Nov 6, 2020

Very Very thanks for you, because of try to our caste all surnames collected. Please add surname DABBARA with gothram Chunduru, Hi guys,Plz include MALAPATI in the list with Talluri goothram.ThanksVenu MalapatiATP, please include my surname TIRUMALA of MANCHINEELLA gothramwe are the native villagers of kanasanapalli , agiripalli mandalam of krishna district. Now these people were also hierarchical : the uppercrust became rajas and rajputs while the humble horseman or shepherd nomad slowly became absorbed in the mahar or similar group. Categorization of SC’s by caste basis is primarily supported by selfish Upper caste leaders who desperately try to preserve their power by promoting caste based vote-bank politics. Jangams were traveling priests begging from Malas and at night they were to keep vigilance at the graveyards. pls add it with aalluri gothram, Please add DAMECHARLA (SURNAME) ... POKANDLA (GOTHRAM). Pambala priest are famous for their black magic like Yanthra, Manthra, Thanthra and they played major role in village goddess jataras. somasekhar naidu surname:savagothram:pogunolla. They are very tough and capable of sustained physical work which few communities can match. This comment has been removed by the author. Unfortunately this tactic is used by the dominant upper castes to polarize both groups and alienating them from political e mpowerment. SOME PEOPLE WITH SURNAME BHAMIDIPATI ARE KAMMAS!THERE IS NO NAME AT ALL IN YOU LIST!PLEASE ADD IT! Overall, the Malas are still very poor labourers, but many have taken to education and have joined the middle class. These Christians from Andhra, found gainful employment in mission schools and colleges, significantly elevating their social position. There are very few Mala industrialists. My surname is OBILINENI,KANCHARLA gotram please add this in the above list. Origin of Caste : The division of warrior class into many castes and their consolidation commenced in the time of Prataparudra I (1158-1195 A.D). WELCOME TO GRATE HISTORICAL KAMMA COMMUNITY, FAMOUS KAMMA LEADERS IN POLITICAL PARTIES, KAMMA -- KNOWN PERSONALITIES(FILM DIRECTORS), KAMMA -- KNOWN PERSONALITIES(TELUGU MOVIE HEROS). what about sudireddy gotram, can u tell me? pls let me know whether vallutla and vullutla gothrams are of same???? 985 see under Mala). There are so many Malas below the poverty levels who barely can afford one meal. You may verify and include the same.bySUBBA RAO MUTYALA, there is no surname of "NALLAPATI" with gothram "PULAPALA" ... you may verify n add this, surname"VEMULA" gotram"NYNARALLA" this is not there please add to the list, For yamparala surname gotram poneelu is missing in the above listPlease update, please update surname 'Veluru' as well in the above list. Please add Chiramaneni sirnamte to Talluru gothra, Please add Chiramaneni sirname to Talluru gothra, Dear There is no "GARMELLA" Gothram found in the Blog for CHERUKURI surname these are from PENUMATHSA, Near MOVVASivakumar Cherukuri, Please add for "CHERUKURI" surname the Gothram is "GARIMELLA". Gopala krishnaPlease include eegalapati surname and gothram pogonolla. Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu during the period 1996-97 appointed Justice Ramachandra Raju Commission to study Categorisation among scheduled castes and later came out with A.P.Scheduled Castes(Rationalisation of Reservation) Act, 2000 categorizing the 15% SC Reservation Quota into four subgroups A, B, C, D (C-Malas, B-Madigas). The case is pending with supreme court since 2005 when it was filed on behalf of Dalit Christians & Dalit Muslims(Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz). Rao formed and led Mala Mahanadu Movement and took the sub-categorization to Supreme Court of India. At the same time they are said to be always thinking about some shortcut scheme or the other, somewhat lazy . i hurted alot .konanki kartheek should be added.try to get full surnames of khamma's...if not try to get as soon as possible..... HiPlease Gothram: Niumaalato the surname: maddipati, Please add the Gothram: Nirumaalato surname: maddipati.

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