Nov 6, 2020

(which in many cases isn't even posted.). Just when he thought he was one step ahead of the rider, he quickly found out he was 2 steps behind. The stunt rider dumps the clutch while throttle is pinned, causing the rider to accidentally pop a wheelie through the busy intersection. Newer Post Older Post Home. That place is seriously dicked when it comes to bikes. One day, headed home from a friends house, taking a short stretch on the highway as I pass the police station and a cop was sitting there in his SUV sees me, flips the lights and tears out after me. Damn a $10,000 ticket and vehicle impounded? I parked the bike, quickly hopped off and pulled off my jacket and helmet, shoved them under the bike and power walked into the new nearest store which was an att store, pulled out my phone, shaking with adrenaline and in a shaky voice asked to see if I can upgrade my phone so that I didn't seem like I was just sitting around loitering. this is how I'll die" and pulled over. The fuckers caught up every turn because I had an inexpirienced buddy on the back, so had to take corners a bit safer for his sakes and mine. Whether it gets to that point or not, your best bet is to duck off and find the best hiding spot you can get to, and get there fast. Notice to the right of the screen you will see the Cop's lights flashing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Thank you for watching this insane cops VS motorcycle police chase of bikers accident while running from cops that results in huge crash and epic fail when moto rider running away from cops goes horrible wrong! Motorcycle crashes running from the police. Watch as motorcyclist is chased by the cops & runs away from the police when the police chase goes horrible wrong for the biker after street bike rider has nearly fatal accident … MOTORCYCLE CRASHES RUNNING FROM POLICE SUN NIGHT AT MO-43 & HWY C. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Robert D. Stevens, 27, of Joplin sustained non-life threatening injuries # JoplinNewsFirst # KSNlocalnews # KODEnews. You must be in Onterrible. You’ll see cop try to tackle stunter off his motorcycle while rider is at red light. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, want to get YouTube famous, impress your friends, simply to make a video or in high hopes that BikesVsCops, Streetfighterz, Blox Stars or StuntRide will see your video and repost it with a shout out. The police continue to chase the rider for about a 1/2 mile till rider smashes into curb island that separates a turning lane. I guess most people in high speed pursuits turn right statistically. Share on Twitter. September 3, 2017 by admin 0 Comments. I immediately took off and after the first half mile, I approached a red light. CLICK for the story I haven't technically evaded the police yet (lights and sirens going), but I've ran from many cops who tried flipping a Uturn or started to pull out of somewhere when I pass. I was heading home from class one day going down a relatively busier boulevard. 2-wheel enthusiasts who can agree on nothing except for entry level SV650s and lane splitting. Fuck that, almost everyone I know would run in that case. INSANE Cops VS Motorcycle Police Chase Biker Drags Cop Running From The Cops Street Bike Crashes Fails Caught On Tape 2016!!! I called my roommate who picked me up and took me home. Press J to jump to the feed. Details. As the video states, the first step to take your flee is to downshift into 1st gear as you approach the shoulder of the roadway. B) Snap the fucking throttle open and run from a car that will never catch your sport bike. Motorcycle crashes after rider loses all control looping out a wheelie while slipping between two cars trying to get away from the cops. Just as the traffic is about to pass you, give your fair well and take off, leaving the Officer blocked in by oncoming traffic. //

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