Nov 6, 2020

4261 >> << stream /ProcSet 2 0 R /Parent 415 0 R 0000246720 00000 n 3953 201 0 obj 5 0 obj Tj T* -0.0247 Tc 0.1447 Tw (As for Madam de Tournon, I do not advise you not to be concerned) Tj T* -0.1136 Tc 0.2336 Tw (for her, if you lament her as a woman full of discretion, and) Tj T* -0.0576 Tc 0.1776 Tw (worthy of your esteem." /Parent 234 0 R Monsieur de Cleves told) Tj T* -0.0693 Tc 0.1893 Tw (her the business was about a letter, wherein her assistance was) Tj T* -0.0322 Tc 0.1522 Tw (wanting for the interest of the Viscount, that she was to consult) Tj T* -0.0607 Tc 0.1807 Tw (with Monsieur de Nemours what was to be done; and that as for him) Tj T* -0.0764 Tc 0.1964 Tw (he was going to the King, who had just sent for him.) /ProcSet 2 0 R << What her husband said did not make her change her) Tj T* -0.0593 Tc 0.1793 Tw (resolution, and she begged he would agree, that while he was at) Tj T* -0.0768 Tc 0.1968 Tw (Compiegne with the King, she might go to Colomiers, a pretty) Tj T* -0.1184 Tc 0.2384 Tw (house then building, within a day's journey of Paris. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0756 Tc 0.1956 Tw (No sooner was Madam de Cleves recovered from the confusion which) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.082 Tc 0.202 Tw (the thought of receiving a visit from the Duke had given her, but) Tj T* -0.1205 Tc 0.2405 Tw (all the reasons which had made her refuse it vanished; she was) Tj T* -0.0976 Tc 0.2176 Tw (even satisfied she had been to blame; and had she dared, or had) Tj T* -0.0837 Tc 0.2037 Tw (it not been too late, she would have had him called back.) >> endobj One stormy night, a knock at the door brings a tattered young woman who claims to be a princess. 0000401085 00000 n /F0 6 0 R /F0 6 0 R The Queen-Dauphin spoke but) Tj T* -0.1007 Tc 0.2207 Tw (slightly to Madam de Cleves of the conversation they had had with) Tj T* -0.0932 Tc 0.2132 Tw (the Duke de Nemours; and Monsieur de Cleves industriously shunned) Tj T* -0.0785 Tc 0.1985 Tw (speaking to his wife of what was past; so that she did not find) Tj T* -0.1213 Tc 0.2413 Tw (herself under so much embarrassment as she had imagined.) 0000003412 00000 n >> /Font << 4158 >> Tj ET endstream 0000447759 00000 n "I have told you nothing," said she smiling,) Tj T* -0.0722 Tc 0.1922 Tw ("but what you knew too well before." endobj << 4073 346 0 obj endobj 4080 << >> The champions to furnish lances, swords,) Tj T* -0.049 Tc 0.169 Tw (and pikes, at the choice of the combatants. /F0 6 0 R "Could you have wished,") Tj T* -0.0998 Tc 0.2198 Tw (replied Monsieur de Cleves, looking on her with disdain, "I had) Tj T* -0.0805 Tc 0.2005 Tw (been a witness of those nights you passed with Monsieur de) Tj T* -0.103 Tc 0.223 Tw (Nemours? 0000540901 00000 n Take my word, I purchase dearly the confidence I) Tj T* -0.1096 Tc 0.2296 Tw (desire of you; I conjure you to believe I have not given away my) Tj T* -0.0245 Tc 0.1445 Tw (picture; it is true, I saw it taken, but I would not seem to see) Tj T* -0.1002 Tc 0.2202 Tw (it, for fear of subjecting myself to hear such things as no one) Tj T* -0.022 Tc 0.142 Tw (has yet dared to mention to me." Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0951 Tc 0.2151 Tw (After several months the violence of her grief abated, and she) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1497 Tc 0.2697 Tw (fell into a languishing kind of melancholy. The princess and the dragon Short story Once upon a time there was a king and queen who lived in a golden castle with their beautiful daughter. /ProcSet 2 0 R endobj 0000250910 00000 n Jealousy) Tj T* -0.0592 Tc 0.1792 Tw (is natural to persons of her nation, and perhaps she had a) Tj T* -0.1084 Tc 0.2284 Tw (greater affection for me than she even imagined herself; at least) Tj T* -0.0937 Tc 0.2137 Tw (the report of my being in love gave her so much uneasiness, that) Tj T* -0.1052 Tc 0.2252 Tw (I thought myself entirely ruined with her; however I came into) Tj T* -0.1162 Tc 0.2362 Tw (favour again by virtue of submissions, false oaths, and) Tj T* -0.0944 Tc 0.2144 Tw (assiduity; but I should not have been able to have deceived her) Tj T* -0.1078 Tc 0.2278 Tw (long, had not Madam de Themines's change disengaged me from her) Tj T* -0.1386 Tc 0.2586 Tw (against my will; she convinced me she no longer loved me, and I) Tj ET endstream /Type /Page /Length 160 0 R endobj /Contents 105 0 R /F0 6 0 R Madam de Cleves, under pretence of) Tj T* -0.07 Tc 0.19 Tw (serving her uncle, was pleased to be the Duke de Nemours's) Tj T* -0.0618 Tc 0.1818 Tw (confidant in the secrets he had imparted to her.) Fortune favoured his intention; and) Tj T* -0.0695 Tc 0.1895 Tw (Madam de Nevers and Madam de Martigues, whom he met in the Court) Tj T* -0.1082 Tc 0.2282 Tw (as they were coming out, informed him they had left her alone.) The combatants who should) Tj T* -0.0616 Tc 0.1816 Tw (break most lances and perform best to carry the prize, the value) Tj T* -0.0633 Tc 0.1833 Tw (whereof to be at the discretion of the judges; all the) Tj T* -0.0435 Tc 0.1635 Tw (combatants, as well French as strangers, to be obliged to touch) Tj T* -0.0556 Tc 0.1756 Tw (one or more, at their choice, of the shields that should hang on) Tj T* -0.0824 Tc 0.2024 Tw (the pillar at the end of the lists, where a herald at arms should) Tj T* -0.0698 Tc 0.1898 Tw (be ready to receive them, and enroll them according to their) Tj T* -0.0727 Tc 0.1927 Tw (quality, and the shields they had touched; the combatants to be) Tj T* -0.0804 Tc 0.2004 Tw (obliged to cause their shields and arms to be brought by a) Tj T* -0.0901 Tc 0.2101 Tw (gentleman and hung up at the pillar three days before the) Tj T* -0.0263 Tc 0.1463 Tw (tournament, otherwise not to be admitted without leave of the) Tj T* -0.1236 Tc 0 Tw (champions.) /Font << BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0703 Tc 0.1903 Tw (her sentiments, the letter made great impressions on Monsieur de) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0953 Tc 0.2153 Tw (Cleves, and gave him some tranquillity; add to this that the Duke) Tj T* -0.1113 Tc 0.2313 Tw (de Nemours going to the King as well as himself, he had the) Tj T* -0.0655 Tc 0.1855 Tw (satisfaction to know that he would not be in the same place with) Tj T* -0.0766 Tc 0.1966 Tw (Madam de Cleves.

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