Nov 6, 2020

However, he declared that he would "not run any longer" and remained in the Catacombs. The day after her arrival, Jyn found a training ground set up with hanging husks of dilapidated droids used for targeting practice by Saw. Gender Separatist B1-series battle droids and an Assault Tank pushed through the brush and opened fire on the rebels. However, as they spoke, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Orson Krennic had resolved to test-fire the Death Star's superlaser on Jedha, having traced Bodhi there and seeing an opportunity to wipe out Saw's insurgency. Once they had crossed, Saw and his rebel companions managed to corner Klik-Klak. [8] Saw later suffered severe injuries to his lungs and legs which forced him to wear a pressure suit for survival and to walk on prosthetic legs. Growing up within the walls of Onderon's capital city of Iziz with his sister Steela Gerrera, Saw learned to greatly respect Onderon's monarch, longtime King Ramsis Dendup. Saw swoops over the battlefront, attacking a Separatist droid gunship, on his ruping during the final battle of the Onderonian Civil War. She is the daughter of Pruitt and Elena Herrera. Having obtained enough armor, blasters, and various other small arms to supply their forces, Saw, Steela, and Bonteri plotted to take back Iziz for Onderon; the rebel leaders, however, after a number of small skirmishes with battle droid forces, came to the realization that they were both under-equipped and had neither the training nor skills to wage open war against the Confederacy. Tandin used Rash as a human shield and ordered the rebels to flee into the city, thanking Saw for helping him see that he had betrayed the true Onderon by serving King Rash. He came to justify the decision by telling himself that she was already one of his best people and that he knew she could survive without his aid. He and only a few of his men managed to escape but it cost him his legs and partially his lungs. [8], After releasing Klik-Klak and taking several of the poison canisters, the Ghost managed to escape Geonosis by blasting through the Imperial light cruiser with proton torpedoes. The launchers were being distributed among the insurgents, when word came that the nest had been found and was under attack by the remaining gunships.[12]. Obitt, who had known the Ersos since Jyn's birth, knew Krennic would expect him to help the Ersos, so he asked Gerrera to go in his stead. Once at the bottom, Saw and his rebel comrades discovered several poison canisters which provided compelling evidence that the Empire had perpetrated genocide against the Geonosians. Onderon rebels[11]Galactic Republic[12]Royal Court of Onderon[13]Royal Onderon Militia[12]Partisans[14]Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] He was subsequently played by Forest Whitaker in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as well as voiced by him in the animated series Star Wars Rebels and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Gender Character Information The plan was for Lyra and Jyn Erso to hide in a shelter dug under a cave and to contact Gerrera for extraction.[2]. The Jedi Knights pledged that they would continue to provide credits to the Saw's movement and also stationed Tano to remain on Onderon. Onderon rebelsGalactic RepublicRoyal Court of OnderonPartisansAlliance to Restore the Republic (loosely), "I'm fighting for you and everyone else not to lose what they've got! Saw also shot out Klik Klak's remote controller with his blaster; deactivating several Droidekas which were attacking Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios above. Continuing his investigation, they found Imperial stormtroopers on the ship and learned that the freighter was heading towards the remote Tonnis sector, cementing Saw's suspicions. Saw also shot out Klik Klak's remote controller with his blaster; deactivating several droidekas which were attacking the Spectres Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios above. [5] His Partisan group had become one of the many cells that would form the Rebel Alliance. Star Wars HoloNet est un site internet conçu par des fans, et pour des fans ; il n'est en aucune façon associé à LucasFilm. Jyn then asked for Saw's help in training to fight. Rifiutando potresti vedere annunci meno pertinenti per te e limitazioni. Saw and Steela handle their signature weapons—Saw's RPS-6 rocket launcher and Steela's sniper blaster rifle, Saw Gerrera was a human male who was born on the jungle planet Onderon during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Early conceptual art for Saw Gerrera's live-action appearance in Rogue One by Aaron McBride. [32], Gerrera's aggressive tactics including the killing of prisoners, civilians and violations of the rules of engagement created strife with Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance. [15] Growing up within the walls of Onderon's capital city of Iziz as an Onderonian with his sister Steela Gerrera, Saw learned to greatly respect Onderon's monarch, longtime King Ramsis Dendup. Anche Saw Gerrera diceva belle parole. While Ezra Bridger and C1-10P pursued the Geonosian, Saw waited with Kanan Jarrus and Rex when the crews' leader Hera Syndulla contacted Kanan. Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. —Saw Gerrera. After donning a cloak, Saw jogged to the foot of the Unifar Temple in Yolahn Square and scaled the multistory temple utilizing a grappling hook. While exploring an underground labyrinth, Saw and his team were ambushed by Klik-Klak, one of the few Geonosians to have survived the Sterilization of Geonosis. Those who remained on Kashyyyk did so to Gerrera's disdain. Saw and his riders swept over the battlefront, destroying the droid's support vehicles with grenades. He was the leader of the Onderon rebel cell following the death of his younger sister, Steela Gerrera. He was an effective military commander who was adept in extracting information and launching hit-and-run raids on the Empire. When Hera told them to leave, Saw convinced the Spectres to delay their stay so that they could complete his original mission to investigate the disappearance of the Geonosian species. The elite Imperial unit known as Inferno Squad infiltrated the Dreamers at their base of Jeosyn and destroyed them from the inside. Star Wars Rebels: individuate 2 scene che richiamano The Last... Star Wars: Luke parla della scelta di passare al Lato... 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