Nov 6, 2020

", "John Major appointed European Chairman of the Carlyle Group", "Carlyle begins roadshow for float of private equity pioneer", "Royal wedding guest list includes friends, family – and a few dictators", "Royal wedding 2018: Prince Harry and Meghan married at Windsor", "Nelson Mandela: UK to send huge political delegation to South Africa", "Dignitaries from around the world attend funeral service of Barbara Bush", "Former British PM John Major will attend Bush's funeral service", "The Major-Currie affair – what the papers say", "Sue, grab it and run the country: The Major libel case was a farce with a darker side, says Steve Platt, editor of the New Statesman", "John Major, Edwina Currie and me, by Clare Latimer", "Forty million dollar Bill: Earning power of an ex-leader", "Bow Group President Sir John Major reflects on 20 years of the Northern Irish Peace Process and his role in it", "Mr Major's Statement on ERM Paper Release", "John Major leads calls for inquiry into conflict", "Cameron snubbed again as Major rules out mayor race", "BBC News – Ed Miliband asks Lib Dems to help draw up Labour policy", "Sir John Major urges Tory and Lib Dem pact to continue", "Private school influence in public life 'shocking' says Major", "John Major 'shocked' at privately educated elite's hold on power", "Scots independence threat to UK influence, says Sir John Major", "Scottish independence: Former prime minister John Major gives warning", "Sir John Major condemns Boris Johnson for 'routine attacks' on PM without 'any coherent' Brexit plan", "John Major calls for Commons vote on second referendum", "Boris Johnson faces Brexit challenges as he steps up talks with EU: Live updates", "General election: Former Tory PM John Major urges people to vote against Boris Johnson's candidates", "John Major warns rushed UK-EU trade deal will be 'flimsy, "Who has been UK's greatest post-war PM? [524][525] Talks also foundered over arms decommissioning, with the issue being referred to George J. Mitchell (United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland), resulting in the 'Mitchell Principles', which reiterated that all paramilitaries should disarm. Biography: Major, John. "[40] Major later moved in with Kierans when his family left Burton Road in 1965;[46][45] their relationship lasted from 1963 to sometime after 1968. [172] More successfully, Major managed to get the new European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) located in London. Who is the richest person in the world right now? He blocked the nomination of the Belgian Jean-Luc Dehaene as President of the Commission and got in his place a less wily and more federalist Luxembourger. [143] Major also met with US Secretary of State James Baker, where they primarily discussed the issue of Vietnamese boat people, and with Qian Qichen, Foreign Minister of China, becoming the first senior Western politician to meet with a Chinese official since the violent crackdown of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square the previous month. [127][128] Major successfully concluded a second round of such spending reviews in July 1988. [951], Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1990 to 1997, It has been suggested that this article be, It has been suggested that this section be. [716][717][718] War broke out between Serbia (led by the nationalist Slobodan Milošević) and Croatia (ruled by Franjo Tuđman) over the Serb-populated region of Slavonia region in north-east Croatia, prompting the UN to send in a peacekeeping force (UNPROFOR). The impressionist comedian Rory Bremner often mocked John Major, for example depicting him as 'John 90', a play on 1960s puppet show Joe 90;[875][876] his impersonation was so accurate that he managed to fool the MP Richard Body that he was really speaking to Major in a prank phone call. This event led to a loss of confidence in Major's economic policies and he was never able to achieve a lead in opinion polls again even as the economy eventually revived. Switching countries, I can personally attest to the warmth of Major’s relationship, actually friendship, with Helmut Kohl. But, the politicians who are said to have hides like rhinos and be utterly impervious to criticism, if they’re not extinct, they are very rare and I freely confess I wasn't amongst them. Sleaze will be one of the things which brings this government down. Upon becoming Prime Minister Major was keen to maintain strong links with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, inviting him to a G7 meeting in July 1991. Meantime with admiration and mild alarm, we will watch the French President’s efforts to increase the margin between French and British productivity by even more than the existing twenty per cent. Though aware that Britain was no longer the dominant global player it once was, Major sought to continue the pursuit of a proactive foreign policy so that Britain could continue to 'punch above its weight' on the international stage. [846] Paddy Ashdown, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats during Major's term of office, was more sympathetic, writing in 2017 that Major was "one of the most honest, brave and sincere men to ever be Prime Minister" and that his time in office compares favourably with that of his successor Tony Blair. [721] At a conference held in London later that month, Britain agreed with France to deploy a much more limited force charged with protecting refugees. [629][630][631], Major's Premiership coincided with a period of profound change in the international landscape, with the collapse of the USSR ending the Cold War, continued economic globalisation, the end of apartheid in South Africa and a continued push for European integration, though there were also serious conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. [742] There were tensions in the relationship from the outset, when it emerged that some (fairly low-level) Conservative figures had flown to America in 1992 to support Bush's re-election campaign, as well as offering to dig up 'dirt' on Clinton stemming from his student days at Oxford University in the late 1960s. In 1987, he joined the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and was promoted to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in July 1989 and Chancellor of the Exchequer in October. The age of consent was later equalised in 2000 under Tony Blair. [424][425][426][427] Powers were granted to enable 'failing' schools to be taken over from LEA control. [898] James later married Kate Postlethwaite (née Dorrell), the mother of his second son. [200][201] After discussions with her cabinet, in which many stated that though supporting her they doubted she could win, Thatcher announced her resignation as Prime Minister and Conservative Leader. Major had stated that the bill was a confidence matter and he withdrew the whip from them, effectively expelling them from the Party (plus a ninth who had later sided with the rebels). Hurd's reasoning was that lifting an arms embargo would only create a so-called "level killing field" and that airstrikes would expose UN and Anglo-French peacekeepers to Serb retaliation. I mean playing a leading role in the European Community. We could not continue to strut our stuff as the then independent point of balance between Europe, the United States and the Commonwealth; to use Churchill’s words, the sole member of these three rings: as it were the Lord of the Rings. [519][520] Major was incensed when US President Bill Clinton granted Gerry Adams a visa to visit the States in January 1994, despite Adams not yet having ruled out the IRA's continuing use of violence; after Adams visited the country in March 1995 Major refused to answer Clinton's phone calls for several days. In any event, they encouraged her, and she encouraged them, in mutually reinforcing serial acts of disloyalty to her successor.

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