Nov 6, 2020

Semester Success with NC Virtual – Registration is over, and we’ve posted our first progress reports.

NC Virtual is pleased to announce its 2020 Teacher of the Year: Alexa Haselhorst! Follow the link to register for the March 19 or March 20 event. Look for the Tour Canvas link at the top of the page. Your school’s section will be re-opened as teacher capacity allows. Until then, our teachers will continue with the same instructional and grading practices that they have used for the past 6 weeks. End of Semester Tips and Reminders: We’ve made it to August, and the summer session is winding down! NCVirtual will offer 8th-Grade Math and English Language Arts for the first time this fall and 6th and 7th-Grade Math in the fall of 2021. Transfer students must be enrolled in the class at the face-to-face school, have seat time with an instructor, and have a passing grade to transfer in with. We would like to remind our partners that the creation of a section in the registration system does not imply or guarantee that NCVPS can accommodate additional enrollments. We (and your students) need your summer ELA contact information. We felt the on-demand recorded webinar will be a more effective communication tool. We will look at developing the Ancients course in the future.

We will provide clarification to our teachers on how our practices will be modified next week. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. 99.69%. 5/13/19 – Reported server outage that was affecting some of the notes portion of modules in Canvas. Teacher Communications – Students do not always advocate for themselves very well. You can enroll into the course now. Please be patient. Schools will not submit extension requests via the HelpDesk. We will see if we can make that happen. Please join us in celebrating this award with her. Visit our Intervention Strategies page for details. However, we understand that students may face other burdens in addition to access. The support center will add the student to your account, and then you can register the student. To support your implementation for the COVID-19 statewide Grading K-11 policy, approved by the SBE on April 23, 2020, NCDPI Grading Workgroup announces the following: • On-demand recorded-webinar reviewing the SBE policy will be released on Wednesday, April 30. Look for these courses in the registration system early next week. Please note that once we successfully complete our database sync, no action on your end will be needed.

Summer Capacity – Our summer session has a few courses that are under capacity, and we may not be able to offer them for summer.

Success 101 Total. The Outreach and Support team is hosting virtual office hours Monday-Friday at noon each day. These are good for any low-performing, under-performing, or at-risk students. You can register for those classes now. Students will not be penalized for late work. Here are a few steps you can take with our progress reports and no-show reports. After clicking the “Schedule a Call” button, students may select their level of German, suitable time for their session, and their preferred German instructor. AP Testing – Students will need access to their email or College Board account to take the 2020 AP Exams. NCVPS will grant two-week course extensions for the following reasons: Extensions Requests – Instructional directors will review extension requests on the following dates: Early Start: Dec. 9, 2019 through Dec. 18, Traditional: Jan. 6, 2020 through Jan. 15. 2. (NOTE: Students taking AP courses face-to-face enroll in only one AP Classroom section.

Parents, facilitators, and mentors can use the Canvas App for Parents to monitor student progress. EVALUATION CRITERIA: Criteria is based on a numeric ranking that includes the following: For more details and to apply, visit the Future of Schools scholarship page. Our next progress reports will be posted on Dec. 5. In the Course

Brian brings practical experience guiding teachers and classes through the process of creating real-life examples and solving new problems.

We’d love to hear from you. Tuesday, July 28, at 10am and Tuesday, August 4th, at 7pm, In order to ensure our registration system aligns with State Powerschool data, we will be running data sync on the afternoon of, . The modifications are a shared responsibility between NCVPS and student’s school. Do you need a yearlong or Early Start section that we don’t currently offer? Arabic II – Arabic II will remain off the catalog until further progress can be made.

NOTE: We decided NOT to do a large-scale webinar at this time, considering all of the internet issues with bandwidth across all platforms. German Courses – To develop speaking skills in all levels of German, Oklahoma State University is offering weekly tutoring sessions for all students.

There are no course code changes. They are never more than two clicks away from help! Visit for details. We offer Art of Game Design through our arts department. Twitter. Just be sure to include the principal’s email address in the ticket. College Board’s Advanced Placement Join Code – Students taking AP courses through an online provider, such as NCVPS, must be enrolled in 2 AP Classroom sections for each course taken online. Here’s what we’re offering: Math 1 Honors – This is a new course for us in the spring. New Credit Online Guidelines and Procedures; Getting Started as an Online Student; Online Forms; Online Learning FAQ; NCVPS Help Desk; NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center; Contact Information; WSFCS Teachers Teaching Online Courses; This page is currently unavailable. SUCCESS 101 Online 504 and IEP Information – If you have students with IEPs or 504s, please communicate the modifications to the students’ NCVPS teachers. They need to be prepared for that. During the mandatory break in service, our teachers are not allowed to complete any tasks (paid or unpaid) for NCVPS. AP Coordinators at face-to-face schools create “EXAM ONLY” AP Classroom sections and must provide the join code for that section to students. I have done a couple of papers through ⇒⇒⇒ ⇐⇐⇐ they have always been great! Spring Block AP Courses – In case you missed it, we have six AP block courses this spring on our Early Start calendar.

You can confirm a student’s status with a new enrollment report download from our registration system. The policy responds to both issues of equity and excellence and addresses many concerns from stakeholders. Early Start Additions – We’ve added three courses to our Early Start calendar for Spring 2020: Reserve Funds – Did you know that if your district or charter school uses all its allotted funds, you can continue to enroll using NCVPS reserve funds? Our Early Start calendar will remain the same with classes starting on August 12, 2020, and ending on Dec. 11, 2020. Additional Allotment Funding – If you are out of allotment funds and need to register more students, please have your NCVPS district contact (e-learning coordinator) complete a request for the use of our reserve funds. For example, students taking AP courses at a virtual school must be enrolled in both the exam only section at the school where they’ll be taking the exam and a class section for the corresponding course through their virtual school. State Testing – Here’s the status of state testing this summer: EOCs – We do have EOC testing for summer. 100.70%. See our Grades and Testing Quick Reference Guide for an overview of our reporting. We have included the following: We have always announced these dates in our E-lert in the past, but we thought it would be more helpful to have them listed in our NCVPS School Calendar.

NCVPS Talks – See how to transition your traditional classroom into a virtual classroom!

NCDPI has also held three regional stakeholder meetings to gather feedback on a working definition of high quality reading instruction. It typically opens without issue on the second try. See our Coronavirus Response page for grading details. Allow 24hrs. Joining the “EXAM ONLY” section is necessary for schools to order AP exam materials, but it does not grant students access to AP study resources for the course. For courses that had NCFEs, we have added teacher administered final exams or projects that count as 20% of the final grade. 79. NCVirtual and DPI Grading Update – Earlier today, the State Board of Education approved a temporary Statewide Grading Policy for K-11. She has a passion for teaching and strives for a variety of ways in which to reach students. If students fail to log in for any of the following reasons, the school should take action: Please make contact with students (and their parents) who have not logged in.

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