Nov 6, 2020

Thank you for sharing. A diverse group of polyamorous individuals with our own unique experiences we want to share with the world. When you love someone, you feel empathy for things that hurt them. (Chapter 3 questions are all asked in the context of ones to ask to evaluate whether your choices are ethical.). Boundaries can get to be quite the controversial topic. However, if they violate that boundary or do not accept it as legitimate, you are back in the first bucket. I get a lot of different questions from people who know I’m polyamorous and think it would be a difficult way to live. In this case your boundary would be more of an agreement with yourself to get your need met, such as “I will make sure I am able to talk with someone everyday” or even “I will make regular weekly counseling appointments so I can thoroughly discuss things with someone that will listen to me.”. Until then you may need to play around with your boundaries. Maybe you need more time to yourself. That’s why it’s important to remain flexible. At the end of the day, why someone practices certain relationship styles isn’t what’s important. Or, as mentioned, there is always ending the relationship (just don’t start there if you can help it). Bear in mind that it’s possible to use “I” statements in an aggressive or ineffective way. Maybe you can’t stand hearing sexist, racist or otherwise prejudice jokes. I find it goes more smoothly if you can preemptively share those with new partners. Okay, now that we have a basic intro to boundaries, we’re all set to tackle polyamory with them, right? I need some privacy in a relationship. The actions of strangers or of people who don’t care at all what you think. In the case of romantic relationships – you can’t control your partner’s actions, but you can control your reaction or response to those actions. Required fields are marked *. And, as most lawyers will tell you, it’s not just about the rules but about how they’re applied to real life scenarios. If all else is equal in a polyamorous relationship, that third bucket is a bit larger than in a monogamous one. You can accept that your partner can’t fulfill that need and then go search for another outlet for conversation. You’ve influenced them by sharing your viewpoint, but they control how they respond to that. Open relationships aren’t anything without open communication. Open relationships and polyamory can be extroidinarily difficult to navigate, because in many cases, people are unfamiliar with their own boundaries for the relationship. But as a starting point here are some basic healthy boundaries to keep in mind: To a lot of recovering people pleasers, setting these boundaries can seem daunting. It’s easy when they don’t affect you at all. And that’s what I’ve found to be key in all of this — selecting partners whose judgement I really trust.

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