Nov 6, 2020

She's the second most powerful being to ever walk this universe. "Excuse me Annabeth? He will also want to kill you, but I'm going to order him not to. If Gaia is as dead serious about this as I think she is, then she'll have no tolerance of any monsters pissing me off. ", "I will not destroy them, Percy." I said. When Gaia was actually gonna consider letting them roam free, the Stoll Brothers somehow got themselves and the rest of the Hermes cabin free and started ransacking the monsters. Annabeth asked as her anger was replaced with shock and fear with the new expression on my face. I was worried that any child she and I have would end up like the children she had with her first three lovers. As our marriage went on, I slowly discovered that I had become a primordial god. "Yes, my love." (A/N: Lemon scene coming up. "As many as you want." "Surely you know, Juno is the one who took your memories.". YOU GUTS HAVE NOTHING, BUT I, ON THE OTHER HAND, HAVE A SECRET WEAPON WHO WILL MAKE SURE THAT I AM SAFE FROM ALL HARM! I thought it was best to not comment on what she said. Gaia and I snuggled closer to each other at that. Along the way, Frank said we had to go to Portland to see the blind old seer, Phineas. "She's the one who started our sexual activities, but yeah, I have." I looked at my girlfriend, who was gaping at me. . Gaia said wrapping her arm around mine and leading me away. It was as if how close we already were wasn't good enough for her. I was so shocked at this. Before I even had the chance to answer, a pack of Cyclops picked up on the scenery, or at least the fact that I wasn't in the cell with the others and decided to act on it. I said blushing. Nothing much is left of both camps, and only few survived the War. But with how she was still able to hold her resolve, I knew I was gonna have to up my game a little bit. Gaia's voice said. "That was my first time having oral sex." I forced the next few words out of my mouth. I have a girlfriend for Zeus' sake. Either way, she's in complete control and I'm at her mercy. I explained. "Oh Chaos! "Fine." Soon enough, when we were all sorted out, we went on our way. My girlfriend will be pissed to say the least. I said, propelling myself into the sky. We were breathing pretty hard. I didn't know why. I guess somewhere inside of me decided that I needed to keep at least one Cyclops alive so that all the other monsters in camp that despite Gaia's victory, I'm still not someone you want to mess with. I said. There was also a pair of black socks that were normal size socks. "Okay." "Is that why I don't remember some things?" I gently grabbed Gaia's hand and pulled it away from her wet and dripping pussy, and positioning my dick at her cunt, she had just opened her eyes as I slammed my cock straight into her snatch, both of us gasping at the sudden feeling of our bodies joining together. ", "Look, Gaia." It felt as if they were now as soft and as warm as a sheet and/or a blanket for a bed. Gaia said. You're my husband and I'm your wife. Gaia whispered seductively as she moved onto my lap and started pecking my face and neck. And I myself couldn't possibly be any happier myself. "Well don't get me wrong. Fine, but she's not the only one who's going to be making the shots around here. Leo, Piper, and Jason were apparently hoping to catch Gaia off guard and finish her off then. I groaned as I began speeding up my thrusts, making my wife arch her back and moan. It made me wonder how I could ever hate her. I frowned as she looked up at the sky. Here she stood, before both Greeks and Romans at Camp Half-Blood, with monsters at her command. But I guess that she providing for me is nice of her. I figured since Gaia is the goddess of the earth and everything, fruit, veggies, and water would be a perfect picnic. Gaia said. He has to kill you.". "Well, I figured that since we're a married couple, we should act like so other than just through sex." Everyone gasped at this, then I felt Gaia's smooth arm wrap around my waist, and looking at her, I saw that her face was very close to mine. As we both just laid there, all I could think about is how fucked up things are right now. And I was speaking the truth. Gaia said moving up so her face was only an inch or two away from mine. . It was a gentle kiss that eventually turned into a gentle make out session. Gaia asked. Annabeth pointed out. Gaia whispered in my ear and then slithered her tongue over it. We were actually going to be the parents of triplets. They even mentioned Gaia, and told us that she was an evil hag who wanted to destroy Olympus because they sent the Titans to Tartarus. This is probably the worst chapter of my life. I couldn't imagine it. I failed with Oranos, Tartarus, and Poseidon. ." "Gaia." "You're my husband after all and I love you.". I hope you all like. Me, well, if my worst fears on the matter were to be true, she'd probably crucify me. I gasped as a deep scowl began to form in my face and my hands started to tightly clench at my sided until they were red and white. He escaped, and he must be punished. That means that if the marriage between me and Gaia was to ever come to an end, either her or I is gonna have to die. a picnic sex." I mean, I know I've been saying that all day today, but we really did make one goddamn good looking trio of babies here." I was talking to myself.". It's over now. ", "Why, my dear husband," Gaia purred, looking at me with love and lust in her eyes. ", Gaia smiled up at me and said, "Are you excited? "What?" So I concentrated and increases the temperature of my precum made worms. I would've died though, if Frank didn't stop me. ", "But you don't understand." And, just for that, I swear on the River Styx that I will not send your family down to Tartarus and only send them to Elysium with their powers stripped and godhoods gone.". Gaia said pushing herself even closer to me. ", "Awwwww." Gaia kept her promise and helped me throughout the quest. But I'll find out when I get out there. "Okay? Gaia responded proudly. She was really nothing to be scared of, not even right now, but that didn't mean that I wasn't thankful right now that she was locked up. "What do you want?" So instead, I just fell asleep as well. "How dare you say such a thing about an innocent child! Kissing all three of my children's heads goodnight, and Gaia doing the same right after, the two of us made our way to look out the window to look out into the night sky. "There's no going back now. How did Gaia end up giving birth to four sons at once? Drill into the earth Percy!" Do you know why I haven't though?" Eventually then, Gaia made me enter her again and started grinding her hips against me. I never would've thought that I would be this lucky." I couldn't let that happen. The face or mouth did not move, but the eyes remained closed as the sleeping woman spoke. Gaia explained. I growled, causing Frank and Hazel to look at me. Gaia said coming to my side and leaning onto me. It could get bad." Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, Rick Riordan does. When he falls asleep, guess who visits him in a dream. "I love you. The Warriors of Gaia series was an AU fanfiction series that takes place following the Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune which introduces two OCs, long ago Gaia and Ouranos created the first Demi-Gods when they interbred with two First Humans however their children were mortal and thus their parents predestined them with Immortality, putting them into a deep sleep however with Gaia … Why don't I fix that for you?" "Also, I don't even care if you destroyed my son or not. Her kisses were not only leaving goose bumps on me, but they were also sending butterflies in me as well. I hope they're doing alright. Annabeth, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Leo, and Frank were all against the bars of their cage at this with shocked and scared expressions on their faces. The little three-year-old cyclops named Achilles huffed and negatively gave his little minotaur brother back his lollypop. And you know what; Gaia would've actually said yes if the Stoll Brothers didn't cause that ruckus they made." She was really, really, lucky that she was locked up and that I wanted her to live as long as she possibly could from today, otherwise I'd probably strangle the shit out of her. I shook my head at that thought and said, "If you know what lies ahead of me, why not tell me?". Do you hear me!? I yelled. Since Gaia was pregnant, that meant we had to make love through foreplay. . But since this time she fell asleep, I didn't have to respond. I asked, stunned and angry that Gaia said something that mean about my girlfriend. Otherwise... Something bad was going to happen to me. "YES PERCY, YES! I've seen all of you already, and I'll be seeing it a lot more often." I thought to myself. so . "Ooh, I love it, denial. "But on one condition.". ", "Not an answer, lady." She didn't have anything on her feet. My divine wife. My beloved husband." I hope you all like. Gaia and I were happy though, and that's all I really cared about. "I'll kill you for this Gaia!" Gaia asked crossing her arms. So I just continued to kiss her. I guess with the amount of times we fucked, I ended fertilizing a lot of Gaia's eggs. If so, what other parings do you request? "I know. "We're a sexually crazy married couple." Their precious camp is now ours. "You forced my boyfriend to marry you?!" I said passing out from my exhaustion along with Gaia eventually passing out as well. Gaia responded to the Cyclops. Fuck me! "So... About the Gorgons? Gaia just smirked and continued to rub my tip for a little while. I know Annabeth is gonna be beyond pissed the more this continues, but with how Gaia is to me, I just can't possibly ignore what's going on between me and Gaia anymore.

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