Nov 6, 2020

I Can't Believe This Social Security Bonus Was So Easy, Americans Are Obsessed With New Blanket That Puts You To Sleep In Minutes, 23 New Gadgets That Will Sell Out Before the Holidays. “Everything was told to me by someone else.”. People are painting their walls more now — and these are their go-to colors. Even without all the legends and speculation, the story of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed is a fascinating one. The docu-series, however, gets Pusateri herself on camera to discuss her relationship with Wilds. "She did answer my one big question, though, and her answer was yes. Pusateri and Wilds were close friends, and their matching stories helped put away Syed for life for Lee’s murder. “Jay obviously picks and chooses what he tells, and at this point it’s created such a mess.”. But she told detectives that Jay Wilds (right) had told her that Syed had confessed to the killing. Episode four of “Serial,” titled “Inconsistencies,” goes into detail about both issues. Journal entries and information given by friends suggest they weren't done for good, however. Several calls apparently took place between Syed and Jennifer Pusateri, a classmate. Opinions vary on whether this event caused Syed to become ashamed and angry, or whether he was able to laugh it off with his friends. Their close friendship would ultimately drag Pusateri into Lee’s murder case: “I spoke to [Pusateri] briefly at her work, she works at a discount store. Following up on Jennifer Pusateri's interview, police questioned Jay Wilds, another one of Syed's classmates. When Lee's family found out, they quickly called the police. The fingernail clippings and the rope particularly raise some intriguing questions over the case. Although Welch had been asked to listen to Serial by more than one person, he said his decision was based on the merits of the case and was not handled differently from any other. 499. Lee felt overwhelmed and upset by the events of homecoming, and within days, had broken up with Syed. Fingerprints found on Lee's rear-view mirror were also tested and did not match Syed. She used it as the central story in a new podcast, Serial, which became massively popular. Interview: Director Amy Berg, on … The Playlist 90 - Amy Berg and 'The Case Against Adnan Syed', Here’s what you need to know about ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’. After years in court, Baltimore City Circuit Judge Martin Welch finally decided to vacate Syed's conviction - which meant he would get a new trial. Suspicious circumstances surrounded Mr. S's discovery, including his prior indecent exposure convictions and the location of the body, but in the end, police cleared him. Samples taken from Lee's body and car were tested for DNA from Syed, but nothing lined up. She wasn’t rude, but she was totally uninterested in talking to me. But an older Pusateri seems to be questioning Wilds’ version of events several years after the fact. Election results hang in balance. They maintained Syed had been at school during the entire period wherein something could have happened to Lee. Jen Pusateri gives CG the single most honest answer to any question in this trial. In the course of their investigation, Baltimore police obtained call records from Syed's cell phone. Pusateri’s police interviews and court testimony (along with Wilds’ own) were instrumental in convicting Syed of the killing. Jenn Pusateri (left) received six calls from Syed on the day Hae's body was found. Source: SBS. Its first season has become a true crime story for the history books, but how many people even know the basic Serial timeline? However, no foreign DNA was discovered in the samples, so whoever took Lee's life did not leave behind any evidence of this type. Source: SBS. In the span of less than a year, they went from teenage sweethearts to victim and chief suspect of a murder investigation, respectively. Pusateri also provided more details about her interactions with Wilds after the murder — most notably Wilds tossing the dirty clothes and boots he wore that night, as well as dumping the shovels he and Syed supposedly used to dig Lee’s grave — which eventually lead to the police interviewing Wilds and then using his interviews to help justify their case against Syed.

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