Nov 6, 2020

Nicholas Earp was born in Lincoln County, North Carolina, to Walter Earp (b. She died before 1887. Morgan and Warren on the other hand, were much younger and never particularly close to their older half-brother. In accordance with the legal provisions, you can ask for the removal of your name and the name of your minor children. [3][4] He was said to have hunted buffalo in 1873 near Peace, Kansas. After another Earp family relocation to California, Newton became a carpenter, building homes in northern California as well as northwestern Nevada. They were never married but remained together the remainder of his life. [11] Descendants Newton Earp. This article does not contain any citations or references. He and the other Earp brothers had received death threats earlier in the day. Marshal. He was not present at the Gunfight at the O.K. Wyatt won by 137 votes to Newton's 108, but their father Nicholas lost the election for justice of the peace in a very close four-way race. [5] He had also migrated to Wyoming and Nevada[3], probably settling in the towns of Casper and Paradise before moving to California. California Department of Health and Welfare, "[EARP, Martha]. Some time prior to 1880, Nicholas and Virginia Earp moved back to California, settling in San Bernardino County. "[17], This evening Mr. Earp had another rippet [sic] with his son Warren [for] fighting [with] Jimmy Hatten. On the side of Nicholas Porter Earp, born 6 September 1813 - Lincoln Co., NC, deceased 12 November 1907 - Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co., CA aged 94 years old, Constable, Wagon Master. Newton and Virgil fought several battles in the east before returning home. He served briefly as a deputy marshal in Dodge City, Kansas under Marshal Charlie Bassett. He was also a cooper and sheriff. [11] The newlyweds then joined his father and siblings in San Bernardino, California in southern California, where most of the family had relocated. [23], Nicholas Earp died at The Soldier's Home in Sawtelle, California, on February 12, 1907, shortly after he was elected to the Los Angeles County court. [12] Newton died at age 91 in Sacramento, California on December 18, 1928. [5], Newton was born in Ohio County, Kentucky, to Nicholas Earp and his first wife, Abigail Storm. Nicholas changed plans and moved to Pella, Iowa. Abigail died at the early age of 26 on October 8, 1839 in Hartford, Kentucky and just eight months following the birth of their second child, daughter Mariah Ann Earp. millier GeneaStars. James then lived for a short time in Shoshone County, Idaho, until settling permanently by 1890 in California. Local constables in Peoria, Illinois, likely considered him to be a pimp as they arrested him three times during 1872 for being found in a brothel. [18], In spring 1868, Nick, Ginnie, Morgan, Warren, and Adelia returned to the mid-west and Lamar, Missouri, where Nicholas became the local constable. He was in the Union army during the Civil War, serving as a part of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, and eventually mustered out with the rank of corporal. [7], Newton J. Earp, first city marshal of Garden City, Kansas,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 18:37. He married Jennie (last name unknown) in 1854. [18], Within the next year Virgil got a job driving a freight wagon to Salt Lake City and took Wyatt with him. Virgil eloped at age sixteen with 16-year-old Dutch immigrant Magdalena C. "Ellen" Rysdam (born November 25, 1842 in Utrecht, Netherlands – died May 3, 1910 in Cornelius, Oregon). They became embroiled in a conflict with outlaw Cowboys that led to a confrontation and shootout on October 26, 1881, later known as the Gunfight at the O.K. [41] He died within the hour. She died before 1887. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Newton enlisted in the Union Army, along with both James and Virgil on November 11, 1861. Newton married Nancy Jane (Jennie) Adam sometime between 1865 and 1868.

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