online schools is because of financial aid. Salem Community College (Carneys Point, NJ) 2 of 7 people found the following review helpful. Ta Tarv3011 Mar 05, 2011. I was attending University of Grantham when I was granted a special waiver to retire versus forced to PCS to another base in a few months. Quality customer service should have been the goal. Ridiculous! Other schools will tell you that they will not accept Grantham credits. It does concern me that there is no regional accredidation. Fiction! This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. Thomas Kinkade musical christmas tree ornament. I received very little support from the school. Teachers - Slow or non-existent response. Promotional opportunities are rewarded based upon job requirements, job performance, and qualifications of the candidates. ICHM Cesar Ritz (Suffield, CT) I'm writing this review in reference to Grantham University... As a working adult with a wife, 2 kids, foreclosed home and high level IT engineering job. Diploma Mill! Do yourself a favor and avoid Grantham University. I have tried for the past two months to get simple grade reports. St. Andrews Presbyterian College (Laurinburg, NC) They will not transfer into another college. Grantham University. I was a student of Grantham College of Engineering before they name changed to Grantham University. North Harris Montgomery Community College District Bryan College (Dayton, TN) Who's crazy enough to start this website?

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