Nov 6, 2020

After World War II, Jamaican leaders developed the government structure to prepare for independence. In 1958, various colonies of the United Kingdom in the Caribbean formed the Federation of West Indies. We are convinced that the future can be better because our people have the capacity to ensure that collectively we achieve the greatness which can be our destiny. In 1943, labor leader Alexander Bustamante won an electoral victory and established a new, more liberal constitution. On that day, the Union Jack was ceremonially lowered and replaced by the Jamaican flag throughout the country. We will continue to support and fight for justice for the Windrush generation. [4] The English, who had set their sights on Jamaica after a disastrous defeat in an earlier attempt to take the island of Hispaniola, marched toward Villa de la Vega, the administrative center of the island. Highlighting her strength and how much she gave to others. [18], With the independence of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands reverted from being a self-governing territory of Jamaica to direct British rule. In an opening speech, Dan spoke of the importance of the Jamaican culture to Paulette and her trip back to Jamaica following her successfully securing the status she was entitled to. A special celebration this year, in memory of Windrush campaigner, Paulette Wilson. We acknowledge that the past 58 years have presented us with serious economic and social challenges, some of which were created by us. But, even as we set about achieving those goals and others outlined in Vision 2030, we must not discount the fact that this country — small in geographic size, but huge in world influence — has made significant forward strides since August 1962. Slavery was abolished in the British Empire by the Slavery Abolition Act in 1834. The conflict ended on a less favorable term for Maroons, with a bloody stalemate reigning over the island for five months. [20] Jamaica continues to be a Commonwealth realm, with the British monarch, Elizabeth II, remaining as Queen of Jamaica and head of state. The Colony of Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962. All our thoughts are with Paulette’s family. [23], Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, British West Indian labour unrest of 1934–39, "Historian situates 'back-to-Africa' movements in broad context", "History this week:Constitutional Developments in British Guiana and Jamaica between 1890 and 1945 (Part 3)", "A Special Gleaner Feature on Pieces of the Past", "Encyclopedia Britannica – Cayman Islands", "Most residents think Jamaica 'better off as a British colony,' poll suggests",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 17:11. Through these popular opinions Alexander Bustamante, a White native-born moneylender, rose to political prominence[12] and founded the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union. In 1962, Bustamante’s party won the election and he became premier. Please do not write in block capitals since this makes your comment hard to read. [14], The following year, the JLP led government enacted a new constitution that granted universal adult suffrage, undoing the high voter eligibility standards put in place by British. Tweet. Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State. Fearing British victory, the Maroons accepted open discussions in March. [1] Genoan explorer Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica in 1494 during his second voyage to the New World,[2] and claimed it for Crown of Castile. Share. Jim, who represented Paulette spoke of her as a warrior, not a victim. Many former Spanish slaves used Anglo-Spanish war as a chance to free themselves and fled into the mountainous and forested regions of the colony to join the ranks of surviving Tainos. It never mattered to us that we were still a colony of Britain, which, at the time, supported the South African Government. Jamaica's participation in the Federation was unpopular, and the results of the 1961 West Indies referendum held by Premier Manley cemented the colony's withdrawal from the union in 1962. Copyright © Refugee and Migrant Centre 2020, West Midlands Web Design by Williams Graphics Ltd. Ahead of Jamaican Independence Day, at the Refugee and Migrant Centre (Black Country and Birmingham), we held a special celebration in memory of Paulette Wilson, Windrush campaigner and a close friend of the charity. As an Independent Nation, Jamaica assigns Ambassadors overseas who represent the country. Since then, Jamaica has played an outstanding role as a member of the United Nations, directing international focus to important issues such as human rights, decolonisation, economic co-operation, the rights of women and children, world trade, as well as climate change, to name but a few. Bustamante became the first Prime Minister of Jamaica and joined the Commonwealth of Nations, an organisation of ex-British territories. The Spanish Empire began its official rule in Jamaica in 1509, with formal occupation of the island by conquistador Juan de Esquivel and his men. Subsequently, the lack of indigenous labor was resolved by bringing in African slaves. We speak here of Jamaica's principled stand against apartheid in South Africa, being the first country to declare a trade embargo against the racist regime there. [10] Garvey served a five-year prison sentence at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary for defrauding investors in the league, following which he was deported to Jamaica in November 1927, after having his sentence commuted by President Calvin Coolidge. 5. Couples Negril and […] jamaican independence day 2020. We have also stamped our name across the globe in areas such as culture, sport, academics, science, food, and tourism, as sovereignty gave us not only a much greater degree of control over our own destiny but also confidence, pride, and identity as a people. The island became an imperial colony in 1509 when Spain conquered the Indigenous Arawak people. He spoke highly of the importance of her case, breaking down the barrier for countless others like her to get the status they were entitled to. August 6, 2020. We ask that comments are civil and free of libellous or hateful material. Affordable rooms are available at Couples Negril, Couples Swept Away and Azul Beach in Negril for Dream Weekend. 7. Terms under which this service is provided to you. MiFriendly Cities co-ordinator Ray organised the event, with the support of OISC lead Dan who worked closely with Paulette on her case as part of the Windrush scandal. submitted. [22], While independence is widely celebrated within Jamaican society, it has become a subject of debate. We have a few rooms available at Royalton Negril! Maroons won a war against British forces (1728–1740) but lost a second war (1795–1796). On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, I offer my sincere congratulations to the people of Jamaica as you celebrate your independence. By October 17, 2020 Uncategorized. A checks and balances system was also established for this council. In the 1800s, slavery was abolished and Jamaicans gained suffrage, although the British still held power. In Jamaica, this date is celebrated as Independence Day, a national holiday.. or in the newspaper � email addresses will not be published. This delay was used as a pretext to have the large majority of the Trelawney Maroons deported to Nova Scotia. After a waterfront protest in September 1940, he was arrested by colonial authorities and remained incarcerated for the better part of two years. During the Great Depression, workers protested inequality and fought the authorities in Jamaica and other Caribbean colonies. We will, however, try to publish comments that are representative of all received. In Jamaica, this date is celebrated as Independence Day, a national holiday. The new constitution, which was made official on 20 November 1944, established a bicameral legislature and organised an Executive Council made up of ten members of the legislature and chaired by the newly created position of Premier, the head of government. Despite these shortcomings, Marcus Garvey is regarded as a national hero in present-day Jamaica. The Jamaica Observer ePaper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at [9] Garvey, to no avail, pleaded with the colonial government to improve living conditions for indigenous peoples in the West Indies. Share this page on: Close. Copyright © 2013 Jamaica Observer. [8] Following a period of intense debate, the native and African populace of Jamaica were granted the right to vote; as the 19th century continued the government allowed some of them to hold public office. [17], In the elections of 1962, the JLP defeated the PNP, resulting in the ascension of Alexander Bustamante to the premiership in April of that year. On 19 July 1962, the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Jamaica Independence Act, granting independence as of 6 August with The Queen as Head of State. Bustamante advocated autonomy of the island, and a more equal balance of power. accommodating if emailed: Each year, RMC celebrates Jamaican Independence day having strong links with the community from our staff/volunteer team, as well as being heavily involved in the Windrush cases of recent times. All Rights Reserved. Following the Independence Spectacular from the National Arena, the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission will be hosting an Independence Night Virtual Street Dance, featuring Ricky Trooper, DJ Boom Boom, Collin Hines, DJ Rodrick, Elephant Man, and Jahvinci. In 1795 tensions between the Maroons of Cudjoe's Town (Trelawny Town) and the British erupted into the Second Maroon War. These conflicts culminated in 1728, when the First Maroon War began between the English and Maroons. Ahead of Jamaican Independence Day, at the Refugee and Migrant Centre (Black Country and Birmingham), we held a special celebration in memory of Paulette Wilson, Windrush campaigner and a close friend of the charity. Jamaicans, moved by the sight of the lowering of the Union Jack and the hoisting of our own national flag, celebrated the historic moment — the dawn of a new nation that, even before Independence, had started punching above its weight in world affairs. Spanish forces surrendered without much fight on 11 May, many of them fleeing to Spanish Cuba or the northern portion of the island. Early in the 20th century, Marcus Garvey promoted Black nationalism and became the most notable Black leader of his day. He captured the attention and admiration of many black Jamaican youths with his passionate speeches on behalf of Jamaican workers. 4. 6. That same year, the UK Parliament officially granted Jamaica independence, and Bustamante became the independent country’s first prime minister. Happy Independence Day, Jamaica. under discussion. Jamaican Independence Day 2020 Posted August 6, 2020. They sign treaties on behalf of Jamaica and become members of various international organisations.

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