Nov 6, 2020

Izaya and Shizuo almost start a fight, but a group of thugs interrupts them and Izaya manages to escape in the ensuing chaos. He is an atheist, stating that there is no proof that God exists. On top of this, they had also created an underground club for legal drugs after they had graduated from college. Izaya also sends Masaomi Kida and Saki Mikajima to look up information on Jinnai Yodogiri. In a seeming act of anger, Dormammu blasted his flames and kills him off for good. Episode 1 Therefore, he is usually seen as the one starting fights but hiding in the shadows instead of directly taking part. He verbally taunted Masaomi after he visited Saki in the hospital. It is also revealed in the anime that Izaya had been helping her company with it's human experiments by giving them a list of suitable candidates. At first, he declined his offer and kept an eye on Shinra until he suddenly understood: Shinra was his opposite because unlike Izaya, he had no interest at all in human beings. As the smoke clears, Izaya becomes aware that Shizuo has punched a hole in the floor to escape. A year later, Izaya is shown living in a hut on the side of a mountain somewhere in the Kanto region, though after reading the news article of the murder of Ryuuichi Adamura, he decides to accept Kakinuma's job request and moves into a royal suite in one of the nicest hotels in Bunokura. Unable to visit Kyouhei and accepting defeat at the hand's of Erika, Izaya then leaves, seeing nothing more to gain by staying there. When Shizuo arrives at the address, he finds several mutilated corpses strewn around one room in the office. He explains that by doing this, he could easily manipulate another's opinion of him. Shinra was so blasé about his own injury and towards all humans in general, it was like he was the one "observing humans from afar." Izaya is known to be one of the strongest men in Ikebukuro, although the title of the strongest man belongs to Shizuo Heiwajima. Dr. Fetus tought him the art of evil and conquering. Izaya is mentioned by Masaomi in the beginning of the series as being extremely dangerous. After Izaya leaves the Miracle Elite and turn to darkside, He joins Anubis as an offer to restore his Syndicate. But despite everything, he maintains a safe distance from all the complications he creates … Since Izaya has no access to a war himself, he resolves to start a war in the city, one that only he could win. Izaya was born the son of Pandora, the first greece woman, and Dr. Fetus, unborn child in the jar. Izaya is initially perplexed but soon starts laughing hysterically, recovering from his state of disillusionment. Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也, Orihara Izaya) is a powerful and skilled underground informant. Watch in HD;Why i have the feeling the thumbnail looks way better than the video itself.....BTW (!!) His worthy opponent during the formation of the Miracle Elite. The rules he plays by are also beyond normal people, which seems to be a metaphor for the way he lives his life. Izaya has often framed Shizuo for crimes he didn't commit, causing him no end of trouble. He then proceeds to verbally taunt Rio about her petty reasons for wanting to commit suicide, and to reveal to her that she still has the will and desire to live. In the manga, his hair has long bangs that frame his face. He is very charming in appearance. Afterwards, Izaya persuades Shijima to join forces with him. It seems Izaya's wheelchair has some gimmicks including a feature which allows him to propel himself more quickly in case he needs to 'run away.'. He fakes still being knocked out in order to avoid serious injury while Mikage and Kine manage to chase Slon out of the office. Izaya is ambushed by Slon and knocked out. Izaya isn't really seen much in this Arc other than near the end. After taking his leave, Vorona voices her agreement with Shizuo that Izaya is little more than a flea. Izaya observes Mikado's plan unfold from the crowd, taking great interest as the situation escalates. By various means he had the oxygen from the building removed such that Shizuo now winds up suffering from oxygen deprivation and goes down on his knees. He needs a wheelchair to move around, though his inability to walk is psychosomatic and he could run around like he used to if he would go to therapy. It's only after the salaryman commits the murder, that Izaya calls him to explain that his co-worker only left him out of the company because he had gotten it into some illegal activities and didn't want the salaryman to be held responsible. Japanese Izaya claims Shizuo is the only human he does not love and wouldn't mind seeing him dead. Celty’s shadow appears soon after, descending down from the sky and dousing the fire. Izaya tasks the courier to protect his sisters for the next couple of days. Celty then confronts Izaya after the incident and asks if he was responsible for others who had jumped from the roof. Volume nine of the light novels reveals through an interaction with Celty that he doesn't know much about video games. Maul and Savage were born to the same Hades' sister, Pandora herself, along with a third, Izaya's youngest twin sisters, Kururi and Mairu. When questioned about how he found them, he stated that he and his men stolen a laptop from the headless rider that contained Izaya's research into Amphisbaena and the whereabouts to this gambling parlor. I do not own the clips, episodes, Anime or the song used, they belong to their rightful owners/companies. Afterwards, Izumii with a cell phone in his hand and Mikage Sharaku enter the room as well. Narita has said that Izaya likely studied Cultural Anthropology or Psychology in university. However, when provoked, he quickly puts his opponent in his place by simply proving his superiority without actually beating the other person. Izaya has stated in the novels that he does not hold an attraction for any individual.

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