Nov 6, 2020

On December 5th 1998, he assisted in a launch off Cromer Beach, a north westerly wind gusting at 8 to 9, accompanied by snow and rough seas. Solomon Browne. We would love to keep you posted with our news, so why not sign up. The tug left at daylight to land the survivors, but the lifeboat, which it must be remembered was an open one, continued to stand by, then, an hour and half later, saw the tug Aid returning. Dorset. The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Furthermore, the lifeboats were still in amongst the sands in the prevailing heavy seas and northerly swell and in danger of grounding or damage. Returning to the casualty, the Coxswain repeated the operation three times during which, with huge seas sweeping over both vessels, 40 women and children and 36 men were transferred by 6 am. Weymouth RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews past and present, along with other personnel from the lifeboat station, family and friends, gathered together at The John Gregory for a presentation night on Saturday 5th October. 6 January 1881: At 2 am. He was presented with a 30 year bar to add to his previous 20 year medal for his service to the RNLI at Weymouth. A BRAVERY medal won by a fearless lifeboatman who helped save 47 men when their ship was wrecked in a gale off the Hartlepool coast is set to help fetch up to 1,800 at an auction today. However in 1829, he went on to claim the entire West Coast of Australia in the name of His Britannic Majesty, despite the land already being occupied by the indigenous Whadjuk people. Robbie, who recently stepped down from the daily running of the station as Lifeboat Operations Manager, has taken part in … *Information gained from The Telegraph and RNLI website*. Meanwhile, the Ramsgate self-righting lifeboat Charles and Susanna Stephens was being towed out by the tug Aid and reached the scene at 11.30 a.m. She veered down across the Sands several times, constantly filling with water until one of her bollards was wrenched out, injuring two of her crew. PREV FULL ISSUE       The following morning found them off Dungeness, where a Pilot was taken aboard and the casualty towed to safety to Ramsgate harbour. All reached Ramsgate safely. Evans manoeuvred the lifeboat around the stern of Hindlea, uncomfortably close to the churning propellers, which were at times above the heads of the crew as Hindlea rose on the waves. The medal has been compared to the Victoria Cross in its significance and recognition. There have been twenty medals awarded for such services six silver, fourteen bronze and no gold. 2nd Coxswain John James Jack Davies (Senior) RNLI Silver Medal. The station Lifeboat Operations Manager Nicki Ayling welcomed everyone to the evening and gave a background to each of the three recipients. Cromer RNLI has a long history of brave volunteers such as Gordon. RNLI Gold Medal. For more information please visit the RNLI website or Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Mechanic Henry William Swank Davies. One lady and a gentleman were clinging to the boat but the other two and the boatman were more or less under water. 'As tractor driver your skill and judgement was vital for the safe launch of the lifeboat and it is to your credit that the lifeboat was quickly and safely launched to go to the aid of the ‘Ocean Explorer’. on the 5th in tense darkness, an easterly gale, frequent snow squalls and below freezing temperatures, the 1,238 ton barque Indian Chief four days out from Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, and bound for Yokohama, Japan, grounded hard on Long Sand at the mouth of the Thames, off Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. The RNLI charity saves lives at sea. James William Jimmy Davies. The Walmer lifeboat launched. A charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SC037736). PAGE Alfred, Master, Ramsgate Harbour Steam Tugs, PARKINS Curtis E., Captain, United States Air Force, 66th Air Rescue Squadron, CANNON Ronald Nicholas, Coxswain/Mechanic. In three trips the Master, his wife and five crew were rescued - they had been lashed to the rigging for four hours, the vessel being completely under water. We would love to keep you posted with our news, so why not sign up. Photo: Jon Stokes. The Waveney class lifeboat Ralph and Joy Swann left her moorings at 8.15 p.m. after she first experienced great difficulty getting her crew on board from the pier. He died on 19 December 1869. Archie’s first contact with the RNLI was as a boy. Despite hazardous conditions in the shallows, Coxswain Cannon manoeuvred the lifeboat close to the trawler, and two lifeboat crewmen boarded her. In closing, Nicki Ayling praised all three of the crew saying 'I am amazed at their dedication to the RNLI and Weymouth lifeboat station'. The RNLI is independent of Coastguard and government and depends on voluntary donations and legacies to maintain its rescue service. Disaster medal 'stolen' from RNLI HQ Read more at As the brig's crew refused to leave, Coxswain Hogbin and his men remained alongside until the brig filled and began to break up, which damaged and disabled the small lifeboat. Captain Watson and his crew were able to save an apprentice from the wreck. She was swinging 90 degrees side to side, her engines racing. ‘George and Muriel’ and the RNLI Tamar class ‘Lester’. Only one – William Trevelyan Richards – was awarded This enabled a hawser to be dragged aboard the wreck by which means the lifeboat's crew hauled their craft under the wreck's quarter. A gold gallantry medal awarded posthumously to one of the heroes of the Penlee lifeboat disaster has gone missing from the RNLI's HQ A tow was passed and the casualty brought off. Reading was awarded the silver medal for this service and for his general gallant services in assisting to save lives from wrecks on the Goodwin Sands'. The ship's Master ordered all of his crew into the two ship's lifeboats which got clear just before the wreck broke into two. When the Prudential arrived the steamer was anchored one and a half miles north of Sandettie Bank buoy and had started to break up. The morning of the 20th brought high seas and a gale at tide time, so that no Pilot would put out which forced them to lay off all night and make sail to prevent being driven ashore. RNLI Thanks Inscribed on Vellum. The first being Kevin Goddard who was presented with a 20 year medal; during those 20 years he was paged to 1,934 shouts. On December 5. In 2013, the first RNLI Gallantry Medals were awarded to members of the Flood Rescue Team – Paul Eastment, Chris Missen and Martin Blaker-Rowe – for their part in rescuing a woman who had been swept from her car after it was forced off the road by powerful flood water.

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