Nov 6, 2020

Walkers Visalia Stock Saddle... 1849 Old West Californian Slim Jim Holster, Western Fast Draw Gun Belt & Holster Sets, Western Hunting Gun Belt and Holster Sets, Western Gun Belt and Holster Sets Semi Automatic, Exotic Hide Holster, Belt, Mag Pouch Sets, Ammunition Slides, Pouches, Speed Loaders, Old West Replica Guns in Presentation Box, German Silver Gun Grips Sterling & Gold Plated, Frontier Classics Old West Coats, Dusters & Frocks, Handmade Men's Buckskin Shirts 4/25/20 - 5/4/20 Sale, Handmade Buckskin Split Riding Skirt Outfit. RIDE FOR THE BRAND – That was a phrase used in the old west. Basic rigs are unlined and the gun belts are provided with up to, HOW TO MEASURE FOR A GUN BELT ~ BE SURE TO READ THIS. We do NOT have a shopping cart. We should be able to make them for you. Please enjoy looking over the photos on this site. For antiquing and distressing add $49.95 per piece. We produce all of our items in russet, vegetable tanned, Wickett & Craig fine tooling leather. Note: we make gear based on the stock firearm and accessories. Our leather gear is made in the natural russet color from the tannery. We feel that is rude and we prefer to spend time talking to you and tailoring Old West cowboy leather to your specific needs. Call anytime between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM East coast time. Old West Leather Belts, Holsters, Spur Straps, Saddlebags, and Tack Single Loop Holster with One Piece Cartridge Belt in Chestnut Half Flap Holster with one piece cartridge belt in chestnut Double Loop Holster with Standard Cartridge Belt in Russet (Click on photo to get a larger view). We do our best to recreate items as close as possible, but all of the creations are “Our Versions” of the originals. Snug it up horizontally and give us that measurement. But over the years, the top side of the holster was cut down further and further until ll of the handle of the gun and part of the trigger guard were exposed so that the gun could be gripped faster and pulled from the holster faster. 13. Our special focus is on clean neat even stitching and smooth finished edges. 3. Note: we only use free range American cattle hides, therefore you will occasionally find an insect bite mark, wrinkle or a barb wire scar. Whether your preference is cowboy action shooting, authentic western, modern, concealment, or military, we offer the premier holster to fit your need. We are currently about 6 -7 months in back order and the wait is worth it. ALL OF OUR MATERIALS, LEATHER, HARDWARE, BUCKLES, COLOR STAIN, FINISH, ETC. Badge has a heavy pin clasp on the back side and is not as thick as the U.S. THE BADGE ON THE LEFT IS THE ORIGINAL IN SILVER COLOR. Box 612 Newnan, However, we can complete some orders over the internet if you wish. They are really great folks. More about these knives and pricing on our knife button. Paddle made in USA. The original holster, which is in our collection, can be seen on Page 79 in the book, "Packing Iron", by Richard Rattenbury. Standard shipping and handling is $24.95 for priority USPS with tracking and insurance. We are offering this badge at an introductory price of $59.95. At Kirkpatrick Leather Company we continue to promote our Western heritage by manufacturing high quality, hard-working, authentic Old West holsters and belts. Menea in Cheyenne, Wyoming during the 1880's and 1890's is constructed of genuine top quality... Our version of the 1875 FA Meanea Design Cheyenne Double Loop Gun Pistol Holster is hand crafted from only the finest quality top grain leather. The other half of the leather was folded down behind the full length of the pouch to make the “skirt.” From two to six slits were then cut horizontally through the middle of this skirt, forming one, two or three straps that the pouch was inserted down through to form the finished holster. He learned leather working skills from John O’Rourke of Hartsell, Alabama who is one of the best leather crafters extant. PLEASE READ NOTES BELOW PRIOR TO ORDERING: 1. Her father made his living by tanning leather and her mother colored leather for the Lawrence Leather Company. Bob Arganbright has been especially helpful with his knowledge of movie and TV western rigs and patterns, Jeff Carnes has helped numerous time and is a master when working with curved cowboy belts and floral tooling and has won significant awards. We will continue evolving this discipline as we bring to light more famous outlaw and lawman leather that would have been lost to posterity if these processes had not been completed. ***NOTE ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE***. Due to changing and increasing costs for materials from our suppliers – our prices are subject to change without notice. Quality Old West & Modern Gun Leather Products. They were used by cowboys and ranchers throughout our history. You would be surprised at how many museums are closing and selling these items. Take a soft tape measure and put this around your midsection right where you would like to wear your gun belt, over the clothes you are going to wear. You get a discount by ordering on line. per piece. Authentic Old West Holsters by Chisholm’s Trail Leather. A limited number made so order your authentic copy today. Saturday we will be in the shop working on your holster and gun belt. trust your pant or belt size as marked. Click on the HISTORICAL HOLSTERS words below to see our line of authentic old west holsters and gun leather OR click on the WESTERN MOVIE HOLSTERS words to see our line of movie holsters and gun leather. Here at Chisholm’s Trail, we have visited most of the significant museums and private collections in our quest to bring accurate, authentic, historical gun leather to light. 16. Please feel free to contact us anytime reasonable East coast time. The 1849 Main & Winchester Designed California Slim Jim style pistol... Our Slim Jim holster is hand crafted from the finest leather. Chisholm’s Trail Old West Leather is official and trademark has been applied for. There will be additional charge if special shipping or large boxes are required. Available in a variety of configurations, our Cowboy holsters are patterned after the ones used during the days of the Wild West. We can not guarantee the exact shade if you order items at different times. REPLICA BLACK POWDER FIREARMS FROM OUR OWN PERSONAL COLLECTION FOR SALE BELOW. All photographs on this website are copyrighted and may. Once they are in private collections it is almost impossible to see or examine them ever again. You would be surprised at how many museums are closing and selling these items. Buckle alone ~ $59.95. The heavy weight construction also makes sure the holsters stay open when re-holstering. They feature 24 hand molded bullet loops and come equipped with high quality solid steel and brass hardware. If you have modifications such an accessory rail on your firearm, an extended clip or a bumper pad at the bottom of your magazine then it is, Old West gun belts and holsters, western custom leather belts and other cowboy gear is what Chisholm’s Trail Leather is famous for, partner. We believe in the personal touch and will enjoy discussing any new project or design with you. All exotic hides and skins we use are obtained legally and we are assured the proceeds go for game management and improvement in wildlife habitat. To the drop leg holsters reminiscent of TV classics like Bonanza, Maverick and Gunsmoke. For 70 years we have been making quality gun leather that is beautiful, functional and durable. For this reason we DO NOT  use a shopping cart concept. This is also the same rig that Kurt Russell wears as Wyatt Earp in the excellent western film, Tombstone {1993}. Two Replica Winchester 1873 for sale ~ P.O.R. If you have photos or examples of gun leather we do not make, please e-mail photos of them. We stitch our cowboy holsters with very strong 7 cord bonded nylon thread and we double stitch them at stress points. If we have not made it before we will make it anyway. These original items are obtained as we travel out West every year, visiting museums and notable personal collections. Chisholm’s Trail Leather from SMD Productions on Vimeo . This is why craftsmanship on our Old West gun belts is rare and of high quality. This will allow for easy on and easy off carry. 13. Click on the arrow above to watch the video. Note: try to order all of your items at the same time, or there could be a slight color shade difference due to different cow hides taking oil base color stain slightly darker or lighter. Chisholm’s Trail is a frequent supplier of Old West Cowboy & modern gun leather to the Film Industry. ORDERING IS SIMPLE AND EASY for Old West gun belts and other cowboy gear : We DO NOT believe in the “shopping cart” concept. We will continue evolving this discipline as we bring to light more famous outlaw and lawman leather that would have been lost to posterity if these processes had not been completed. 1870 Slim Jim Old Frontier Holster The 1870 Slim Jim Western Cowboy pistol holster is a high quality scabbard holster, modeled after fine examples of the Frontier West. Sit a spell and look over the custom and historical leather items we make, including holsters, gun belts, knife sheaths, rifle scabbards, saddle bags, spur straps, hat bands, buckles, and more. So saddle-up, toughen-up, cowboy-up and buy Chisholm’s Trail gun leather.

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