Nov 6, 2020

You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! I don’t like the rhetoric of Trump.”, In Richfield, Trump supporter Brent Ruby, 34, held up a Trump flag on a street corner, saying he backs the president because of the economy. Biden sought to mobilize Democratic strongholds in the Twin Cities and the suburbs while aiming to not lose quite as much rural support as Democrat Hillary Clinton did four years ago. I think he might. The Washington Post said that quote was the result of "deceptive editing" when played in another ad by former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign. The Trump administration steered billions of dollars in aid to farmers affected by his trade policies. Viewers should be aware that the facts don’t matter to these deranged TV hosts, and they are trafficking in synthetic media and disinformation.”. [UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT], So Far, So Good [Updated--Yuan Tanking--More Updates]. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough repeatedly aired a Democratic super PAC's ad containing a claim that multiple independent fact-checkers have described as misleading or false. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The Incompetent Blowhard If you have been following Scott’s Coronavirus In One State series, you know that the Incompetent Blowhard is Minnesota’s left-wing Governor, Tim Walz. Trump used his last campaign stop in Minnesota to rail against the crowd restrictions imposed by Gov. by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics: Joshua Klein of Breitbart News reported on a leaked document that the conservative outlet obtained revealing a plan by radical leftist organizations to stoke up unrest in Minnesota after a potential Trump victory. Fox News Flash top headlines for March 25, NPR corrects its own fact-check on flu death statistic, Coronavirus questions answered: Financial experts on what do after losing your job, Sen. Joni Ernst: Iowa and State Dept. Police arrested dozens of people in New York, Portland, Oregon, and other cities overnight at protests demanding all votes be counted in the race for…, Election officials in key battleground states pushed back on claims by the Trump campaign that Republican poll watchers were being improperly denied access to observe…. Both said they voted third party in 2016 because they didn’t think Trump would win. Trump sought to leverage the urban unrest that followed the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by championing law enforcement and criticizing calls by some elected officials in Minneapolis to dismantle the police force or reduce police budgets. Since his election, the president has come to Minnesota more than a dozen times. At his last campaign rally in the state, Trump again went after one of his favorite targets. As in past elections, the Democrat’s victory was driven by … “It was too important not to vote for Biden,” said Duffney, who said he’s voted for both parties in past elections but this year went straight Democratic ticket. Biden, though slower to send resources to Minnesota, signaled in recent months that he would not take the state for granted. A PAC tied to former Obama aide David Plouffe is also planning to spend millions in attack ads targeting several key swing states. I think the reason why the president wants the ad off the air is because it does something that he is not familiar with -- it tells the truth.". So if all of the state's races aren't called by the end of the night, do not be alarmed or surprised. "Every independent fact-checker who looked at the claim that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax said it was totally false. In 2018, she became the first Somali-American member of Congress. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Between playing the videos, Scarborough didn't address the specific quote but openly wondered what basis the Trump campaign had for sending television stations cease-and-desist letters. During the 2020 campaign, he has tried desperately to win over the state's voters. Fevered interest in the presidential race was likely the main driver of Minnesota’s heavy voter turnout in the days leading up to Election Day, with early voters coming out in record numbers amid a new surge in COVID-19 diagnoses and hospitalizations. The implication, though, is the same -- that Trump used the hoax label for the virus itself rather than Democrats' response to it. Biden visited Minnesota once during the campaign, and Jill Biden has made two trips to the state. 'working desperately' to bring stranded Americans home. To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest from election night, subscribe to our free real-time news alerts for the most up to date results and news. “But I wanted to at least put in my opinion. As for Biden, Ruby said, “I think he is going to bring us back to being in all kinds of wars, and I think he’s going to close down the economy.”. He was previously the paper's politics/government team leader, supervising a team of reporters who cover Minnesota politics in St. Paul and Washington. In the ad, the tone shifts between "the coronavirus" and "this is their new hoax," potentially signaling to viewers that they were separate quotes. "Ok, I'm looking at that ad and I'm looking at these quotes that I got I think from a New York Times article and a Washington Post and a Wall Street Journal articles about what the president said and it sounds like all that ad's doing is actually quoting him," Scarborough said. This is their new hoax.".

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