Nov 6, 2020

Johnny Herbert’s Grand Pric World Champions – Intense Games This interface is still somewhat interactive, with various areas to click on, but is much less involved and doesn’t feel like a game on its own like version 2 does; that style would not return. Out of the Park 3 *Terminal Velocity [DOS] Absolute Pinball Battlezone II – Activision Wipeout XL – Psygnosis (Requires 3D Accelerator) NBA Live 2000 – EA Sports The Last Express – Broderbund Soldier of Fortune II GEX Minecraft Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Giants: Citizen Kabuto – Reaper demo This is CD 2 of PC Gamer's cover CD from July 1998 (Issue 58) - UK Edition. — MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Contents: Virtual Pool (Interplay) Buried in Time (Sanctuary Woods) Warriors (Mindscape) Jagged Alliance (Sir-Tech) Necrobius (Microprose) Hodj 'n' Podg (Virgin) Brain Dead 13 (ReadySoft) BC Racers (U.S. Gold) Terminal Velocity (Apogee) Machiavelli the Prince (Microprose) Shanghai Great Moments (Activision) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (GameTek) PlayNet (APC, Inc.) "Cheat Utilities" ImagiNation Network GEnie Online Network with Cyberstrike and SVGA Super Air Warrior. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Advenure Pinball: The Lost Island Galactic Civilizations II * Baseball Mogul * The Game Club PATCHES * Betrayal in Antara * Birthright (DOS & Windows) * Creatures * Fire Fight * FPS Golf * Heroes... PC Gamer Magazine (Italian Edition) Coverdisc Year IV - n. 31 Disc 1 of 2 DEMOS * Final Fantasy VII * Burnout * Net Fighter * Heavy Gear * Dink Smallwood * Empiriana * Pharaoh's Ascent * Armor Command * Black Dahlia * Dominion * Grand Prix Legends * The Realm PATCHES * Chasm: The Rift * Civil War Generals 2 * Descent II * Entrepreneur * Flight Unlimited II * Joint Strike Fighter * Longbow 2 * Need for Speed SE * Shadows of the Empire ADDONS * Civil War Generals 2 * Doom 2 * Duke Nukem 3D *... PC Gamer Magazine (Italian Edition) Coverdisc Year IV - n. 26 Disc 1 of 2 DEMOS * Tomb Raider II * Men In Black * Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II * Joint Strike Fighter * Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far * Sub Culture * Age of Empires * iF-16 * Die by the Sword * NetStorm * Virtual Pool 2 * netWAR * WarHeads * Chasm: The Rift * Chessmaster Live * Excalibur 2555 AD * Mass Destruction * You Don't Know Jack TV * The Realm PATCHES / ADDONS * ABC's Monday Night Football '98 * Achtung Spitfire! Outcast – Infogrames Klingon Academy Evil Islands -Mod: Half-Life (two exclusive maps). Medieval: Total War Moto Racer 2 – EA — Assorted independent PC horror game creators are banding together to replicate the old compilation experience. 7.35 – Holiday 2003 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Forsaken – Acclaim Eschelon iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter – Interactive Magic Klingon Honor Guard – MicroProse The 4th Coming – Viacom (repeat inclusion of this online game) Deer Hunter – Sunstorm Interactive *Alganon: After the Dawning (free-with-cash-shop MMO, installer is on the disc, download the rest) -Video: Unreal II, 7.28 – May 2003 (again, nothing listed on back of sleeve)

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