Nov 6, 2020

Six of Hearts: Childhood, nostalgia, memories, the past revisited, an old flame appears. This article tells you what each card means and how tarot card readers use them. Kings are logical thinkers and outwardly focused. I also find these people tend to cut the deck dead centre if they can manage it and are most concerned to be doing it "right". Often you can pick up from the cut if you are secretly reluctant to know the answer (usually because your intuition/subconscious already knows the answer won't be what you want to hear). Fortune telling with playing cards. Five of Diamonds: Needing help, destitution, lack of money, loss of job. This Queen is mature and noted for her grounded manner. You can find more tips and advice by reading Divination and Fortune Telling with a Deck of Ordinary Playing Cards. Face cards relate to people in your life. I recently turned up triple 8's and a 2,3,4 run in hearts as well as a few other interesting patterns on a 9 card spread, which of course, really got my attention to say the least. The cards can't take into account the fact that people have free will and can change the direction of their future. It was a crude attempt to be funny. Good luck and pleasant surprises can be indicated by the 8 of Diamonds. Queen of Diamonds: Home lover, nest-builder, mother, female leader. 5: opposition from friends or associates, quarreling, strife, failure of project due to friends These people cannot decide if they want to take the cards seriously or not. Diamonds. After all of the cards have been dealt, pick up each stack and count the number of cards of each suit. Experience will show you new meanings The number of playing cards used is usually a multiple of 3 (typically 3, 9, or 21), allowing for a look into the past, present, or future. Queen: fair haired woman, trustworthy, faithful loving woman, gentle & pleasing three cards for the past (top row), three cards for the present (middle row) and three cards for the Be kind to yourself and know that when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way you can go…up. This lack of experience may result in this Jack not being as reliable or trustworthy, but could also mean someone willing to work very hard to achieve material success. Two of Spades: Reluctance/refusal to acknowledge the truth, withdrawal. Think about your question... how many cards might give you the answer to it - just one. One being used as the upright, and the other the reverse? You would have to assign 52/53 position meanings, and it would get very complicated. Keeping it general, I connect Swords/Spades with spring, Wands/Clubs with summer, Cups/Hearts with autumn, and Pentacles/Diamonds with winter. Ace of Spades: Flash of insight, revelation, realization, understanding, idea. If they had trouble with communication, then know all is well. You may be unsure about income, investments or even support at this time. Answer: No, because that doubles the chance of the card appearing. 3: fertility, abundance, pregnancy They see the big picture, rather than the details. Two of Clubs: Planning, delays, waiting for the signal to move. If you need a quick answer to your question, you simply need to draw one card. However, there is a scale of meaning from negative to positive. The seven categories are: Other examples: a passionate woman is represented by the Queen of Wands (Clubs), an intuitive, empathic woman by the Queen of Cups (Hearts), an ambitious woman by the Queen of Swords (Spades). Answer: It very likely is a message but it might not be connected to your ex. Eight of Clubs: Events moving quickly, getting organized (fast), possible pregnancy. Seven of Spades: Theft, recovery of property or abstract quality (confidence, self-esteem, etc.). This could be someone older, but the main suggestion is that there is an immaturity here. The combination of the grounded nature of the number 4 and the Earth element of Clubs makes this the perfect card if you’re looking for stability and a firm foundation on which to build. The card is connected to a stable family situation. Number cards usually relate to events that will occur soon. Six: Unexpected good luck. However, a skilled reader understands that all the cards hold the full spectrum of meaning from positive to negative. Now I need to go find my cards. But usually one is not the victim here, but the creator of the situation by wasting money on unnecessary luxuries and pleasures. They are a little confusing because they are mostly black, with just elements of red to differentiate Hearts and Diamonds. Ask yourself what it is that you want now; look deep within your heart and see what it is that you desire. The splitting of attention of focus will delay and forward movement. Besides the Major Arcana, I guess the Pages are the only ones who get left out! 3: good marriage or partnership, long engagement, and then a fast wedding The King of Clubs is equivalent to the King of Wands in the tarot. Use your imagination and tap into your intuition. There aren't any Major Arcana in playing cards, apart from the Joker/Fool. Diamonds are related to the Pentacles/Coins suit in tarot, therefore are connected to material concerns, such as home-making, child-rearing and health. King: fair haired man, stubborn and powerful, vengeful, dangerous when crossed. No matter what the case, for the first time you may feel that your dreams are attainable. This restlessness is due to feeling extremely distressed and worried about misfortunes, whether these are real or just perceived as such. It can indicate a romantic partnership, but can also be a loving familial bond or even a platonic friendship. I'm not sure why you would pull four cards when one would do. Romantic suitor, short-term love affair. Six of Spades: Moving on, a change of direction, travel; putting the past behind you. Naturally of course, spreads which include more cards give a a far more detailed reading. Remember that while the numbered cards are representative of phases in your life, the court cards, which are the Jacks, Kings, and Queens, are symbolic of the people who are a part of your life. Likewise, playing cards in this suit relate to your money and finances. King of Hearts: Kindly counselor, gives wise advice based on experience. There is a sense of victory about the 7 of Hearts which is connected to love and relationships. Also, develop your intuition, because a card will mean something in one situation and something different in another. Question: When using playing cards for Tarot, I was wondering if there are any associated seasons of the year for the 3 and 9 of Diamonds? Three of Diamonds: Focus on work. your own meanings and remain consistent. Lay out three cards in a row from left to An engagement or partnership. 4 What you don't expect. However, these days, we tend to go by qualities rather than age and gender. Answer: There isn't one. Satisfaction, happy in solitude. Historians are pretty sure that cards, whichever their form, were never intended to be used for divination. Queens are inwardly focussed. Tarot incorporates the suits (elements) and numbers but also has all that extra symbolism... and extra cards. And for the life of me, I can't remember where that article is published. But believe me the next three showing up had my full attention. He hurt me a lot in the past because he drank. Question: Is there a deck of tarot cards that is visually informative, and at the same time encourages my intuition? The duality of the number 2 has the chance to resonate positively in the suit of Clubs as it can mean help or support; this could make an appearance in your life as a new business partner or just some great advice at work or related to finances.

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