Nov 6, 2020

Kali Birbhum ய இதம் படதி ஸ்தோத்திர சுபம் தஸ்ய ந ஸம்ஸய: இதி ப்ரணயே ஸ்துத்வாச யோநிமுத்ராம் ப்ரதர்ஸயேத் When you have the ghee lamp on your study desk, make sure that you keep stuffs that will easily catch fire away from the ghee lamp. Neela Saraswati is also sometimes spelled as Nila Saraswati, Neel Saraswati and Nil Saraswati. May 2019 Neela devi or neela sarawati is a part of Tara Mahvavidya only. But, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide will help in terms of concentration and memory. Small quantity of honey (a tablespoon will do) or anything sweet made with honey too can be offered to Goddess Neela Saraswati. The Neela Saraswati Maha Mantra is the Maha Mantra dedicated to Goddess Neela Saraswati. Daily exercise is essential too. If you are unable to chant the mantra on a daily basis, you may chant it on Thursdays. Pranam Guruji, Her bija mantra is ‘Aim’. The Neela Saraswati Maha Mantra in Roman Transliteration  : Ōṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ hrīṁ aiṁ hūṁ nīla sarasvati phaṭ svāhā. Laxshmi Consume green leafy vegetables. Her mantra is described as Siddha-Vidhya, the cause of Maya. Navadurga Highly beneficial for students wishing to continue their studies in higher learning institutions. Indological Books , 'Nila Saraswati Tantram - S.K. Durga : Thank you to Mrs. Dhanalakshmi Shridhar for contributing the Neela Saraswathi Stotram in Tamil. த்ருத பத்திகரே தேவி, ஸெளம்ய க்ரோததரே ரூபே சண்டரூபே நமோஸ்துதே In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! You can use rosary beads (japa mala) made out of clear quartz crystal (spadika mala) or pearl or even moonstone for the japa of the Neela Saraswati Maha Mantra. We are also the authentic supplier of astrological products. Everyone wants to get rid of his enemies and everything becomes fine in life, but this does not happen. The Neela Saraswathi Mantra is also chanted to remove obstacles and hindrances in one’s education. April 2020 January 2012 Besides that, blue coloured flowers such Butterfly Pea too can be offered. Neela Saraswathi Stotram Mantra For Students To Continue Their Higher Studies & To Successfully Get Scholarships. *You may also be interested in reading the Neela Saraswati Moola Mantra, Neela Saraswati Gayatri Mantra, Neela Saraswati Stotra, and Neela Saraswati Mantra. This powerful mantra can be chanted by anyone regardless of gender and age. July 2012 This Nila Saraswati Maha Mantra can also be chanted while performing havan (homa) for the Goddess. Neela Saraswati is also sometimes spelled as Nila Saraswati, Neel Saraswati and Nil Saraswati. Parents can also chant the mantra on behalf their kids by adding their child’s name, rasi (moon sign), and nakshatra (birth star) before the start of the Neela Saraswathi Mantra. February 2016 June 2012 Constant chanting of this mantra will also help to increase one’s imagination skills. May 2012 The Neela Saraswati Maha Mantra is given below : Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Aim Hoom Neela Saraswati Phat Swaha. Tags: Blue SaraswathiChanda Munda NamosthutheChantsHara Meh DheviHoma Priye NamahHuman behaviorLola Jihwantha KariniMaha Pragnaa PrajayatheMantraMantra For ScholarshipMantra For Study GrantMantra To Get Into CollegeMantra To Get Into UniversitiesMeditationMysticismNeel SaraswatiNeel Saraswati MantraNeel Saraswati Stotraneela deviNeela Devi Saraswathi MantraNeela Devi StotramNeela SaraswathiNeela Saraswathi MantraNeela Saraswathi StotramNeela Saraswathi Stotram In EnglishNeela Saraswathi Stotram In TamilNil SaraswatiNil Saraswati MantraNil Saraswati Stotranila deviNila SaraswathiReligionSpiritual practiceSpiritualityनिल सरस्वति मन्त्र​नील सरस्वतिनील सरस्वति मन्त्र​नीला सरस्वतिनीला सरस्वति मन्त्र​নীল সরস্বতীনীল সরস্বতী মংত্রনীলা সরস্বতীনীলা সরস্বতী মংত্রનીલ સરસ્વતિનીલા સરસ્વતિநீல​ சரஸ்வதிనీల సరస్వతిನೀಲ ಸರಸ್ವತಿ. Any fragrant white flowers such as Jasmine, White Champa, and White Rose can be offered (though, white lotus flower is most auspicious to Goddess Saraswati). October 2020 Students longing for financial aids such as scholarships, study grants, and educational loans can pray to Goddess Neela Saraswathi. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Best Days To Chant (If you are unable to chant daily) : Thursdays, Best Day For Initiating This Mantra : Any Wednesday (preferably, during the waxing moon and during Buddha Hora), Best Time To Chant : During Brahma Muhurtha and/or during Buddha Hora. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. May 2018 Besides, one can also recite the book of Neel Saraswati Stotra in regular worship of Mother Saraswati Devi.

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