Nov 6, 2020

of the two races. After a larger riot in 1974, the school's mascot, a Confederate rebel, was subsequently changed to a gator. This corporate entity was filed approximately twenty-eight years ago on Monday, March 9, 1992 , according to public records filed with Florida Department of State. After three Seminole Wars, it defeated some, forcing their removal to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma. This is a shot of the old car dealer which is now only a memory. Pensacola was still, however, mainly a military and trading outpost, its principal link to the outside world being primarily by sea. The Escambia Hotel (a major hotel before the San Carlos was built) is off to the right. Business Cards, Rinker on Collectibles: A 1965 Basketball Program, a Baby Gift from President Roosevelt, and a Toy Wrecker, What is It and What’s It Worth? The Spanish moved the town from the storm-vulnerable barrier island to the mainland. During the British occupation, the area began to prosper following establishment of the Panton, Leslie Company in 1785, which had a trading post attracting Creek people from southern Alabama and Georgia. This is Dexter Press postcard #19731-C, published by Bodkin of Habod Advertising Products, Warrington, Florida. [1][4], In 1693, Mexican Viceroy Gaspar de Sandoval Silva y Mendoza, the Conde de Galve (1688–1696),[11] sent General Andrés de Pez to explore the north Gulf coast from Pensacola Bay to the mouth of the Mississippi River. [11] Preoccupied with King William's War (1689–1697), the Spanish delayed settlement of Pensacola until 1698.[11]. [11] Members of the expeditions of Pánfilo de Narváez in 1528 and Hernando de Soto in 1539 visited the bay, during the latter of which Francisco Maldonado recorded its name as the Bay of Ochuse, related to the Indian province. Inspector General | Barrancas National Cemetery is located here. The city's strategic but isolated position, combined with continued European rivalries played out in North America, led to it changing hands among different Western powers a number of times. The history of Pensacola, Florida, begins long before the Spanish claimed founding of the modern city in 1698. [17] While devastating for many former white Confederate veterans, newly emancipated African Americans saw more political freedoms than ever. Not .only are' the scenes rich andcolorful, but many of them are of greatpictorial beauty.. Quina has returned tocity.We are sorry for the .man without acountry especially when leaves areturning in the country.By W. CHIPLEY JONES"When Jim Rosier of Consolidated Naval Stores 'Co., called me to his officea week ago last Friday, for the purposeof discussing the necessary publicity toput over, in a big way, the idea whichoriginated with him of the proposedThanksgvlng day trip to Crestview, thatthe people of West Florida, includingbankers.1 merchants, farmers, newspapermen, etc., who are interested in the development of West Florida s marvelousadaptability to horticultural pursuits,might see for themselves the wonderful blueberry development on M: A.Sapp's farm, no3r " Crastview, neitherMr.

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