Nov 6, 2020

[77] The weather had also improved, permitting the Allied Air Forces to operate. Beginning in August, Peiper’s battalion quarters were near Cuneo. As one of his adjutants, Peiper joined Himmler's entourage on board the Reichsführer-SS's special train. He saw combat on both the Eastern Front against the Red Army and the Western Front against the Allies. Kampfgruppe Peiper was initially delayed by more than 16 hours when the 1st Battalion, 9th Fallschirmjger Regiment, 3rd Fallschirmjger Division took most of December 16 to defeat 18 men of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon, 394th Regiment, 99th Infantry Division who blocked the route near the tiny village of Lanzerath, Belgium in the Battle of Lanzareth ridge. By 1945, he was an SS-Standartenführer and the Waffen-SS's youngest regimental colonel. [39]:53 The repaired bridge, however, would not support the unit's heavy-armored half-tracks and assault guns. The great fame of Peiper as a Waffen SS commander during the "Battle of the Bulge" was born. [55], Peiper himself reported on the action, now known as the Boves massacre: "I am of the opinion that our action to free our encircled comrades in Boves nipped in the bud the Italian army's attack, for the army fell apart and no attack ever took place on Cuneo or Turin. He was married to Sigurd Hinrichsen. He was soon promoted to company commander. Himmler convinced him to enlist in the SS-Verfügungstruppe [10] and, in his 1935 résumé, Peiper wrote: "As a result of a personal exhortation by the Reichsführer-SS, Himmler, I have decided to strive for a career as an active senior SS officer. [51], After Italian forces capitulated to the Allies, the LSSAH was moved to Italy for two months to assist in disarming the Italian military and prevent them from attacking German forces. After the war Peiper was found guilty for war crimes and sentenced to life, but in 1956 he was secretly freed on parole. To gain skill at horseriding, he followed the advice of a family friend, General Walther von Reichenau,[9] and enlisted in the 7th SS Reiterstandarte on 12 October 1933. Joachim Peiper nace en Berlín, Alemania el 30 de enero de 1915, mejor conocido como Joachim, un oficial de las Waffen-SS que combatió durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial al servicio del Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. [11] In 1934, during the annual Nuremberg Rally, Peiper was promoted to SS-Sturmmann and later gained the attention of Heinrich Himmler. To obtain his release from prison, Peiper had to prove that he could obtain a job. [62] On 28 June, the 1st SS Panzer Regiment of Peiper arrived at the front and was immediately engaged in combat. [116] On 21 June tracts denouncing his presence were distributed in Traves. [71] Fritz Krämer, Chief of Staff for the 6th Panzer Army answered “I don’t care how and what you do. [13] After he completed the course, he was promoted to SS-Unterscharführer. [37], Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, the German situation had seriously worsened, especially in the battle for Stalingrad. Upon the death threats Peiper sent his family back to Germany. He would have to pierce the American lines between Aachen and the Schnee Eifel and seize bridges on the Meuse on both sides of Liège. [62], Tiger I tanks of the I SS Panzer Corps Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler close to Villers-Bocage (June 1944). The Allied landing in Normandy necessitated the return of the LSSAH to the Western Front.

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