Nov 6, 2020

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Taking up the Justice Arcana, Ken is available Tuesday and Thursday in the evenings and is only accessible from September 1st onwards. She's located next to the teacher lounge on the first floor. Mitsuru is of the Empress Arcana Social Link. When a Social Link is reversed, the character in question will be visible with a broken heart icon in a speech bubble above their head. She represents the Strength arcane and is a great early game Social Link to pursue, as she doesn’t require any additional social stats to initiate. Maya’s a rather interesting Social Link. While Aigis is incredibly likable, she doesn’t have much on Mutatsu, a Buddhist monk and the representative of the Tower Arcana. Also Social Links can have calendar-dated events that you may attend with the subject in question. User Info: crab_boy321. Answer this Question. I came out on the top for the october exams. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It’s just a great story overall. She’s the Student Council Treasurer, and thus can be found next to its entrance. Fukka’s Social Link is of the Priestess Arcana and is available starting June 19th. The main character used the Great Seal against Nyx so that mankind will be prevented from calling out to Nyx. Whether or not this is Mitsuru is purely speculation. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. This process will help repair it through getting a fortune you can feel your bond healing. Social links are basically what allows you to create bigger and better Personas as the game wears on, and gain items or interesting backstory information on many of the characters, based on the Major Arcana (Chariot, Emperor, Empress, The Fool, etc). In the female MC route, Akihiko represents the Star Arcana, and his Social Link is only made available from May 25th onwards. Of course, there’s still the typical Social Link drama, but the stakes aren’t too high and the romance that develops between the main character & Mitsuru is well handled. The second Social Link that is automatically leveled up is Judgement, which increases as you climb Tartarus for the final fight. Her relationship with the main character is given more weight than with any other character in the game. Her link starts once you’ve attended your athletic club a handful of times and it’s pretty self-explanatory from then on. After the accident, Gekkoukan High constantly turns into Tartarus during the Dark Hour. Mitsuru (Empress) You must have max knowledge and got 1st place in an exam in order to start this social link. Mitsuru takes part in the final battle against Nyx, and the SEES members are successful in defeating her and saving the world in the process. Mitsuru Kirijo is the only daughter of Takeharu Kirijo, the president of the Kirijo Group. But somehow, the experiments got out of control, and the Shadows and Dark Hour were born from it. She’s only made available fairly late in the game and thus gives the player little time to max out her link. But later on, she reveals to the new SEES members that somehow she has been connected to the origins of the Dark Hour and Tartarus, as well as the mysterious Shadows, the main enemies of the game. Players eager to start Fuuka’s Social Link will first have to put time into maxing out their courage. (Huge Spoiler...?). Through Aigis, players see life develop firsthand. The player and Maiko slowly bond together, with the player even being given the opportunity to give her advice. One great thing about the female MC is how her route expanded on certain characters backgrounds and personalities. Initially not datable in the original Persona 3, Aigis represented the Aeon Arcana from FES onwards. Akinari lives on through his story, and through the memories he made with the player. They decide to open the door to the past and figure out the reasons of his death, and possibly prevent him from dying. RELATED: Persona Vs SMT: Which One Is Better? Players are rewarded by receiving special items that can help with fusing certain rare personas as well. It's getting late. Romancing her smoothly means being patient, meeting her halfway, and not trying to rush things. Persona 3’s best Social Links are the ones with the most development. the SEES group, old people at a book store, and the one with a student in my class Mitsuru's Social Link isn't all that hard to access with one exception. 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Alternativly, you can visit the shrine and do a luck draw while thinking of said Social Link. end. Another main character, Mitsuru spends most of the game as SEES’ mature leader, but her Social Link reveals a much softer side, one that’s funny, charming, and endlessly endearing. The Magician -- Classmate Kenji Tomochika Social Link, The Priestess -- Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link, The Empress -- Mitsuru Kirijo Social Link, The Emperor -- Student Council Disciplinary Committee Head Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link, The Chariot -- Sports Club Member Kazushi Miyamoto Social Link, Justice -- Student Council Treasurer Chihiro Fushimi Social Link, The Hermit -- MMORPG Maya Y-ko Social Link, Fortune -- Culture Club Keisuke Hiraga Social Link, Strength -- Team Manager Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link, The Hanged Man -- Young Girl Maiko Social Link, Death -- Mysterious Boy Pharos Social Link, Temperance -- Exchange Student Bebe Social Link, The Devil -- Business man Tanaka Social Link, The Tower -- Strange Monk Mutatsu Social Link, The Star -- Rival Mamoru Hayase Social Link, The Moon -- Gourmet King Nozomi Suemitsu Social Link, The Sun -- Dying Young Man Akinari Kamiki Social Link, Judgement -- Nyx Annihilation Team Social Link. Mitsuru is one of the many girls the main character can date. But not anywhere near as great as Akinari Kamiki’s Social Link. re: Mitsuru Empress Social Link I have maxed Academics, gotten top of the class in an exam, and it is after the Kyoto trip, but the social link didn't activate when speaking to her at school. when and how can i start a social link with mitsuru. The Social Link is incredibly fun, though. There are a few ways to reverse a social link. Players wanting to date Yukari will have to max out their charm beforehand. Learning that he has abandoned his family and that he’s basically indulging in his vices to keep away from them is a heavy revelation, but it transitions into Mutatsu cleaning up his act and preparing to reconnect with those that he left behind. Rank 3: Ask her to treat you > Does that make you happy > anything > Agree to forget about it . when and how can i start a social link with mitsuru? But not anywhere near as great as Akinari Kamiki’s Social Link. In order to start her Social Link, you have to talk to her three times and give the correct answers. There’s something very likable about a realistic character like Yukari. Ryoji’s Social Link is a bit of a rare case given that it’s an automatic one. Search this site. It’s endearing, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s thought-provoking. She’s incredibly chaotic, but she’s also clearly mature and gets her priorities straight before the end of the Link. She is, hands down, the best handled romance in the game. In that case, Bebe can still be found, though you’ll find him in front of the Home Economics room instead. The Protagonist might have played a part in Mitsuru's life. Some social links really help define characters in Persona 3. A Tragic Link chronicling a young man at the end of his life, Akinari is one of the best representations of Persona 3’s main theme of death. A young girl representing the Hanged Man arcana, Maiko Oohashi’s parents are going through a divorce and she spends most of her time hanging out at the Shrine. Throughout the entire game, you establish and strengthen these links, 'unlocking' bigger and better Personas to create and fill your menagerie with.

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